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Published by hansrab

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Published by: hansrab on Jan 03, 2011
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What is meant by idol worship? There is a notion that to worship a stony idol, isidol worship or to worship a photo is idol worship. But we are gravely mistaken. If thathad been the case, then GURU SAHIB might not have included Bhagat NamdevShabad in SAHIB SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB, in which Namdev was blessed with thedarshan of supreme Lord out of a stony idol. Due to our ignorance, some personsmake a hue and cry that this shabad should be excluded out of Gurbani. But they haveno authority to do that.Bhagat Dhanna’s occurrence is mentioned in detail by Bhai Gurdas Ji, in which itis clearly mentioned, how Dhanna Jat was blessed with the darshan of the lord out of astone. From these two incidents, the point which is laid stress by these sakhis is that aperson can have the blessed darshan of the lord, if he has the same childlikeinnocence, same absolute faith, absolutely no doubt and absolutely no ego as Dhanaand Namdev. These qualities are necessary to have the darshan of supreme lord.These are mentioned by Guru Sahib again and again.An example to clearly express how all doubts and second thoughts must beeliminated from us can be seen in the following instance. If we were about to eat apleasant meal such as yogurt and at the moment we were about to take a spoonful, wesee a hair in the yogurt, we would not eat it, unless we pick out the hair and throw it out.Now when the hair is taken out, we have complete trust and we will enjoy the yogurt.This example can be related to faith in our Guru. Unless the doubts and questionstowards our Guru are eliminated, we will not be able to indulge in the Guru’s fruit, andthis is our greatest drawback. So, once the ‘hair’ of doubt is removed, we can startseeing the Gurus in their truest and most enlightening form. A mind troubled by doubtcannot focus on the course to victory. And in faith, there is enough light for those, whowant to believe and enough shadow to blind those who do not.Faith is a gift from GOD. There is nothing more dreadful than the habit of doubt.It is a thorn, that irritates and hurts and it is a double edged sword that kills anddisintegrates everything. And it is wisely said that those who have conquered doubthave conquered failure. SAHIB SRI GURU AMAR DAS JI says that the persons, whodoubt their Guru are thrown into dirty filth and they are always dithering in pain.
 shsw rogu n CofeI duK hI mih duK pwih ]
The disease of doubt does not depart, and they find only pain and more pain.Sri Guru Amar Daas Ji says ( ang 512 ) :----------
 shsw mUil n cukeI ivic ivstw pcY pcwie ]
His doubts do not leave him at all, and he rots away in filth.
 gurmuKw no prqIiq hY hir jIau mnmuK Brim BulwieAw ]1]
The Gurmukhs place their faith in the Dear Lord, but the self-willed manmukhs are deluded by doubt. ||1|
 siq qy jn ijn prqIiq aupjI nwnk nh Brmyhu ]
True are those humble beings, within whom faith wells up; O Nanak, they are not deluded by doubt 
So Guru Sahib clearly mentions that the persons, who have full faith and have no doubtare the huble beings.
 AMqir AigAwnu BeI miq miDm siqgur kI prqIiq nwhI ]
 siqgur kI prqIiq n AweIAw sbid n lwgo Bwau ]
One who has no faith in the True Guru, and who does not love the Word of the Shabad,
 Es no suKu n aupjY BwvY sau gyVw Awvau jwau ]
shall find no peace, even though he may come and go hundreds of times.
 2. LONGING OR YEARNING:---------------------------------
When we have complete faith on the Lord, then the yearning for HIS Darshan springsup automatically. And when the yearning for HIS darshan springs up, then we startwaiting for HIS arrival. We do always make a sketch of HIS appearance. We even cryand pray wholeheartedly for HIM. Then every second brings a lot of excitement in our mind, which cannot be described in words. And our mind becomes detached from theworld.
 Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji says ( ang 50 );----------
 min bYrwgu BieAw drsnu dyKxY kw cwau ]
Mind has become detached from the world; it longs to see the Vision of God's Darshan.Sri Guru Ramdaas Ji says ( ang 94 ) :-----------
 hau rih n skw ibnu dyKy pRIqmw mY nIru vhy vih clY jIau ]3]
I cannot survive without seeing my Lord. My eyes are welling up with tearsSo when our mind is detached from the world, then there is so much excitement thatwe cannot hold ourselves even for an instant.
Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji mentions about this stage (ang 829 ):------------
 aupijE cwau imln pRB pRIqm rhnu n jwie iKnI ]1]
The yearning to meet my Beloved God has welled up within me. I cannot live without Him,even for an instant.
Now question arises that if this is the case that by yearning, we can have HISDarshan, then it seems to be so easy a task. But there is delay on our side and not onthe other side, because we do not really detach ourselves from the world. BhagatNaamdev Ji says ( ang 657 ):----------------
 log kutMb sBhu qy qorY qau Awpn byFI AwvY ho ]2]
When one breaks his ties with all the people and relatives, then the LORD comes of Hisown accord.
It seems to be a very simple proposition, but at the same time it can be a very difficultone for a person, who is fully engrossed in worldly affairs. He does not have time evento listen to the spiritual discourse. He is too much engrossed with family attachment.
Sri Guru Amardaas Ji says about such a person ( ang 29 ) :------------------
 mnmuKu moih ivAwipAw bYrwgu audwsI n hoie ]
The self-willed manmukhs are engrossed in emotional attachment; they are not balanced or detached.FAQIR BULLE SHAH EXPLAINS THIS IN SUCH A WONDERFUL WAY:------
“BULLIA RABB DA KI PAUNAEDHRON PATTNA UDHAR LAUNA”( It is so easy to find GOD, simply detach yourself from world and make connectionstowards GOD. )The Supreme Lord is not far away. Bhagat Ravidas Ji says that He is nearer than our hands and feet.

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