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Iron Advisor Volume I Issue VI

Iron Advisor Volume I Issue VI

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Published by Iron Brigade PAO
Iron Soldiers prevail in USD-S Victory Stakes, Soldiers Stay Iron Strong, Cav establishes computer LAN at Iraqi Training Center, Signal Soldiers continue education
7000 miles from home, NCOs join ranks with WWII hero, icon Audie Murphy, Route clearance gets high-altitude high-tech, 64th BSB Soldiers give Iraqi army the power to succeed, Society Against Sexual Assault looks at prevention, Young climber becomes ‘Iron-tastic’ gymnast, Pacesetters prevail at Camp Adder Fight Night, Troops construct PT field, motivate other Soldiers,
Iron Soldiers prevail in USD-S Victory Stakes, Soldiers Stay Iron Strong, Cav establishes computer LAN at Iraqi Training Center, Signal Soldiers continue education
7000 miles from home, NCOs join ranks with WWII hero, icon Audie Murphy, Route clearance gets high-altitude high-tech, 64th BSB Soldiers give Iraqi army the power to succeed, Society Against Sexual Assault looks at prevention, Young climber becomes ‘Iron-tastic’ gymnast, Pacesetters prevail at Camp Adder Fight Night, Troops construct PT field, motivate other Soldiers,

