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Proactive Service

Proactive Service

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Published by Emilia Murzova
White paper about the power of proactive service by Peppers & Rogers Group
White paper about the power of proactive service by Peppers & Rogers Group

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Published by: Emilia Murzova on Jan 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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white paper
The Power of Proactive Service
Driving growth and loyalty withdynamic sales and service
©2010 Peppers & Rogers Group. All rights protected and reserved. 2
Executive Overview
Nearly 9 out o 10 online shoppers have abandoned an online shopping cart at least once,according to Forrester Research
. And while there are a range o actors that lead onlineconsumers to do so, including the cost o shipping or a reluctance to purchase at a particu-lar time, at least some percentage o cyber shoppers would have converted i only they’dbeen provided some assistance during their Web visit.Customers oten want help rom a live agent i they’re struggling to nd a product orinormation on a website. In act, 44 percent o online consumers say that having questionsanswered by a live person while in the middle o an online purchase is one o the most im-portant eatures that a company can oer on a website, according to Forrester Research.Most customer support organizations aren’t structured to provide this type o proactiveservice. Customer support is oten reactive by design
. In many cases these service opera-tions ail to proactively engage customers when potential service interactions arise. As aresult, companies are missing opportunities to improve customer satisaction
.Meanwhile, customers who experience unavorable service interactions will be lessopen to uture product purchases. “I you wait until a customer is having a problem withyour website to oer proactive service, the customer will be in an adverse rame o mind,which then makes them less receptive to cross-sell or upsell opportunities,” says DavidLowy, Vice President, Product Management at Moxie Sotware. By using proactive servicetools and techniques such as chat, co-browsing, and social media interactions, says Lowy,“companies can anticipate a customer’s need and engage with them when they are in amuch happier state.”
The Shortcomings of Reactive Service
Traditional, reactive service strategies like circular IVRs or escalations that require repeatedre-identication oten leave customers rustrated and closed to relevant cross- or upsell o-ers. Companies that deliver poor customer support are eectively damaging relationshipswith their customers, eroding trust, and potentially destroying customer lietime value inthe process.
In addition, organizations that have yet to adopt proactive service are missing prime op-portunities to engage with customers in a way that builds long-term relationships, as well asboosts their value by increasing wallet share. Customers who have avorable experiences withcompanies are much more receptive to real-time cross-sell/upsell opportunities, according toDon Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D., ounding partners at Peppers & Rogers Group. Indeed,the return on investment companies can obtain rom using chat tools or sales or service canreach 105 percent, according to Forrester.
The Power of Proactive Service
Forward-thinking companies are taking a much more proactive approach to customerservice and seizing new sales opportunities presented during service interactions. Thesecompanies are able to identiy and resolve customer issues quickly and make their supportoperations more strategic. For instance, when a customer visits a retailer’s website lookingor advice on how to set up a new desktop computer, a contact center agent can use chat
Executive Overview _____2Proactive Service:The Right Customer atthe Right Time _________ 4Breaking Past Barriers ___6Engaging Customers withProactive Tools __________7Closing the Dealwith Proactive Chat ______8Applying a Sot Touchto Proactive Service _____9Conclusion _____________10
The Power of Proactive Service
Driving growth and loyalty with dynamic sales and service
©2010 Peppers & Rogers Group. All rights protected and reserved. 3
tools to proactively point the customer to the required inormation. Once the rep resolvesthe customer’s issues, the agent can oer add-on products the customer might nd useul,which can drive additional sales or the company.Companies such as Sot Surroundings and a major nancial services company havegenerated strong returns rom their use o chat. For instance, Sot Surroundings has seenthe average purchase size or its chat-assisted online customers increase versus orders inwhich chat is not engaged, while the nancial services company has increased its binderrate by ve times using chat to support its customers
Opportunities like these are one reason an increasing number o companies are blendingtheir service and sales operations. There are multiple benets to the blended support/salesstrategy when applied correctly. Sophisticated routing can connect each customer with anagent who has the right skills or the specic situation, including agents who are adept atidentiying and seizing new sales opportunities with customers during a support call.
ustomers who havefavorable experienceswith companies aremuch more receptiveto real-time cross-sell/upsell opportunities.
Don Peppers andMartha Rogers, Ph.D.,
Founding Partners,Peppers & Rogers Group 
Supported by insights rom Peppers & Rogers Group and Moxie Sotware, thiswhite paper will examine how organizations can use proactive service to obtainoptimal business outcomes. Readers will:
 • Discover the connection
between delivering proactive customer service to theright customer at the right time and how this not only engenders customerloyalty, but also helps increase sales among premium customers.
 • Learn how to overcome
the key cultural and process barriers to providing su-perior proactive customer service in order to position customer service as astrategic operation and competitive dierentiator.
 • Observe how
best-in-class companies are blending contact center operationswith sales to capture sales opportunities presented during service interactionsand generate optimal business outcomes
 • Examine how to leverage
emerging tools such as proactive chat, co-browsing,and social media to urther engage customers by resolving their issues beorethey contact customer service, as well as to oer relevant products and ser-vices at a time when customers are highly receptive.
 • Identify how
and under what circumstances to approach customers with pro-active chat during a website visit without making them eel like Big Brother iswatching them.
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