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Agent Manual

Agent Manual

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Published by brian3332

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Published by: brian3332 on Jan 04, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Welcome to the year of the short sale, a great time to be a RealEstate Agent if you know what you are doing! There are so manyamazing opportunities out there and a lot of money to be made.Though many of our fellow colleagues are experiencing a dramaticdecline in business and revenue, by opening this guide you havetaken the first step towards achieving success in this market andincreasing your bottom-line! There are plenty of sales out there, you just have to adapt to what the market has become. We will teach youhow to open up a brand new door of revenue while at the same timehelp distressed property owners get out of a stressful financialsituation. Be happy, there is a lot to be done!As a Real Estate Agent you can make money in any kind of market:whether it’s a buyer’s or seller’s market; market with dramaticallyincreasing or decreasing real estate values; or, a distressed propertymarket loaded with REO’s (as we have today). In order to achievethis, a real estate agent must adapt their business model to themarketplace in order to stay competitive. This is Business Basics101; it is Darwinism and Survival of the Fittest; Sun Tzu and the Art of War; Solomon meets Goliath, whatever you want to call it, you haveto change and adapt your business or you will fall behind as an eliterealtor.Change and adapt, we have all heard this phrase before and it’s trulyeasier said than done. The goal of this guide is to open your eyes totoday’s new market and let you know that anyone who is determined
to learn these lessons can easily implement them into their ownbusiness. Take a look from a different perspective. In a sellersmarket you want more listings, whereas, in a buyers market you wantmore buyers. When builders and developers were putting upinventory like hot cakes, getting those high volume developmentlistings was the goal. Landing one of these development deals wouldset you up for 1 – 2 years at a time. This is no different than that; youhave to be where the money is. Today we have a market loaded withdistressed properties and you have to be involved in some aspect of this in order to make it. You may choose to try to get into listingREO’s and/or Short Sales, or, you may choose to focus on becominga buyer’s representative that concentrates in distressed properties.Short Sales Redefined is about training you to become an expert inlisting short sale properties.The real estate market will always be there; it’s the agents who mustconsistently adapt that will remain for the long term. I admit that thismarket is tough and has brought some of the most drastic changes inreal estate since the Great Depression, but that does not mean onecannot adapt to it and make it profitable, even satisfying. This isexactly what I’m doing today. I concentrate on short sales, I built ateam around it, and I’m making money doing it. It wasn’t easy and Ihad to learn and acquire quite a bit of knowledge before I could callmyself a “Short Sale Expert”. Like most other agents, 5 years ago, Ididn’t even know what a short sale was, but I adapted and changedmy business to work in this market.

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