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Published by: Iron Brigade PAO on Jan 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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challenged competitors from acrossUSD-S, including 3rd Armored CavalryRegiment, physically and mentallywith events ranging from combatives, a
 physical tness test, Soldier tasks, and a
military board, where each Soldier hadto answer a series of questions posed bysenior NCOs.The competition, which is held everythree months within USD-S, gives high-speed Soldiers and NCOs the opportunityto compete at a division level and
demonstrate their overall training, skillsand knowledge.
Prior to the event, Soldiers were
deliberately uninformed of the specicevents. They only knew that they wouldface a marksmanship range, a military board and some form of physical tness
Iron Soldiers prevail in USD-S Victory Stakes
Eight Soldiers from United StatesDivision – South competed in the
Iron Victory Stakes Competition
at Camp Adder for the USD-South
 Noncommissioned Ofcer and Soldier of 
the Quarter Dec. 15.In the end, two Soldiers from 3rdAdvise and Assist Brigade, 4th InfantryDivision won the competition: Staff Sgt.Charles Smith, an infantryman from 1stBattalion, 68th Armor Regiment, andnative of San Antonio, Texas; and Spc.Cesar Patterson, a canon crew member from Battery B, 3rd Battalion, 29th FieldArtillery Regiment, from Fort Myers, Fla.Hosted by the 3rd AAB, the competition
by Spc. Chastity Boykin
3rd AAB, 4th Inf. Div., Public Affairs
challenge, said 1st Sgt. Shawn Carnes,
noncommissioned ofcer in charge of the
competition. The participants could dovery little to prepare other than being awell-rounded Soldier.
Photo by Staff Sgt. Nathaniel Johnson
Maj. Gen. Vincent Brooks, commanding general, USD-S; Staff Sgt. Charles Smith, 1st Bn., 68th Armor Reg.; Spc. Cesar Patterson, Battery B, 3rd Bn., 29thFA Reg.; and Command Sgt. Maj. Jim Champagne, USD-S, after the award presentation for competition for NCO and Soldier of the Quarter.
 Photo by Staff Sgt. Nathaniel Johnson
Spc. David Johnson, a bradley mechanic from1st Bn., 8th Inf. Reg., 3rd AAB, 4th Inf. Div., pulls
a truck during in the physical tness portion of the
Iron Victory Stakes Competition.
I, I
31, 2010
. a 
To the Soldiers, Families andfriends of the Iron Brigade,
December 31, 2010
I, I
Page 2
Greetings again from Southern Iraq,and Happy New Year! As we move into
2011, I would like to wish all the Soldiers,
friends, and family of the Iron Brigade thevery best.The year is not the only thing changing
for the Iron Brigade, as the past weeks
have been a time of transition in other ways as well. Recently, our higher headquarters, U.S. Division-South,changed from the First Infantry Divisionto the 36th Infantry Division. We would
like to bid farewell to the old team, thank 
them for their superb effort and leadershipover the last ten months, and wish themwell as they reunite with their families
and friends back at Fort Riley, Kan.
We are truly blessed that at the sametime we get to say welcome to a superbgroup of professionals from the state of Texas. The 36th Division has a proudand distinguished history, and in the shorttime since their arrival, they have alreadyshown that they are an exceptional unit.
We look forward to their leadership andworking together with them in the last
months of our deployment.
The last month saw a few key milestones
for the brigade, including sending 70Soldiers home as part of our reset team,and holiday visits from the 4th InfantryDivision Command Team, Maj. Gen.
Perkins and Command Sgt. Maj. Daley.The 4th Inf. Div. recently took over the
mission in U.S. Division-North, and it’sgood to see our Fort Carson brothers andsisters on the job and having success.We will redeploy more Soldiers inJanuary and February, paving the way for the main body to come home in March.
Col. James E. Rainey
Commander 3rd AAB, 4th Inf. Div
While we look forward to our reunion, it
is important to still focus on the mission
at hand, as the enemy looks for anysign of distraction to attack. Iraq is still
dangerous, but with the great leadership
of our young non-commissioned ofcers
we expect the same great results we’vehad throughout the last year.
As always, thank you for supporting
your Soldier and our country. Iron Strong!
Command Sgt. Maj. Wilson is currently on R&R leave. His commentswill return to this space next month. Instead, you see the Finish Iron
Strong logo. For Soldiers in theater, you’ve likely seen it posted aroundyour work and living areas. For families, this may be your rst time.
Finish Iron Strong is a mindset. Great teams win in the fourth quarter,and we’ve now entered the fourth quarter of our deployment.
Finish Iron Strong means we nish the ght and focus on our mission
until the last Soldier is home safe. It means we watch out for each
other and keep each other safe, both in Iraq and upon our return to Fort
Carson.Finish Iron Strong means we transition our mission to the follow-onunit professionally. We leave everything better than we got it, and we
 pass on our lessons learned to our counterparts. We take pride in our 
accomplishments, but we are not arrogant.While not losing focus on our current mission, Finish Iron Strongmeans that we set conditions for redeployment the same way we setconditions for every mission: we have trained and prepared leaders and
smart and disciplined Soldiers. We make a planned, smooth transition,and we take care of each other while deployed and at our home station.
The 3rd Brigade Command Team
Photo by Staff Sgt. Nathaniel Johnson
Spc. Cesar Patterson from Battery B, 3rd Bn., 29th FA Reg., performs squats as he lifts 135-pound barbell.
An aerial view of the “Iron DeathStar” maze, designed after the 3rd Brigade’s crest. Soldiers and NCOs tested their strength with a different physical challenge in each point of the star.
Staff Sgt. Charles Smith from 1st Bn., 68th Armor Reg., ips a tire as one of the events within the “Death Star” maze.
Photo by Staff Sgt. Nathaniel Johnson
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“I prepared by going to the gym twicea day and had a lot of support from my platoon,” said Patterson.Since the participants never had theevent itinerary, every new event was asurprise, adding to the mental aspect of the competition.
“Not knowing what the events are hasdenitely kept me guessing on what’s
next, what the standards are, and what theevents are. It is mentally challenging andmentally draining,” said Smith.Starting the day off at 4:30 a.m., Soldiers began with combatives, continuing with agame of “Are you smarter than a Joe?”Each competitor was represented by their 
rst-line supervisor, who answered onequestion based on ve categories. Each
correct answer gained points for therespective Soldier.“We switched it up a bit from previous
competitions to make it a little moredifcult and more challenging,” said
Carnes, referring to having the sponsors
actually compete in one of the tasks. “It’s
something different from the rest of thecompetitions.”After testing their accuracy on theweapons range and sweating through
a 10 km road march, Soldiers facedan alternative physical tness test,
maneuvering through the “Iron DeathStar” maze, designed after the brigadecrest. Soldiers and NCOs tested their strength and stamina with a different physical challenge in each point of thestar.“It’s been rough, and my competitorshave been pretty good athletes,” said
Smith. “I am proud to bring this back to
my platoon, to the brigade.”
Maj. Gen. Vincent Brooks, commanding
general, and Command Sgt. Maj. JimChampagne, senior noncommissioned
ofcer, United States Division-South
 presented Smith and Patterson withthe Army Commendation Medal at aceremony after the competition.All eight Soldiers recieved a four-day
 pass to Qatar for their effort in making it
to the division level competition.
Competition: Iron Soldiers prepared to tackle any challenge
Photo by Maj. Alan S. Brown
The 3rd Advise and Assist Brigade, 4thInfantry Division recently exceeded itsannual reenlistment goal 61 days into the
new scal year.Every scal year, the Iron Brigade is
given a reenlistment goal, as determined by the Department of the Army. Thegoal for the brigade was to reenlist 427
Soldiers before the end of the scal year 
2011. The 3rd AAB far exceeded thatgoal by reenlisting 470 Soldiers by Dec.1.
 Not only is this accomplishment a rst
within the Iron Brigade, but it is a newrecord for the entire 4th Inf. Div. The 3rd
AAB was the rst brigade to close out
its reenlistment year, not just for UnitedStates Division-South, but for all the brigades in Iraq.
The brigade has the hard work of the
Iron Brigade retention team and the
 battalion command teams to thank for 
the accomplishment. “You can’t achievethis type of accomplishment withouthaving command involvement,” said Sgt.1st Class Gregory Zielsdorf, of Conroe,Texas, brigade senior career counselor,Headquarters and Headquarters Troop,3rd Special Troops Battalion, 3rd AAB.
“I rmly believe that each commander,each rst sergeant, and each platoon
leader is actively engaging their Soldiersand saying, ‘Hey, we want you to stay onthe team.’”Along with the brigade’s overallreenlistment goal, some battalions withinthe brigade have achieved similar success.
Iron Brigade reaches reenlistment goal in record time
by Spc. Khori Johnson
3rd AAB, 4th Inf. Div., Public Affairs
Photo by Spc. Khori Johnson
Spc. Joshua Morris, network systems operator,Company B, 3rd STB, 3rd AAB, 4th Inf. Div.,recites the enlistment oath during his reenlistmentceremony on the top of the Ziggurat of Ur near Camp Adder.December 31, 2010
I, I
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