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Published by Yeshiva University

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Published by: Yeshiva University on Jan 04, 2011
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Post PesachProgram IsLargest in Three-Year History
Page 2Learning aLesson inDay-SchoolEducation
Page 6YU ApplaudsIts Classo 2010Graduates
Page 4Young ScientistsSpend TheirSummer inthe La
fALL 2010
vLUE 14 • . 4
Jim Joseph Foundation Invests $11M in Jewish Education
n the heels of a $4 mil-lion grant to YeshivaUniversity last Septem-ber, the San Francisco-basedJim Joseph Foundation is mak-ing a new $11 million grant tobring its overall investment inthe University’s training of Jew-ish educators to a historic $15million over the next four years.With new grants in the sameamount to the Jewish Theologi-cal Seminary (JTS) and HebrewUnion College-Jewish Instituteof Religion (HUC), the founda-tion has now committed a totalof $45 million to increase thenumber of credentialed futureJewish educators and improvethe quality of professional prep-aration and Jewish educationthey receive.The initial grant last fallmarked the beginning of whatthe foundation envisioned wouldbe a multi-year investment anda partnership with the threeinstitutions. “The investmentin these training institutionsdirectly addresses the future of Jewish education and is a part-nership that will greatly advancethis cause,” said Al Levitt, thepresident of the foundation,which was established in 2006.“We care deeply about the futureof Jewish life in this country.”At YU, the funding providesboth nancial aid for studentspursuing education degrees orcertication in programs thatprepare them to work with Jew-ish youth and young adults, aswell as support for enhancedprograms designed to attractmore educators to the eld.These programs include a newfull-time master’s degree inJewish education, a certicatein experiential Jewish educa-tion, advanced training and cer-tication for classroom teachersin technology and dierenti-ated instruction, and a robustinvestment in the inductionand support of new teachers.Additionally, the grant sup-ports recruitment eorts thatinclude experiential learning missions for undergraduate stu-dents and a new, full-time Jew-ish education and recruitmentmanager to attract and guidefuture Jewish educators towardtraining opportunities at YU informal and experiential educa-tion. “The Jim Joseph Foun-dation’s continued investmentand partnership ensures thatthe community’s focus remainslaser-like on the centrality of Jewish education,” noted Presi-dent Richard M. Joel.As part of the grants to allthree institutions, funding hasbeen carved out for the explora-tion and implementation of newtechnologies for distance learn-ing that will make training andcredentialing possible for stu-dents unable to take courseworkon campus. The three institu-tions will work on projects toensure creative new directionsfor the education of future Jew-ish educators in order to fosterbest practices in the eld.“The Jim Joseph Founda-tion is condent that partner-ing with these institutions isan eective way to impact thenext generation of Jews,” addedChip Edelsberg, the foundation’sexecutive director.
haya Batya (C.B.) Neu-groschl, an educator withnearly 20 years of peda-gogic, curricular and administra-tive experience in both LimudeiKodesh and general studies,has been named head of schoolof the Yeshiva University HighSchool for Girls (Central). Theappointment—eective July 1—is the culmination of a searchthat involved parents, faculty,board members and YU admin-istrators, spanning both theUnited States and Israel.Prior to joining YUHSG,Neugroschl served as assistantprincipal and co-director of gen-eral studies at SAR High Schoolsince 2004, where she intro-duced innovative curricularinitiatives and special program-ming. Before coming to SAR,Neugroschl was the director of admissions and a teacher of Jew-ish history and Jewish philoso-phy at Ma’ayanot Yeshiva HighSchool for Girls.Neugroschl’s educationalbackground is impressive. Shestudied for two years at Michlalain Bayit V’gan before earning herBA at Stern College for Womenin 1993. Neugroschl continuedher studies at Bernard RevelGraduate School, and then atHarvard University, where shereceived her MA in Near East-ern languages and civilizationsin 1998.“Mrs. Neugroschl bringsto our school a very well devel-oped and integrated educationalvision,” said Miriam Goldberg,chair of the Yeshiva UniversityHigh Schools Board of Trustees.“She has earned a well deservedreputation for working collab-oratively with faculty and par-ents. Mrs. Neugroschl brings anestablished and accomplishedtrack record of creating dynamicenvironments for learning andtrue intellectual exchange, cou-pled with setting standards forhigh levels of student growth.”
