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YES! No Impact Week

YES! No Impact Week

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Published by Ryan Van Lenning

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Published by: Ryan Van Lenning on Jan 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Want to save money?Lose weight? Have more time?Live healthy and be happy?
Perhaps, this manual will show you how.This guide is not riddled with acts and fgures about howyou’re destroying the environment. Thousands o web sitesalready do that, and thousands more show you how to reduceyour carbon ootprint or the sake o the environment.This is dierent.The ocus o our program is to help you live a happier liethat will result in a happier earth. And so, this manual isabout you. I you haven’t already registered,
.Think o this guide as your personal trainer or a week. It'sorganized by day. You will stop consuming new goods ona Sunday, then on Monday you will stop making trash, andon Tuesday you will switch to non-carbon producing trans-port, etc. Each day builds on the day beore, so by Fridayyou are not shopping or new goods, not making trash, onlytraveling by sustainable transportation, eating locally, usingless energy, and wasting less water. We recommend readingthrough this guide and preparing or the experiment oneweek beore you begin. We’ve oered some general ideasand resources to help guide you through each day, but don’tlimit yoursel to what we’ve written. I you have great ideasabout how to live lower impact, click
and share themwith your ellow No Impact men and women.The Experiment is about improving yoursel, your commu-nity, and your country. In addition to changing your habitsthis week, we ask you to volunteer at least once or a localenvironmental organization and get involved in at least oneo our non-partisan partners’ national advocacy campaigns.As you progress rom day to day, you'll fnd tools we’vecreated to connect you with other participants and helpyou stay motivated. You’ll learn more about these inside. Youcan fnd answers to all o your questions about the week onour
.Good luck! (And please don’t print this out.)
No Impact Experiment.
table of contents
a one-week carbon cleanse
Type up a list o all the stu you “need” to buy thisweek. Delete the items that you can live withoutor the week. For the rest o the items, fgure outi you can purchase them second-hand, borrowthem, or make them yoursel.Put an empty re-usable bag in a private place athome. Throughout the day, fll it up with all o yourtrash, recyclables, and ood waste. I you’re out o thehouse, carry your trash home with you. Make surethat nobody else’s trash gets in there but your own.
This will help you get ready for Monday’s challenge.
Just or this week, try not to shop or new items.Will you fnd something better to do with yourtime and money? Could you use this time to spendwith riends instead?What is the hardest part o decreased purchasing?
and blog about your experience,thoughts, and overall consumption habits. I you’retrying something new or unique, tell us about it.I you have not already submitted answers to yourpre-experiment survey, please do so now. It will helpus continue to oer the program or ree and helpyou gauge the change you will experience this week.
It’s a vicious circle.
I worry a lot about this keeping-up-with-Jones’s stuff because I believethat many of us compulsively workour butts off to get more stuff — which means more resourceshave to be dug out of the planet’s guts and more pollutants have tobe vomited into the air, earth and water. And what stings is the fact that we often nd out that gettingmore isn’t making us happier.
your challenge
Live a fuller and happier life by buying less stuff.
Welcome to Day 1 o your No Impact Experiment!
This frst challenge is about
. People around the world are discovering that they'drather spend time making social connections than buying new stu. To learn why this is such an impor-tant part o living a lower impact lie, watch one o our avorite videos, 
.The No Im-pact Experiment is a truncated version o 
trying to live in New York City withno environmental impact. Three months into Colin’s year-long experiment,
newgoods (except ood). As his wie Michelle discovered, when you kick your shopping habit, you’ll savemoney,
with your amily and riends,
in your house, andmaybe — just maybe — you’ll discover that less really IS more.Ninety-nine percent o thestu we harvest, mine, pro-cess, transport — 99 percento the stu we run throughthis production system istrashed within six months.
Annie Leonard,“The Story of Stuff”
| no impact experiment 
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mon tue wed thu fri sat sun
no impact experiment |
For Must-Have Purchases
To learn how to keep more money in your pocket,
, and fnd prod-ucts that are
, download a localbuying guide rom the
.• Browse the
or a cornucopia o ideasto help you make betterproduct choices or yourhealth and the environ-ment.Look or green productsthat are eco-riendly ormade rom recycled ma-terials and shop rom trulygreen companies. Searchthe
to fndscreened and approvedgreen businesses.
Ideas for change
Shop Less, Live More
Get inspired to give it up. Go online and watch
.” Instead o another ew hours spent shopping, take a
, go ice skating, clean out your closet, reada book. Replace shopping with an activity that youenjoy doing more.• I you've never consid-ered making your own
prod-ucts, you'll be surprisedat the money you'll saveand the un you'll have.Let's ace it — thingsbreak. Instead o head-ing straight or the mall,
.For tips on how tofx things or to post your own fx-itproblem, click
(aka Hand-Me-Downs)
Try shopping in your own closet (you never knowwhat you’ll fnd that you orgot about!) Clear outyour closet with
™, a ree local network o people who
. Other good onesare
,and, o course
together and have a clothingswap. Trade your tired threads and get a new lookwithout spending a penny. Click
or fve strate-gies or
.• One person’s trash is another person’s . . . Take yourpals
ortreasures untold. For thetruly adventurous, give
 a go.• Find an alternative tobrand new in secondhandstores such as
, or
cool idea #1
Be lazy! According toMatt McDermott’s
 on Planet Green, “buy-ing nothing, doing less,and being lazy can helpthe planet!”
cool idea #2
Get craty with theseeight abulous
cool idea #3
Send a text message to66937 with GREEN[companyor brand name] (ex:GREENnike, GREENdelta,GREENtarget) and you’llreceive a message backrom Climate Counts withthat company’s climatescore and the companyleading that industry sec-tor. Or you can downloadthe ree Climate Countspocket-sized
mon tue wed thu fri sat sun

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