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Published by Yeshiva University

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Published by: Yeshiva University on Jan 04, 2011
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U is opening its
(study halls)to busy professionalswishing to furthertheir commitment to Torahstudy.Kollel Yom Rishon, heldevery Sunday morning on theWilf Campus, offers men of all ages, backgrounds, andlearning levels the opportuni-ty to learn Torah with RabbiIsaac Elchanan TheologicalSeminary’s (RIETS) distin-guished
roshei yeshiva
(Tal-mudic professors).“The program enables thosewith hectic workweeks to im-merse themselves in a yeshivaenvironment,” said RabbiDavid Israel, director of RIETS’sMax Stern Division of Com-munal Services (MSDCS), whoruns Kollel Yom Rishon withRabbi Ari Rockoff.“We want participants tofeel part of Yeshiva, as theylearn in the beit midrash sur-rounded by YU students,”stressed Rabbi Rockoff.The program launchedOctober 17, and by the sec-ond week the response wasalready “overwhelmingly pos-itive, with returnees from theprevious week eager for arecharge of Torah,” he said.Attendance has grown rap-idly, peaking at close to 200men from the tristate area forthe special Hanukkah sessionDec. 12.The regular weekly sched-ule enables participants whohave studied in a yeshiva torecapture that experience andallows newcomers access to aworld usually kept behindclosed doors.Each Sunday’s programcommences with
(morning prayer services) atone of YU’s
(prayerquorums). After a light break-fast, participants study sourcematerials in the beit midrashin Zysman Hall in preparationfor
(lectures), wherethey have the opportunity tointeract with RIETS rosheiyeshiva. The program con-cludes at 11 am.“The key objective of KollelYom Rishon is to strengthen Jewish life and learning,” saidYU President Richard M. Joel.Each shiur is audiotapedfor those unable to attend
Kollel Yom Rishon OpensDoors to Learning
      I      N      S      I      D      E
Stern StudentsCoauthor Science Papers
 Page 3
Classics StudentsInducted intoHonor Society
 Page 4
 YU Makes anImpact at UJCGeneral Assembly
 Page 5
Senior  AppointmentsTake YU intoFuture
 Page 8
Sunday Program Draws More Than a Hundred Professionals 
continued on page 7 
eshiva University for-mally dedicated theWilf Campus duringan annual receptionfor the joint boards of itsschools and colleges on Nov-ember 16.The Wilf family—Josephand wife Elizabeth, sons Zyg-munt and Mark, and nephewLeonard, all YU Benefactorswho have supported the uni-versity for many years—cut aceremonial ribbon in front of the Wilf Campus monument.“It is a privilege to have theWilf name associated with YUand what it represents,” Jo-seph Wilf said at the recep-tion. “The university is amodel of excellence in fulfill-ing the leadership of the Jewish community.”
Wilf FamilyDedicatesYUCampus
Communal Leaders and  Einstein Dean Honored at Hanukkah Dinner 
Morry J.WeissInstalledasYUBoardChai
continued on page 7 
ntering college brings with it a host of changes in stu-dents’ lives: greater responsibilities, a rigorous courseload, a new community, social pressures, and for some,a foreign language. In fact, entering college ranks as oneof the top 25 stressful life-changing events on most scales of psy-chological measure. Beginning this winter, a new confidentialcounseling center will help to ease the transition for students onall of YU’s Manhattan campuses.The Confidential Counseling Center, which opens in Januaryunder the directorship of former NYU psychiatrist VictorSchwartz, MD, will provide services to students at the Wilf,Beren, and Brookdale campuses.A frequent consultant on psychological issues to many rab-bis, Jewish day schools, and Jewish communal organizations inNew York City, Dr. Schwartz is no stranger to YU. He is a 1977alumnus of Yeshiva College, and since 1996 has consulted withthe Department of Student Affairs on issues of psychiatric treat-ment for students. He also helped train YU’s student affairs,counseling, and housing staff. Dr. Schwartz has served the NYUcommunity in various capacities, most notably as chief psychi-atrist and medical director of the NYU University CounselingService.
Counseling Center Helps Students Adjust toCollege Life
continued on page 6
See story on page 3.
President Joel presented Presidential Medallionto Dean Purpura.Joseph and Elizabeth Wilf with L–R: Mark and Jane Wilf, President Joel, Morry Weiss,Audrey and Zygmunt Wilf, and Chancellor Lamm.
Pearl Berger
, MLS, YH,’62T, deanof libraries, spoke about Jewishlibraries and archives in America ata symposium, “State of JewishLearning in America,” marking the350th anniversary of Jewish settle-ment in America, at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC, inNovember.