Stern Alum Tapped as Central’sNew Head of School
C.B. Neugroschl will set the course for continued growth.Yeshiva University students are training to be the Jewish educators of tomorrow.
ChampionsGat Looks to Nxt Practics
Orlando, FL, was the backdrop for the fth annual Champions-Gate National Leadership Conference, as more than 350 leadersconverged to discuss some of the most pressing issues facingthe community. Themed “From Best Practices to Next Practices:Tomorrow Begins Today,” the conference, held July 29–Aug.1,examined a slew of topics, including breakthrough ways to nanceour communal institutions, innovative approaches to instillingfamily values, creative methods for cultivating and training thenext generation of leaders, and inventive ideas to infuse Jewishlife with greater passion.
for more information on ChampionsGate 2010.
LL 2010
YUToaY o Th Wb
Wb xclUsiv: 
Ethics, Integrity and il Spills
Dean Michael Ginzberg shares his views on the lessons of thedeepwater horizon disaster.
vio phoTo gallrY
Watch as students,aculty and memerso the communitymake their presenceelt at the Salute toIsrael Parade.
Listen toYeshia UniersityundergraduatesTzippora Kanal andSam Weprinlook ack at theirYU experience.
or up-to-the-minute Uniersity stories and inormation.
fALL 2010
vLUE 14 • . 4
Chairman, YU Board of Trustees
ICHAD . JEL D. A LA
President Chancellor 
Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs
CEE bAIL bIS vLUUEv
Editor Art Director 
Enrique Cubillo, Michael DiVito, Marc Fein, Karen Gardner, Norman Goldberg, Zachary Levine,Stephen Nickson, Peter Robertson, Ephraim Shoshani, V. Jane Windsor,Matthew Yaniv, Larry Zeligson
is published quarterly by the Ofce of Communications and Public Affairs and is distributedfree to faculty, staff, students, alumni, donors and friends. It keeps them informed of news fromacross Yeshiva University’s undergraduate and graduate divisions and afliates. The quarterlynewsletter covers academic and campus life, faculty and student research, community outreachand philanthropic support. It showcases the University’s mission of Torah Umadda, the combina-tion of Jewish textual study and values with secular learning, through stories about the diverseachievements of the University community.© Yeshiva University 2010 • Ofce of Communications and Public AffairsFurst Hall Room 401 • 500 West 185th St. • New York, NY 10033-3201 • Tel.: 212.960.5285
Post Pesach Program Hits New Heights
he 2010 Post Pesach Pro-gram attracted a recordnumber of participants asmore incoming students optedto get an early start on their Yeshiva University journey.This year’s program—for stu-dents who have registered full-time on-campus for fall 2010and have returned from theirsecond or third years of learning in Israel—saw enrollment soarto 59 students, climbing from 44in 2009 and 38 in 2008, the pro-gram’s inaugural year.For those students whochoose to come home for Pesach,this program allows them tobegin their academic experi-ence early. “The program allowsthem to spend a few weekslearning in a well-structuredenvironment,” said MurraySragow, associate director of undergraduate admissions.Students on the Torah Onlytrack attended a daily
 [lecture] by one of YU’s
roshei yeshiva
[professors of Talmud]and an afternoon and night
 [learning program], including 
[gathering] with
[counselors]. TheTorah Umadda option, however,allowed students to substitutethe afternoon learning compo-nent with up to six credits (twocourses) at Yeshiva College or SySyms School of Business. Bothtracks began April 12 and con-cluded May 27.“The Post Pesach Programis like a mini semester,” saidEli Hagler, assistant director of undergraduate admissions. Thisyear’s program included stu-dents from eight states, 24 highschools and 15 Israel Yeshivas.BJ Litwin attended theprogram because he felt theexperience would enable himto smoothly transition into YU.“I have been able to familiarizemyself with the campus and allthat YU has to oer.”
