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The Macedonian Digest 2011

The Macedonian Digest 2011

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Published by kafana8351

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Published by: kafana8351 on Jan 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Macedonian Digest
³From the readers for the readers´
Edition 61 ± January 2011
Editor¶s Notes
Letter from the Macedonian Officers
 On behalf of the Macedonian officers who successfully completed the language course at CFBBorden and who at the moment have returned to Macedonia , it is our privilege and pleasure to present you with this letter of congratulations and appreciation.We the Macedonian officers would first like to honour St. Clement of Ohrid Day and wish youand the Macedonian people many years of celebrations and many years for St. Clement to be the place where all Macedonians gather and remember that Macedonia, the Macedonian nation andthe Macedonian language and culture, exists.We spent a wonderful time with you, the Macedonians from Toronto , and would like to take thisopportunity to thank all of you for all your efforts to make our stay in Canada more interesting, better and understandably easier. Being away from our homeland you know what it means andhow it feels to be separated from family, to find yourself far away from your homeland; oucountry Macedonia.After what we have seen, experienced and felt in Toronto , in Canada , with you the MacedonianDiaspora, we need to convey our personal feelings that we are proud to be Macedonian officersand have the privilege to protect our fatherland. We are also proud to have Macedonians all over the world who desire their fatherland, who have never forgotten where they come from, whothey are, or the language they speak. Simply put we are proud that we are Macedonians.This pride gives us, the Macedonian officers, even greater strength in our lasting efforts to preserve our fatherland that it may endure forever. Be assured that Macedonia is in good handsand if there is a need to protect it, we the Macedonian officers will protect it with our lives fromall possible threats to ensure that its sovereignty and integrity are intact.Before we conclude our address, we wish you good health and much success in your vocationand life. It is also our desire to ask of you that you extend the same courtesy, which you extendedto us, to the next group of Macedonian officers who will continue to visit CFP Borden for their training.We would like to complete our address by leaving you with this one message, loud and clear;LONG LIVE THE REPUBLIC OF MACEDONIA , GOD PROTECT MACEDONIA .
 From the Macedonian officers, Colonel Metodija Velickovski, Lieutenant Colonel Zoran Iliev,Lieutenant Colonel Orce Jordev and Major Dimche Velkov.Iliev Zoran
ismo od Makedonskite oficeri
 Vo imeto na Makedonskite oficeri koi uspesno ja zavsija jazicnata obuka vo Bazata Borden i vomomentov se naogaat vo Makedonija, imame golema cest i zadovolstvo da go procitame ova pismo na cestitka i blagodarnost. Nie Makedonskite oficeri, najprvo sakame da Vi go cestitame denot na crkvata Sv. KlimentOhridski, so zelba uste mnogu godini da go slavite i uste mnogu godini istata da bide mesto kadesto ke se sobiraat site Makedonci od Kanada, so cel nikogas da ne se zaboravi deka postoiMakedonija, Makedonskata nacija, Makedonskiot jazik i kultura.Pominavme prekrasno vreme so Vas, Makedoncite od Toronto, i vo ovaa prilika sakame da Vi sezablagodarime na site Vasi napori da ni go napravite nasiot prestoj vo Kanada, pointeresen, poubav i se razbira polesen, zatoa sto site Vie znaete sto znaci da si oddelen od semejstvoto, stoznaci i koe e cuvstvoto da se naogas tolku daleku od svojata rodna zemja, nasata zemjaMakedonija.Posle se sto vidovme, doziveavme i pocustvuvavme tuka vo Toronto, vo Kanada, so Vas,Makedonskata dijaspora, mozeme samo da Vi go preneseme naseto licno cuvstvo, gordi sme stosme Makedonski oficeri i sto ja imame taa privilegija da ja branime nasata tatkovina, gordi smesto imame takvi Makedonci nasekade vo svetot, sto si ja sakaat svojata tatkovina, sto nikogas nezaboravile od kade se, sto se i koj jazik go zboruvaat, ednostavno receno gordi sme sto smeMakedonci.Seto toa ni dava uste pogolema sila na Nas, Makedonskite oficeri, da istraeme vo svoite naporida ja socuvame nasata tatkovina i istata vecno da opstojuva. Bidete ubedeni deka Makedonija evo pravi race, deka ako zatreba Makedonskite oficeri so svojot zivot ke ja odbranat od site moznizakani po nejziniot suverenitet i integritet.I na krajot od naseto obrakanje, Vi posakuvame mnogu zdravje i uspeh kako vo rabotata taka ivo zivotot i se razbira barame od Vas da prodolzite so sorabotkata i poddrskata na narednitegeneracii na Makedonski oficeri koi zasigurno ke prodolzaat da doagaat na jazicnata obuka vo bazata Borden.I kako sto prilega na site Makedonski oficeri naseto obrakanje do Vas sakame da go zavrsime soedno jasno i glasnoDA ZIVEE REPUBLIKA MAKEDONIJA, GOSPOD DA JA CUVA MAKEDONIJA.
Od Makedonskite oficeri, polkovnik Metodija Velickovski, potpolkovnik Zoran Iliev, potpolkovnik Orce Jordev i major Dimce VelkovIliev ZoranOur Name is Macedoniawww.mhrmi.org/our_name_is_macedonia 
Feature Story
CIA Double deals in Macedonia
The United Nations Funds the Terrorists
 Monday December 6, 2010http://macedonianspark.com/en/news/article/469-2010-12-05-23-54-19 By Michael ChossudovskyProfessor at the University of Ottawa , CanadaRecruiting Foreign MercenariesSince the Soviet-Afghan war, recruiting Mujahedin (´holy warriors´) to fight covert wars onWashington ¶s behest has become an integral part of US foreign policy. A report of the USCongress has revealed how the US administration ±under advice from the National SecurityCouncil headed by Anthony Lake± had ³helped turn Bosnia into a militant Islamic base´ leadingto the recruitment through the so-called ³Militant Islamic Network,´ of thousands of Mujahedinfrom the Muslim world. (1)The ³Bosnian pattern´ has since been replicated in Kosovo, Southern Serbia and Macedonia .Among the foreign mercenaries now fighting with the KLA-NLA are Mujahedin from theMiddle East and the Central Asian republics of the former Soviet Union as well as ³soldiers of fortune´ from several NATO countries including Britain , Holland and Germany . Some of theseWestern mercenaries had previously fought with the KLA and the Bosnian Muslim Army. (2)Also among NLA recruits are Albanian-American ³volunteers´ enlisted in New York with thetacit approval of the US government. (3) In March 2001, the New York-based Albanian-language newspaper Bota Sot printed an advertisement of the National Liberation Army (NLA)³calling Albanians [in the US ] to register as volunteers and to donate money(4) Severalhundred Albanian-Americans had formed an ³Atlantic Brigade´ which fought alongside theKLA in 1998 and 1999. In recent months, members of the ³Atlantic Brigade´ have reportedly joined the NLA. (5)The United Nations Funds the Terrorists

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