J. David Bleich
, PhD, Herbert andFlorence Tenzer Professor of Jew-ish Law and Ethics, presented“When Man Creates Man: As-sisted Reproduction, Cloning, andStem Cell Research Through thePrism of Halakhah and Ethics,”SCW Jubilee Lecture Series; and“Ethical and Halakhic Issues inClient Representation” and “NewMedical Technologies: The Halak-hic Perspective,” Halakhah Con- ference for Professionals and Busi-ness Leaders, Agudath Israel of  America.
Richard K. Caputo
, PhD, WSSWprofessor, presented “Equalizationof meeting needs vs. equalizationof income distribution: Reconsi-derations of basic income andeconomic justice in light of VanParijs and Zucker” at the 10thBasic Income European NetworkCongress in Barcelona, and“Poverty reduction vs. reducingincome inequality: Framing dis-tributive justice in light of VanParijs and Zucker” at the SocialJustice Conference 2004, in Re-gina, Saskatchewan, Canada.
Louis H. Feldman
, PhD, Abraham Wouk Family Professor of Classicsand Literature, spoke at a Societyof Biblical Literature conference inSan Antonio on “Josephus the Mor-alist: The War against Amalek.”
Chaim Feuerman
, EdD, Kusch-itzky Professor of Jewish Educationat AGS, presented “Winning Strat-egies in Coping with Your Most Vexing Leadership Challenges” atthe 48th National Convention of Torah Umesorah last May, and inNovember served as consultantand trainer at the MaimonidesSchool of Boston and at YeshivaSiach Yitzchok.
Lauren Fitzgerald
, PhD, YC assis-tant professor of English, pub-lished an article, “Female Gothicand the Institutionalization of Gothic Studies” in
Gothic Studies,
May 2004. She also reviewed“The Center Will Hold: CriticalPerspectives on Writing Center Scholarship” in the
Writing Center  Journal,
summer 2004.
Sheldon R. Gelman
, PhD, Doro-thy and David I. Schachne Dean of  WSSW, and
Margaret Gibelman
,DSW, WSSW professor, presented“A loss of credibility: Patterns of wrongdoing among nongovern-mental organizations” at the Inter-national Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR), Sixth Interna-tional Conference in Toronto. Dr.Gibelman also spoke about“Acting on our values: Do humanservice professionals volunteer?”with
Jay S. Sweifach
, DSW, ‘88W, WSSW assistant professor.
Scott Goldberg
, PhD, AGS assis-tant professor, provided a full-dayseminar at the Techer FellowshipProgram, a project of the Avi ChaiFoundation, last May. Also, he leda four-day workshop at West-chester Day School DifferentiatedInstruction Institute in June. Hepresented a paper, “The Relation-ship Between English and HebrewReading Comprehension andTeacher Reported Behavior Prob-lems,” at the Conference of theSociety for the Scientific Study of Reading in Amsterdam in June.
Arthur Hyman
, PhD, BRGS dean,was invited to deliver the First Annual Renowned Jewish Scholar Lecture at the Pope John Paul IICultural Center in Washington,DC. He spoke on “MosesMaimonides: Legal scholar andphilosopher for the ages.” He alsoparticipated in a Maimonides con- ference at Vanderbilt University,where he spoke on “Maimonidesas biblical exegete.”
Ephraim Kanarfogel
, PhD, YH,’77Y,B,R, E. Billi Ivry Professor of Jewish History, and chairman,Rebecca Ivry Department of Jew-ish Studies, SCW, was named vicepresident of the Association for Jewish Studies, the leading profes-sional organization for professorsof Jewish studies in North America.
Norman Linzer
, PhD, YH,’55Y,R,W, Samuel J. and Jean SableProfessor of Jewish Family Social Work, WSSW, authored two arti-cles: “Confidentiality: An EthicalDilemma for Israeli Social Work-ers,”
 Journal of Religion and Spiritu-ality in Social Work,
23:3, 2004;and “An Ethical Dilemma in Elder  Abuse,”
 Journal of Gerontological Social W ork,
43:2/3, 2004.
Rabbi Alter B. Z. Metzger
, pro- fessor of Judaic studies, spoke atChabad Lubavitch Oxford, Eng-land, on “Chassidic Narratives:Prisms for Existential Transcen-dence,” in November.
Andreea Radulescu
, a graduatestudent at Einstein, was selectedto present a mini-symposium talk,“A Role for Clathrin Coated Vesicles in the Assembly of theGolgi Apparatus,” at the 44th Annual Meeting of the AmericanSociety for Cell Biology held in Washington, DC, in December.She is conducting her thesis re-search in the laboratory of DennisShields, PhD, professor of devel-opmental and molecular biology.