 President Richard M. Joel met with the 59 participants of the 2010 program.
YU Welcomes 20 FacultyMembers
wenty undergraduate andgraduate faculty memberswill join Yeshiva Univer-sity’s diverse roster of scholarsthis fall.Four professors—Drs. Doug-las Burgess, Alessandro Citanna,Andreas Hamel and YuxiZheng—will be teaching at both Yeshiva College and Stern Col-lege for Women.Burgess joins the Univer-sity’s history department afterpositions as a postdoctoral fel-low at The New School for SocialResearch and New York Histori-cal Society. He obtained his JDfrom Cornell University and PhDfrom Brown University.Citanna brings experienceas a visiting professor of eco-nomics and nance at ColumbiaUniversity and as a professor of economics and nance at HECParis to YU’s economics depart-ment. Citanna earned a PhD ineconomics from the Universityof Pennsylvania.Hamel and Zheng are addi-tions to the mathematics depart-ment. Hamel, who earned hisPhD summa cum laude from Ger-many’s Martin Luther Univer-sity, has lectured in operationsresearch and nancial engi-neering at Princeton University.Zheng has served as professorand associate head of the mathe-matics department at Penn StateUniversity. He obtained a PhD inmathematics from the Univer-sity of California, Berkeley.Susan Crawford, who earneda BA summa cum laude and JDfrom Yale University, comes toBenjamin N. Cardozo Schoolof Law as a professor specializ-ing in communications, cyber,privacy and property law, andBrett Frischmann joins Car-dozo after a stretch as associateprofessor of law at Loyola Uni-versity School of Law. His edu-cational background includes aBA in astrophysics and an MS inearth resources engineering andapplied sciences from Colum-bia University, along with a JDmagna cum laude from George-town University Law Center.
See a complete list of new faculty at
“No yo Kno” wants to Har rom yo
Innovation is happening across Yeshiva University, and thatincludes how YU highlights what makes the Universityunique. In May, YU unveiled “Now You Know,” a campaignthat included the launch of www.yu.edu/nowyouknow, aWeb site that features distinctive facts and trivia aboutthe University, along with videos, quizzes and a chance tosubmit your own YU factoids. Now, it’s your turn. In lateAugust, YU will roll out the second component of the cam-paign. We’re inviting the entire YU family—students, faculty,alumni, parents and supporters—to tell us what YU meansto them. Maybe it’s an interesting factoid you know aboutYU, or perhaps it’s the relationships you’ve built with the University community. Whatever it is, we want tohear from you. Visit www.yu.edu/nowyouknow and submit your own fact as either photo, audio or video.Submissions will be posted online, where visitors can vote for the clip that truly captures the YU spirit. Theclincher?
Thr ill b givaas an prizs for th highst-rat sbmissions.
Stanley I. Raskas, Chairman, Board of Overseers, Yeshiva College; Shira Yoshor, Chairman,Board of Overseers, Stern College for Women; Josh Weston, Chairman, Board of Overseers, SySyms School of Business; Ruth L. Gottesman, Chairperson, Board of Overseers, Albert EinsteinCollege of Medicine; Kathryn O. Greenberg and Leslie E. Payson, Co-Chairs, Board of Overseers,Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law; Robert Schwalbe, Chair, Board of Overseers, WurzweilerSchool of Social Work; Mordecai D. Katz, Chairman, Board of Overseers, Bernard Revel GraduateSchool of Jewish Studies; Carol Bravmann, Chair, Board of Overseers, Ferkauf Graduate Schoolof Psychology; Moshael J. Straus, Chairman, Board of Overseers, Azrieli Graduate School ofJewish Education and Administration; Julius Berman, Chairman, Board of Trustees, (afliate)Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary; Miriam Goldberg, Chairman, Board of Trustees, YU High Schools; Theodore N. Mirvis and Michael Jesselson, Co-Chairs, Board of Directors, (afliate)Yeshiva University Museum. Board listing as of June 1, 2010.
