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Happiness is 18

Happiness is 18

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Published by Breanna Ruth (bree)
alittle preview as to where the story is headed:)
alittle preview as to where the story is headed:)

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Published by: Breanna Ruth (bree) on Jan 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Bella's POV
The sun's rays were heavenly. I closed my eyes and enjoyed thewarmth, but them i felt someone watching me. Suddenly i looked upand saw a group of boys and Jacob staring at me. I felt hesitant, but igot up and walked over to them."Hey Sam, Jake, and everyone else" i said smiling at them"Hey bells" sam said as jake said "Hi""So... Wanna go cliff diving?" i said, the idea of doing it appealed tome"Sure!" the boys chorused as jake and sam said"NO""come on...." i whined"Pleaseeeeee?""Fine" sam and jake said, looking dejected,We started walking over to the cliffs when one of the boys startedtalking to me."So when did you get tatoos?" the shortest sweet looking one said"Um, about a year ago," i said"Thats cool," another boy said, looking at the tatoo on my lower back.Boys...When we reached the cliff area we heard a howl. Suddenly the boysdidn't seem so relaxed."Bella, we're gonna have to do this later!" jake said, running backdown and into the woods.okay... i guess i'll just have to go with out them.
(AN- the cliffs are on forks territory!)
i walked to the very top and looked down. It was steep, really steep. Iwalked to the edge, and plunged into darkness.Edward's POVAlice paused. I saw images race through her mind until i saw bella jumping off a cliff. I was out of the door before i could see the rest of the vision.Alice's POVI knew what was going to happen, i told Carlisle and we ran to thecliffs.As soon as i got there i saw bella bloody and breathing shallow asedward tried to control himself.Well, it's now or never.
I took the vial of my venom and shot it directly in her heart. Almostinstantly the venom took affect.I picked her up and ran her to our house.
Carlisle's POV
It's amazing! She hasn't said a single thing or made a noise since shestarted the transformation! She was going to be a very strongvampire...Bella's POVI dove into the water. It was supposed to be deep but i hit a rather large rock and cried out in pain. I opened my eyes and saw edward,and he dragged me out of the water.I noticed alice and another man, and that's when the burningstarted...3 days later******I could feel the burning reach it's peak, i calmed myself enought tohear others around me."oh! she's just going to look magnificent edward!" alice said.And finally my eyes shot open. I looked around and noticed i was inthe Cullen's house."Why am i here?" i asked, and instantly noticed that my voice hadchanged.Why aren't her eyes red?" i heard the big muscular one ask"Im not sure..." another trailed off.Who are the rest of you, and why am i here?!" i screamed."We're the cullen's, and you are a vampire." The eldest explained"NO, that can't be'' i tried to think it over, and there is no way!"Bella, we found you, and you were going to die, we had to save you"edward yelled, looking at me with a softness in his eyes.No, no, no no NO. this was not right. Edward is not my mate, Jacobis!"I have to go!" i yelled,i ran out the door and toward the reservation. I had to find jake! _____________________________ I was at his house, searching frantically. I could smell him, as amatter of fact, i could smell everything.I was strong too, i lifted up things i didn't have a chance at liftingbefore...

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1 hundred reads
Mz. Clumsy Book Geek added this note
You should really write more please
barefoot indie kidd added this note
im Sooo ahpppy happiness is back im sorry i ahve been following lately i know im a bad happiness fan but im back on scribd keep posting bree!!!
Adelaide Dupont added this note
Glad you got back into the literary groove for 2011. "If she was a vampire - they were gonna pay!" This sentence is suspenseful, and makes it feel that it's not the end of HAPPINESS is 18 but the beginning (chapter title? indicator of age?).

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