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Do Not Strike Back, If Someone Hits You

Do Not Strike Back, If Someone Hits You

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Published by hansrab

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Published by: hansrab on Jan 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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There is a shalok Bhagat Fareed Ji:
 PrIdw jo qY mwrin mukIAW iqn@w n mwry GuMim ]
Fareed, do not turn around and strike those who strike you with their fists.
 AwpnVY Gir jweIAY pYr iqn@w dy cuMim ]7]
Go to their home and kiss their feet ||7|| ( ang 1378 )
It is commonly seen that most of the Gursikhs translate this tuk ( verse ) that if someonestrikes you, then do not strike back, but go to his home and kiss his feet.Let us see if this meaning is according to or contrary to our GURU SAHIB’S philosophy.GURBANI cannot be wrong. We ourselves, who do not understand the deep meaning of the GURBANI verses can be wrong. Let us see an event from KALGIDHAR PATSHAH’Stime, when GURU SAHIB was going to Deccan ( South India ).Bhagat Daadu Ji’s Dera is in Jaipur state and it is called Daadu Dwara. When Sahib ShriGuru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj was going towards Deccan, He stayed there for sometime. This was in year (sambat 1764) ( 1707 A.D. ). Mahant Jait Ram was the mahant of that dera at that time. Sahib Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj asked the Mahant to lethim know any saying of Mahant Daadu Ram. The Mahant uttered this shalok of MahantDaadu Ram.
   
It meant that if someone throws a brick at you, then you should bow your head. SAHIBKALGIDHAR PATSHAH replied that it does not suit Him and said that it was quitecontrary to His principle. He said that our principle is that if someone throws a bricktowards you, then reply him with a stone.
   
(Mahan Kosh, Bhai Kahan Singh)
By coming violently to someone's defense and protecting him or her from violence iscommendable. Is using violence to bring peace an evil? It depends on the result. If thereis really peace and freedom afterward, you may say that it was better than non-violencewould have been. Establishing peace through non-violence is better than throughviolence, but letting violence persist is not.Sahib Shri Guru The Bahaadur Ji says:
One who does not frighten anyone, and who is not afraid of anyone else 
says Nanak, listen, mind: call him spiritually wise. ( ang 1427 )
Many times we have to use violent means to defend a weak person or to protectsomeone’s dignity. If violence is used to bring peace, then it is not bad. The popularsaying is: “If you want peace, be prepared for war.” There is lot of difference betweenbeing violent and allowing violence.Sometimes violence is unavoidable. The world is an open system, not a closed one.Some people may come to us with violence even if we are not violent to them. Theymay not have any other method of interaction than violence. They may havepsychological disorders. They may be immature. They may be oppressed by your class,even if not directly by you. Being non-violent in these cases is justified, because theremay not be anything else, which you can do.Unfortunately, Non Violence doesn't work that well, when you use it with non-civilizedopposing forces.Toleration is a good thing, but there is also a time to call out monsters. We cannot, forexample, condone violence; nor can we allow people to do whatever they wish if thiswill harm others, or prevent them from exercising their rights. What do you do whentolerance conflicts with other viable virtues or goods that are at stake? Sacrificing yourown happiness is violence unto yourself.The tenth Master declared that he would create such a Panth (nation) which would notbe cowed down by tyrant rulers, but it would rather challenge the oppressor in everywalk of life to restore justice, equality and peace for mankind. You can apply fight orflight to that bully who confronts you and won't listen to reason.Not all things that are
better in theory can be carried out in practice. History shows that unilateral gestures of goodwill are seldom sufficient to resolve conflicts. A strategy of effective deterrencecoupled with the determination and ability to wage war is usually the only way topreserve peace. Gandhi said that if someone strikes you on one cheek you must turn another. Howeverhe did not explain that what you must do if the person strikes your other cheek as well.Should you then strike him back or let him smite you repeatedly?At another time, when communal riots were going on in India, he said,” Do not be mad,if the bullies abduct your sister or daughter. But request them to take your other sisteror daughter also.”It is really shameful. No honorable person can even think of that.
Tolerating enemies is provocative.
The underlying disagreement we have is that it’s disastrous to view non-violence as aphilosophy. That limits your options tremendously.Non-violent resistance might be effective in special circumstances but usually it’s noteffective. It’s never effective against relentless bullies.Real-world bullies take your use of the Golden Rule as a sign of weakness and aninvitation to bully you more. Real bullies don’t have the empathy to stop abusing youbecause your feelings are hurt.Violence should not be ruled out where no option remained:It is better for us to die in battle than to witness the ruin of our nation and oursanctuary.At its climax Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji infused the spirit of both the saintlihood and theundauntedness in the minds and hearts of his followers to fight oppression in order torestore justice, righteousness (Dharma) and to uplift the down-trodden people in thisworld.When evil is holding its head high, should a holy man knuckle under it or take up arms tocombat and destroy it? Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji decided in favor of the latter course i.e.to combat evil and uphold righteousness. He thus enjoined upon his followers to makeuse of the sword if all other means failed to liquidate the wicked and his wickedness. In

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