Alvin I. Schiff 
, PhD, ’47Y,F, IrvingI. Stone Distinguished Professor of Jewish Education, authored anessay, “New Beginnings: JewishUnity According to Torah Tradi-tion,” in
 Young Israelof Oceanside; he was featured in“Funding Jewish Education: Retro-spect and Prospect,” his op-ed ar-ticle appeared in
 Jewish Press;
andhe was honored as an “HonoredEducational Pioneer” by the Con- ference for Administrators of Non-Public Schools, NY State Educa-tion Department, Albany, NY.
David Schnall
 YH,’69Y,R, PhD, AGS dean, was keynote speaker atthe annual conference of TorontoDay School Principals and Admini-strators, October 29–31. While inJerusalem recently, he presentedthe following papers: “Jewish Edu-cation Policies in the United Statesin Light of the 2000–1 PopulationSurvey,” Jerusalem Center for Pub-lic Affairs; “Zionism and Israel inthe Eyes of American Jews,” Collo-quium of the Department of Poli-tical Studies, Bar Ilan University,and “The Right to an Education in American Constitutional Law andJewish Tradition,” Churgan Schoolof Education, Bar Ilan University.
David Shatz
 YH,’69Y,B,R, profes-sor of philosophy, SCW, was aguest scholar at King’s College,London, where he delivered a lec-ture and a faculty seminar onMaimonides.
Rabbi Aaron Ben-Zion Shiurin
’40Y,R, longtime lecturer in Jewishstudies at SCW who retired in2001, was honored by the
in November for his 60 years as a columnist for the news-paper’s Yiddish edition.
Richard C. Steiner
, PhD, ’66Y,professor of Semitic languages andliteratures at BRGS, was invited tobe a Harry Starr Fellow in Judaicaat the Center for Jewish Studies,Harvard University, for the 2005spring semester. He will conductresearch in the area of biblical exe-gesis from the Second TemplePeriod through the Middle Ages.
David Strug
, PhD, WSSW associ-ate professor, presented “Socialwork with the elderly: The US ver-sus Cuban situation,”at the Univer-sity of the Older Adult Conferenceon the Elderly in Havana, Cuba.
Cantor Moshe Tessone
, BSJM in-structor, recorded “Odeh La’El,” analbum of Sephardic and MiddleEastern Jewish songs in the Judeo- Arabic genre that incorporatessounds from Middle Eastern, Lev-antine, Balkan, and North Africangenres.
Rabbi Elchanan Adler
’95R,A,MYP/RIETS rosh yeshiva, and hiswife,
Miriam (Gaisin) Adler
’93S,on the birth of a son, Yaakov Meir.
Fanya Gottesfeld-Heller
, YU, YC,SCW, and YUM board member;Beth Heller; and
Benjamin Heller
,RIETS trustee on the birth of agrandson to parents Shira (Heller)and Steven Stein.
Ed Fox
’75Y,CTI, deputy to thepresident, on the loss of his father,Stanley Fox.
Hyman Wettstein
, an educator and coach at YU, 1938–1973. Hewas cofounder of the Metropoli-tan Jewish High School League,where he compiled a coachingrecord of 413–170. Also, he waschief of corrective therapy atBronx Veterans AdministrationHospital, and producer and direc-tor of “Courage Takes the Wheel,”a film about training and rehabili-tating a paraplegic Israeli war vet-eran he taught to drive. For hiseffort, he received an award fromthe VA and the Israel Ministry of Defense. Mr. Wettstein was 92.
Marilyn Winn
, who worked at theGottesman Library, most recentlyat the circulation desk, for morethan 30 years. Condolences to her husband, Sol; daughter, Brenda;and son, Arnold.
 January 2005
ChairmanYU Board of Trustees 
Richard M. Joel
Norman Lamm, PhD
Peter L. Ferrara
Director of Communications and Public Affairs 
Joshua L. Muss, Chairman, Board of Directors, Yeshiva College; Marjorie Diener Blenden,Chairman, Board of Directors, Stern College for Women; Bernard L.Madoff, Chairman, Board of Directors, Sy Syms School of Business; Ira M. Millstein,Chairperson,Board of Overseers, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; Kathryn O. Greenberg, Chairman,Board of Directors, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law; Robert Schwalbe, Chair, Board of Governors, Wurzweiler School of Social Work; Mordecai D. Katz, Chairman, Board of Directors,Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies; Katherine Sachs, Chair, Board of Governors,Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology; Moshael J. Straus, Chairman, Board of Directors, AzrieliGraduate School of Jewish Education and Administration; Julius Berman, Chairman,Board of Trustees, (affiliate) Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary; Erica Jesselson, Chairperson,Board of Directors, (affiliate) Yeshiva University Museum.
