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The Pineal Gland

The Pineal Gland

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: casket666@hotmail.com on Jan 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Pineal Gland Explore Community Logincasket666@hotma...My HomeView Public ProfileMy DocumentsMy CollectionsMessagesSettingsHelpLog Out 1First PagePrevious PageNext Page/ 5Zoom OutZoom InFullscreenExit FullscreenSelect View ModeView ModeBookSlideshowScrollReadcastAdd a CommentEmbed & ShareReading should be social! Post a message on your social networks to let others know what you're reading. Select the sites below and start sharing. Link accountLink account Readcast Complete!Click 'send' to Readcast!edit preferencesSet your preferences for next time...Choose 'auto' to readcast without being prompted.casket666@ho...Link accountLink accountAdvancedCancelAdd a Comment View comments Share & EmbedLink / URL: Embed Size & Settings: Width: Auto Height: (proportional tospecified width) Start on page: Preview View: Scroll Book Slideshow Tiled Moreshare optionsAdd to CollectionsAuto-hide: onTHE PINEAL GLAND The pineal gland (also called the pineal body, epiphysiscerebri,epiphys is or the "third eye") is a small endocrine gland in thevertebrate brain. It produces melatonin, a hormone that affects the modulationof wake/sleep patterns and photoperiodic (seasonal) functions.It is shaped like a tiny pine cone (hence its name), and is located near thecenter of the brain,between the twohemis pheres, tucked in a groovewhere the two rounded thalamic bodies join. (Pituitary and Pineal Glands) Somecall it the 3rd eye or the mind's eye, the pineal gland was the last endocrinegland to have it'sfunctions discovered as it is located deep at the center of the brain, almosthidden away like it werea secret from which comes the word secretion, which is what the pineal glanddoes.It secretes the hormone melatonin which affects our wake / sleep patterns,photoperiodic (seasonal /circadian) functions and also activates the dormant codons in our DNA oftenreferred to as 'Junk
DNA'.Melatonin affects our biorhythms and the aging process ...The Pineal Gland is found to have piezoelectric calcite crystals which act liketransmitters orrecievers to channel light or information coming through in waves from thecentre of the galaxy orany other resonating transdimensional entities.What may seem as an unusual tickling sensation at the frontal lobe is simply the activation of theAjna Chakra or the Pineal Gland.We are evolving into multi-sensory entities, beginning to see beyond thelimiting 5 senses andawakening our 6th sense, the all seeing mind's eye !Eastfield (4), Alton Barnes, Wiltshire. Reported 25th August, 2008 This AllSeeing Eye / Pineal Gland Crop Circle formation was first sightedin the very early morning of August 25 2008.The diameter of the overall formation is approximately 500 feet.Fantastic 7 way Mayan spear resolution. The all seeing eye is an ancient symbolfor the pineal gland.The symbolism seems to represent the opening of the pineal gland or the 3rd Eye/ Mind's Eye !This explains the tickling sensation at the frontal lobe !Related Posts: â
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¢Crop Circles : Quest For TruthDocumentary Read also: The Third Eye and the Pineal Glandhttp://www.strayreality.com/Lanis_Strayreality/thirdtyepinealgland.htm The Three New Chakras - Heightening Our Awareness - Master Guide Kiraelhttp://loveandlightworld.ning.com/group/chakraslight/forum/topics/t... The 2012Enigma - David Wilcock - video Part I-Xhttp://loveandlightworld.ning.com/profiles/blogs/the-2012-enigma-da... The Third Eye - Lauren C. Gorgohttp://loveandlightworld.ning.com/profiles/blogs/the-third-eye-by-l...VirtualLight #5 Pineal Crystals Discussion- July 2009http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhdWpuRq_Fs pdf by ramsiel - blue ray -love-wisdom http://www.loveandlightworld.ning.com The Pineal GlandReads:581Uploaded:01/27/2010Category:Brochures/Catalogs Rated:Report this document?Please tell us reason(s) for reporting this documentSpam or junkPorn adult contentHateful or offensiveIf you are the copyright owner of this document and want to report it, pleasefollow these directions to submit a copyright infringement notice.Cancel ramsielAds by GooglePrescription Savings CardSave big on rising RX costs withthe free Avia Partners Savings Cardwww.aviapartners.comChemo Side EffectsChemo Side Effects Can Be TerribleLearn About Ways to Control Themwww.SANCUSO.com
Generic Kepra Side EffectsGeneric Kepra Can Cause SeriousSeizures. Get Legal Help Now!AnapolSchwartz.com/Mylan-Seizures/Share & EmbedLink / URL: Embed Size & Settings: Width: Auto Height: (proportional tospecified width) Start on page: Preview View: Scroll Book Slideshow Tiled Moreshare optionsRelated2 p. Pineal Gland - Seat of SoulReads: 6393 p. The Pineal GlandReads: 54311 p. 9435871 the Pineal Gland Richard J...Reads: 26311 p. The Pineal Gland - Richard J. Wurt...Reads: 13636 p. Awakening the Third EyeReads: 22856 p. Bosman, Saskia - The Role of the P...Reads: 29216 p. McClay, R - Pineal Gland, LSD and ...Reads: 40216 p. The Pineal Gland, LSD, And Seroton...Reads: 204153 p. 2012 enigmaReads: 7832 p. MY CRITICAL REVIEW: Alchemy of the...Reads: 106021 p. pineal gland mystiqueReads: 59486 p. Jennifer Luke - Fluoride Depositio...Reads: 7813 p. Dark Room EnlightenmentReads: 333847 p. mantak chia - dark room enlightenm...Reads: 15012 p. Descartes and the Pineal GlandReads: 012 p. Descartes and the Pineal GlandReads: 043 p. Dark Room Enlightenment - Mantak C...Reads: 33More from this user114 p.The Alchemy of Awareness - The ...From: ramsielReads: 1,92630 p.Five Stages of Greek Religion, ...From: ramsielReads: 5667 p.The Meaning of Sexual Dreams by...From: ramsielReads: 90710 p.KRYON - What Does It Do? - a m...From: ramsielReads: 3475 p.Akashic Records on Orbs and Ext...From: ramsielReads: 4578 p.Celestial Vision News - Februar...From: ramsielReads: 405162 p.Anastasia, A Living Goddess on ...From: ramsielReads: 1,1388 p.KRYON - True Love - a message f...From: ramsielReads: 35565 p.The Cattle Raid of Cualnge, by ...From: ramsielReads: 23123 p.Mystic Healing Art - Healing To...From: ramsielReads: 4248 p.A Man For Our Times: Abraham Li...From: ramsielReads: 34822 p.Violet Flame InvocationsFrom: ramsielReads: 7357 p.Hopi -Tibetian Prophecies - The...From: ramsielReads: 64314 p.The Third Eye and LSDFrom: ramsielReads: 36517 p.Releasing Barriers & Shifting V...

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