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Can Destiny Be Changed?

Can Destiny Be Changed?

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Published by hansrab

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Published by: hansrab on Jan 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CAN FATE LINES OR DESTINY BE CHANGED OR ERASED ?Is there any person, who is born without any fate line ?GURU SAHIBAN clearly mention that destiny is pre-ordained and no person is without it.
 srb jIAw isir lyKu DurwhU ibnu lyKY nhI koeI jIau ]
Destiny, pre-ordained by the Lord, looms over the heads of all beings; no one is without this pre-ordained destiny.
 ( SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI ANG 598 )That is true. Destiny is pre-ordained and Guru Sahib proclaims that the fate lines, which are inscribedCannot be erased or changed.
Let us have the darshan of various verses, which mention that fate cannot be changed.
 pUrib iliKAw ikau mytIAY iliKAw lyKu rjwie ]
How can one's pre-ordained destiny be erased? It is written in accordance with the Lord'sWill.
 iliKE lyKu n mytq koaU ]
No one can erase His pre-ordained plan.( SRI GURU ARJAN DEV JI ANG253 )
 jo Duir iliKAw lyKu pRB mytxw n jwie ]
That destiny which was pre-ordained by God from the very beginning cannot be erased.( SRI GURU ARJAN DEV JI ANG 315 )
 lyKu n imteI hy sKI jo iliKAw krqwir ]
The inscription inscribed by the Creator Lord 
be erased, O my companions.
 Duir lyKu iliKAw su kmwvxw koie n mytxhwru ]3]
 All act according to their pre-ordained destiny; no one can erase it. ||3||
 BUT there are many examples, which we come across, when GURU SAHIBAN changed the destiny of the persons, when they begged before GURU SAHIB. There is a historical sakhi of Bibi Sulakhni. Sheand her husband did a lot of seva during SAHIB SRI GURU HARGOBIND’S TIME, but they had no issue.SRI GURU HARGOBIND JI was returning from Sultanwind ( Amritsar District ). Bibi Sulakhnirequested GURU SAHIB to grant her a son. GURU SAHIB told her that though she was doing a lot of seva, yet He could not help, because there is no son in her destiny. Bibi Sulakhni was greatlydisappointed and was going back, when she came across BABA BUDHA JI.BABA BUDHA JI asked her the reason of her sadness, to which she told the whole story. BABA BUDHAJI asked her not to feel sad. He gave her a pencil and a paper and told her to go back to GURU SAHIBand request Him to write the destiny now, as He wrote the destiny before and He can write it now.Bibi Sulakhni at once ran to GURU SAHIB. GURU SAHIB was riding a horse and about to leave, whenBibi Sulakhni requested Him to write the destiny now and handed Him the paper and the pencil. GURUSAHIB smiled and was about to write the letter 1, when GURU SAHIB’S horse moved a little andnumber 7 was automatically written. GURU SAHIB told Bibi Sulakhni that she will now get seven sons.These seven sons did a lot of seva afterwards
Similarly there is another sakhi of GURU SAHIB’S time. The raja (chieftain ) of Saket Mandi came tothe Durbar of GURU SAHIB to have the holy glimpse of GURU SAHIB. At that time this shabad wasbeing recited by the ragis that the inscribed fate lines cannot be changed. A doubt arose in the mindof the raja. So after the kirtan, he requested GURU SAHIB, if the fate lines cannot be erased orchanged, then what was the use of coming to GURU SAHIB.GURU SAHIB told the raja that He would reply it the next day. So the raja went to his bed and he hada dream at night that he was born in a family of low caste persons. He grew up and was married andhad offsprings. Then he was dead. He got up in the morning and after some time GURU SAHIB toldhim to accompany Him to go out hunting. The horse of the raja went way ahead of GURU SAHIB andreached a village, where the low caste people were mourning about their loss of the head of family. Assoon as they saw the raja, they surrounded him and said that their head of the family had come to lifeagain. The raja tried to convince them, but they did not listen to him. In the meantime GURU SAHIBreached there and told the people, who were surrounding the raja that he was the raja of Saket.Then GURU SAHIB told the raja that his next birth in the family of the low caste people was erased inhis dream and cleared the misconception in his mind that there was no use of coming to GURU SAHIB,if the fate lines cannot be changed. GURU SAHIB told him that a major disaster is changed into aminor incident, if a person attends the DURBAR OF GURU SAHIB.On the contrary, if a person does not remember the Lord, then his minor incidents become majordisasters. Many times, his merrymaking functions turn into sad ones.
 duKu qdy jw ivsir jwvY ]
They forget the Lord, and they suffer in pain.
 suKu mWgq duKu AwgY AwvY ]
People beg for pleasure, but pain comes instead.
 kbIr jw Gr swD n syvIAih hir kI syvw nwih ]
Kabeer, those houses in which neither the Holy nor the Lord are served 
 qy Gr mrht swrKy BUq bsih iqn mwih ]192]
those houses are like cremation grounds; demons dwell within them. ||192| 
If we beg before Guru Sahib with complete faith, then He will definitely shower us with Hisblessings. There is absolutely no doubt about it. A Gurmukh never returns empty handed, whilea manmukh goes on repenting always.There are numerous examples, when the bad fate lines were erased by Guru Sahib. And thefate lines of numerous Gursikhs are being erased even now, because Guru Sahib has not goneanywhere. SAHIB SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB JI is our present Guru and He always fulfils ourdesires, when we beg before Him to erase our bad luck.
 iliKAw lyKu n mytY koeI gurmuiK mukiq krwvixAw ]5]
No one can erase pre-recorded destiny; but the Gurmukhs are liberated. ||5||
( SRI GURU NANAK DEV JI ANG 109 )The Guru is all powerful. He can write new fate lines and He can erase bad fate lines. We should begwith folded hands and complete faith. There is no delay on His part.
 qU BMnx GVx smrQu dwqwru hih quDu AgY mMgx no hQ joiV KlI sB hoeI ]
You are all powerful to destroy and create, O Great Giver; with palms pressed together, all stand begging before You.
What is the use of going to a doctor, if the doctor cannot get rid of the disease.A person gets some disease. He goes to a doctor and gets some medicine and is relieved of thedisease.But if he says,” No, I will not go to the doctor, because the disease is written in my fate.” In thisway he will not get relief and he will be more entangled. So to get rid of the disease, he mustvisit a doctor.Similarly our inscribed fate lines can be changed, if we go to a doctor. Which doctor?

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