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A Yardstick and a Hand

A Yardstick and a Hand

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Published by Dan L White

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Published by: Dan L White on Jan 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Issue 171, December 21, 2010From Homeschool HelpersIn association with Pass It On Ministries
By Dan L. White
Subscribe to this free e-newsletter.In Kansas City, a father drove up to a bus station in a pickup truck. He toldhis little six year old boy, "Get out." The little boy did and in his small handshe clutched some papers. The father told his little boy that the papers were abus ticket to California, where the little boy would live with his mother.We can surmise there that the mother did not want her little boy, since hewas living with the father. Usually when a family is destroyed, it is themother who sues for divorce and it is the mother who gets the children, if she wants them. When a child is with the father instead of the mother, that isbecause either the mother doesn't want him or is in no condition to keep achild.So the little boy was dropped off at the bus station to go live with a motherwho doesn't want him. The father did not get out of the pickup and wait withthe little boy for the bus, or even go into the building with him. He just puthim out of the truck in front of the bus station and then drove off.A woman saw the little boy get out by himself and went over to him. Thepapers in the boy's hand were not a bus ticket to California at all. There wasno bus ticket. His father had just dumped him; left him all alone, in a rundown bus station, in a big city.How big is a six year old boy?About three and a half feet tall, a yardstick and a hand. So this yardstick anda hand tall little boy, at his daddy's instruction which he humbly obeys, getsout of his daddy's truck, shuts the door, and then his daddy drives off. Hewatches the truck speed away, sees the back of his daddy's head get smallerand smaller, and then he stands there, all alone, and turns his small headthis way and that, all alone, and clutches tightly the wad of worthless papers
that his daddy had given him in his tiny little hand, all alone.It has often been said that the family is the foundation of society. Breakdown the family and you break down the society, and that is what we areseeing in America and the western affluent world.A recent study on marriage was released by the National Marriage Project,titled
When Marriage Disappears: The Retreat from Marriage in Middle America.
Black families in America were the first group to suffer mass destruction. Weknow that it is common to have black families headed by mothers, with nofathers around. Their families have often been destroyed. This study,
WhenMarriage Disappears
, maintains that the destruction of marriage and thefamily has now moved from black America into white Middle America.About six in ten Americans have a high school education. About three in tenhave a college education. This report classifies those with only a high schooleducation as Middle America and those with a college education as upperAmerica. In the last thirty years the percentage of children born out of wedlock – although marriage is not really considered wed-lock any more, isit? – soared from 13% to 44% among Middle Americans. In that same threedecades the percentage of Middle American adults in an original firstmarriage dropped from 73% to 45%.Conclusion? Family destruction has now moved from the blacks and thelowest economic class into white, middle class America. Less than half thefamilies there are original intact marriages.Among those with college degrees, which is the most affluent segment, thepercentage of intact original families dropped from 73% to 56%, still aterrible figure.Notice that thirty years ago intact families were the same among those twogroups. During the last three decades, both suffered enormously, with themiddle class being destroyed slightly more.I think I recall that in the 2000 census, about one third of families were notoriginal, so much of that family destruction has occurred in the last tenyears. The net sum of these figures is that about half the families in America havebeen destroyed. That's just a statistic, but what does that mean?

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