  G  i   v  e  a   w  a   y
LL 2010www.yu.edu/New
hree professors at Wurz-weiler School of SocialWork—Dr. Gary Stein, theRev. Frederick Streets and Dr.Rozetta Wilmore Schaeer—have received the acclaimeddistinction of being named Ful-bright Specialists. The FulbrightSpecialist Program awardsgrants to U.S. faculty and pro-fessionals in select disciplinesranging from agriculture tourban planning to participate intwo- to six-week projects at col-leges and universities in morethan 100 countries.Stein will serve as a guestfaculty member at LancasterUniversity’s International Obser-vatory on End of Life Care inEngland. Stein will conductseminars on healthcare ethics,palliative care and disability,as well as advance-care plan-ning and end-of-life perspec-tives among the gay and lesbiancommunity. In addition to theseroles, he will serve as a resourceand mentor for students devel-oping research proposals.Streets, The Carl and Doro-thy Bennet Professor of PastoralCounseling at Wurzweiler, willbe based at the University of The Free State (UFS) in SouthAfrica, which is establishing an International Institute forDiversity (IID). The instituteis envisioned as a center of aca-demic excellence for studying transformation and diversity insociety. Streets will advise andassist in the founding phase of the institute, including devel-oping policy and implementing objectives, dening strategiesand enabling interactive dia-logue and working with facultyand student groups.While Wilmore Schaef-fer’s project will also take placeat UFS, her work will focus onrelationship building within,between and among raciallydiverse students and faculty inan institution whose historyhas been one of racial intoler-ance. She will, among othertasks, engage with the faculty todevelop experiential class exer-cises and ways to develop andmanage a safe environment thatlets students and faculty exploretheir racial and ethnic history.Three other Wurzweilerprofessors—Drs. Joan Beder,Jonathan Fast and NormanLinzer, The Samuel J. and JeanSable Chair in Jewish FamilySocial Work—have been namedFulbright Specialists and are inthe process of being paired witha host institution.“Being selected as a Ful-bright Specialist is a highlycompetitive process,” saidWurzweiler’s Dr. Sheldon Gel-man, The Dorothy and David I.Schachne Dean. “To have sixWurzweiler faculty selectedand three actual matches occur,reects on the caliber and statusof our faculty.”
Meet the 2010 Keeha
ow in its third year, theHenry Kressel ResearchScholarship has beenawarded to six elite undergrad-uate students—a unique oppor-tunity to undertake a year-long intensive research project underthe supervision of YU faculty.Dr. Henry Kressel ’55YC, chair-man of the Board of Trusteesand managing director of War-burg Pincus LLC, establishedthe scholarship.This year’s class includes Yeshiva College students JosephAttias (Jewish studies major),Or Pikary (accounting major),Ben Rosenzweig (psychologymajor), Michael Turkel (Englishmajor) and Aaron Yevick (phys-ics major), and Stern College forWomen student Dassi Shulman(physics major). The scholarswill each receive a stipend of $7,500 for the year, along withtravel money and appropriateresearch-support expenses. Fol-lowing their research tenure,they will present their work tothe student body.
