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English Version of Dhan Dhan Baba Isher Singh Ji's Bachans

English Version of Dhan Dhan Baba Isher Singh Ji's Bachans

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Published by hansrab

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Published by: hansrab on Jan 03, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Below is my humble attempt to translate the main points of DHAN BABA ISHER SINGH JI’SHoly Bachans into English so that they can be accessible to today’s youth. I apologize inadvance for any mistake I might have made during this translation.DHAN BABA ISHER SINGH JI’S humble servant,Balbir Singh.
  
I have seen the Lord to be great; the Fascinating Lord is the greatest of all( SSGGSJ ang 534 )
He is greatest of all, greater than all the pious creatures.Just go to any worship place and take a look for yourself: how much respect do thosepeople give to their sacred books? They show the same amount of respect as theywould to an ordinary book. Many carry it in their lap.
Is a person capable of estimating the worth of GURU SAHIB? 
Hearing His greatness, everyone says that He is great.
 just how Great His Greatness is? This is known only to those who have seen Him. ( SSGGSJ ang 9 
Can we see His greatness by reading scriptures or books or by hearsay? Not at all. Hisgreatness is only witnessed through His blessings:----------
He alone sees it, unto whom God Himself reveals it.
O Nanak, then that humble being understands. ( SSGGSJ ang 293 ) 
 And when His greatness is revealed to a person by the Lord Himself, then the personsays loudly that:--------
No one else is equal to HimNo one else is equal to HimNo one else is equal to HimNo one else is equal to Him ---- I have made the most extensive search on this.I have made the most extensive search on this.I have made the most extensive search on this.I have made the most extensive search on this.
Utterlyinfinite, exceedingly great, deep and unfathomable - He is lofty, beyond reach. Hisweight cannot be weighed, His value cannot be estimated. How can the Enticer ofthe mind be obtained? ||1|| (SSGGSJ ang 534 )
It is quite impossible for an ordinary person to estimate His Greatness. But the Gurbanitells us that His Holy Sants and Bhagats are capable of estimating His Greatness. If noone is capable of estimating His Greatness and telling us His Greatness, then thepeople will become atheists. So the persons, who are not capable of knowing HisGreatness, go on preaching that He has no physical form,
no caste, no lineage, and nogarb. But He had physical form in the past, He has it now and He will have it in future.
True In The Primal Beginning. True Throughout The Ages.True Here And Now. O Nanak, Forever And Ever True. ||1|| ( SSGGSJang 1 )
How can we have His glimpse in Sargunn Sarup? 
If a store owner does not have any merchandise in his store, then nocustomer will visit his store. However, if his store is full of materials, then thecustomer will enter the store to have a look. Similarly if a devotee
hasdevotion and longing for the Lord’s Darshan, then He will definitely bless himwith His darshan in Sargunn Sarup. There are so many examples when
theLord blessed a devotee with His Darshan
Kabeer, my mind has become immaculate, like the waters of theGanges
The Lord follows after me, calling, ""Kabeer! Kabeer!""
(SSGGSJ ang 1367 )
 So have patience, have devotion and full faith and the Lord will definitelybless you with His Darshan. Gurbani gives us a clear hint, but we do notbelieve it. Gurbani is forever True. It cannot be false. Those who lack loveand devotion for the Lord cannot have His Darshan.GURU NANAK SAHIB’S sons did not recognize the Divine spiritual beingand power within Him. But it was BHAI LEHNA, who realized the True Guru.And eventually became the SECOND INCARNATION OF GURU NANAKSAHIB.
Gurbani clearly gives us the direction:--------- 
When you focus your consciousness and weigh the Husband Lorddeep within your heart, you will be blessed with His Darshan. Realizethe True Lord. Just to talk about Him
is useless. (SSGGSJ ang 1100)
Maata Sulakhni Ji requested GURU NANAK SAHIB to give the Gaddi(seat) to their sons. Guru Sahib smiled and said that nothing ismore dear than their sons. However, this honor would be given tothe sevadar because it depends on one’s love and devotion. This isnot a property that must be inherited by their sons, but rather itmust go to the person who most deserves it.After some days, the sangat was attending the deewan(congregation) when a Sikh came for darshan and bowed beforeGURU SAHIB and made an offering of a coin. GURU SAHIB tookthe coin in his palm and asked his son SRI CHAND,” What is in mypalm?” Sri Chand replied that there was a coin in His palm. Then GURUSAHIB asked LAKSHMI DAAS the same question and he repliedthat there was a coin in His palm.Then GURU SAHIB asked MAATA SULAKHNI JI the same questionand she replied that there was a coin.Then GURU SAHIB asked BHAI LEHNA JI the same question. BHAILEHNA JI replied, “SACHE PATSHAH, there are fourteen LOKS(kingdoms) in Your palm.” 
Bhai Lehna Ji realized that Guru Nanak Sahib was not a mere mortal like theothers had perceived, but instead saw him as a divine reflection of God anda being who held the world in his palms. Hearing the advanced stage BhaiLehna Ji had reached, Guru Nanak Sahib was very pleased and it was atthis moment that he proclaimed how Bhai Lehna Ji has achieved everything,and that Guru Nanak had nothing but blessings for Bhai Lehna Ji.Based on this Sakhi, let us again ask, what is the value of The Lord? Is itmoney or wisdom or any degree? Of course not. The value of God and theway to his heart and blessing is only through the road of LOVE ANDDEVOTION.
Guru Gobind Singh Jee pronounces verily that all should hear, "One,who truly loves God, has realized Him".

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