ietii Piee ithe MaKiG
Eleven Yeshiva University under-graduate students traded in timeat the beach for a career-shap-ing chance to conduct cutting-edge biomedical research withtop scholars at Albert EinsteinCollege of Medicine.The students are a part of the overall 57 students fromvarious colleges and universi-ties attending Einstein’s Sum-mer Undergraduate ResearchProgram (SURP), directed byDr. Victoria Freedman, assis-tant dean of biomedical studies.The 11 YU students are clus-tered into three programs. Eightstudents—Orli Haken, TsiporaHuisman, Hadassa Klerman,Jennifer Kraut and DanielleLent of Stern College for Womenand Yair Saperstein, MichaelSiev and David Sweet of YeshivaCollege—were awarded scholar-ships through the Roth ScholarsProgram, which is sponsoredby the Ernst and Hedwig RothInstitute of Biomedical ScienceEducation at YU. Two partici-pants—Yeshiva College studentDaniel Poliak and Stern studentRebecca Weiss—were selectedfor the University SummerResearch Scholars Program,which is supported by fund-ing from the provost’s oce.One student—Stern’s Dina Gol-feiz—is participating throughthe Stern Einstein ResearchConnection (SERC), a programcreated by Stern alumnae toprovide funding for a Sternfreshman or sophomore to per-form scientic research dur-ing the summer. Each programprovides students with a stipendand on-campus housing.While students are ock-ing to Einstein to pursueresearch opportunities, severalof its medical students earnedsought-after fellowships andawards for the 2010-11 academicyear. From Boston to San Diegoto New Delhi, Einstein studentswill travel the globe to enterresearch programs focusing ona range of subjects, including public health, neuro-oncologyand infectious diseases.
ha ea exeehiP
Michael Cinnamon, MichaelEmerson and Avi Miller receivedthe Wexner Foundation Gradu-ate Study Fellowship for the2010–11 academic year. The fel-lowships are bestowed upon20 candidates interested inpursuing graduate training forcareers in the cantorate, Jewisheducation, Jewish professionalleadership and the rabbinate.As participants of the four-year leadership program, Cin-namon, Emerson and Millerwill be awarded an annual sti-pend of $20,000 for a two-yearterm with the possibility torenew for a third year. Emer-son is also a Davidson Scholar,bestowed upon Wexner Fellowswho intend to pursue careersin Jewish education or Jewishcommunal leadership.As part of the Jay andJeannie Schottenstein HonorsProgram at Yeshiva College,Cinnamon ’10YC, of Atlanta,GA, double majored in historyand Jewish studies. In his senioryear, he served as editor-in-chief of the YU student paper
The Commentator
. He is work-ing toward an MA in Talmudicstudies at Bernard Revel Gradu-ate School and will begin hisstudies toward
[rab-binic ordination] at Rabbi IsaacElchanan Theological Seminary(RIETS) in the summer.Emerson, born in Boston,MA, and raised in Memphis,TN, completed his undergradu-ate work at Columbia Universityin 2009 with a major in medievalJewish history. He is enrolledin RIETS’ semikhah program.He spent the year learning inthe Gruss Kollel on the YeshivaUniversity in Israel campus. Hewill return to New York nextyear to complete his third yearof semikhah study at RIETSwhile studying full-time in New York University’s dual master of arts program in education andJewish studies and Hebrew andJudaic studies.A North Woodmere, NY,native, Miller is a 2009 gradu-ate of Princeton University,where he majored in philosophyand minored in Jewish studies.Miller, who will begin his o-cial semikhah study at RIETS inthe fall of 2010, credits YU withoering an unparalleled Toraheducation that will providehim with the strong foundationhe needs to become a rabbinicleader and Torah scholar.
Wurzweiler Professors Land Fulbright Specialist Grants
Students Across the University Awarded Coveted Scholarships
Stein’s work will take place in the UK, where he will address healthcare issues.The 11 students who participated in Albert Einstein College of Medicine’sSummer Undergraduate Research Program worked in teams alongside graduateand post-doctoral students.Streets had a previous six-month Fulbright Senior Scholar assignmentat the University of Pretoria.The core of Wilmore Schaeer’s focus will be on relationship building.
Fr ResearchT Jewish Educati

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