Board listings as of November 1, 2004
Jerry Bergman, Esther Finkle, June Glazer, Norman GoldbergDavid Hillstrom, Cara Huzinec, Esther KustanowitzPeter Robertson, Hedy Shulman, Shira Weiss, V. Jane Windsor 
Yeshiva University Today 
is published monthly during the academic year by the YeshivaUniversity Department of Communications and Public Affairs, 401 Furst Hall,500 West 185th St.,New York, NY 10033-3201 (212-960-5285). It is distributed freeon campus to faculty, staff, andstudents. © Yeshiva University 2005
People in the News
 A, AECOM Albert Einstein College of Medicine • AG, AGI Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education and Administration • BG, BGSS Belfer Institute for Advanced Biomedical Sciences • B, BRGS Bernard Revel Graduate School of Jewish Studies • BSJM Belz School of Jewish Music •CTI Cantorial Training Institute • C, CSL Cardozo School of Law • F, FGS Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology • I, IBC Isaac Breuer Collegeof Hebraic Studies • J, JSS James Striar School of General Jewish Studies • MSDCS Max Stern Division of Communal Services • Y, MYP YeshivaProgram/Mazer School of Talmudic Studies • SBMP Stone Beit Midrash Program • R, RIETS Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary • S, SCWStern College for Women • SG Sue Golding Graduate Division of Medical Sciences • SB, SSSB Sy Syms School of Business • T, TI Teachers Institute• T, TIW Teachers Institute for Women • W, WSSW Wurzweiler School of Social Work • Y, YC Yeshiva College • YH, YUHS Yeshiva UniversityHigh Schools (MSTA The Marsha Stern Talmudical Academy) (SWHSG Samuel H. Wang Yeshiva University High School for Girls)
Key to School Abbreviations
The Company My Father Built
by Susan Bitensky Lerner Sands Point Press 
The author tells the story of her father, honorary YU boardmember and FGS board chair emeritus Samson Bitensky, whogrew up in inter war Poland. She traces his journey to Americaand chronicles how he became a textile manufacturer andCEO of Fab Industries.
 January 2005
tern College for Womenstudents have collabo-rated with their profes-sors to publish cutting-edge scientific research. Thestudents, each contributingsignificantly to research con-ducted during either theschool year or the summer,are listed as coauthors withtheir professors on scientificpapers in peer-reviewed jour-nals.“Very few undergraduateshave their names attached topublications in peer-reviewedjournals,” said Harvey Babich,PhD, professor of biology,who worked with six studentson various projects investigat-ing the anti-cancer propertiesof green tea.Stern College encouragesits women to conduct re-search and publish their find-ings because it prepares themfor careers in science.“Published research showshands-on experience on stu-dents’ resumes, which isespecially important if theycontinue on to medical orgraduate school,” said ChayaRapp, PhD, assistant profes-sor of chemistry, who pub-lished an article with studentToby Josovitz in the
 Journalof Physical Chemistry 
. An-other article, coauthoredwith Rena Frankel, has beensubmitted to
.Under Dr. Babich andHarriet Zuckerbraun, PhD,instructor of biology, MalkaKrupka and Helen Nissimstudied epicatechin gallate(ECG), a chemical in green teawith selective toxicity towardcancer cells. Their paper willbe published by
Toxicology inVitro
in 2005.“My research allowed meto apply what I learned inclass in a practical manner,”said Ms. Krupka, a seniormajoring in biochemistry. “Imay apply to an MD/PhDprogram, and publishing apaper demonstrates my abili-ties. It’s a big step for an un-dergraduate.”Ms. Krupka’s research expe-rience with Dr. Babich helpedher qualify for a research in-ternship at YU’s Albert Ein-stein College of Medicine lastsummer, and for a position atNYU Medical School this fall.Ms. Nissim, a junior major-ing in biology, said her re-search experience gave her adeeper understanding of labtechniques. “Publishing mywork will help me in my fu-ture pursuits in the scientificcommunity,” she added. Shespent the summer conductingresearch at UCLA.Other Stern students whopublished their research find-ings include Ilana Pister, twinsTamar and Ronit Gold, TannazSedaghat, Danielle Weissman,Frida Friedman, MichelleFaber, Aliza Moskowitz, TaliaHarris, and Louisette Soussan.Senior Sarah Nemzer, a stu-dent in SCW’s S. Daniel Abra-ham Honors Program, studiednanoparticles of gold withAnatoly Frenkel, PhD, associateprofessor of physics, at Brook-haven National Laboratory.Ms. Nemzer is a psycholo-gy major who pursued aresearch project with Dr.Frenkel after taking a physicscourse with him. They plan tosubmit their paper for publi-cation—co-written with Ms.Pister, Ms. Soussan, and Ms.Harris (a former SCW studentnow at Bar Ilan University)—for publication in the
 Journalof Chemical Physics
.“It was a rewarding experi-ence to study at a national laband see cutting-edge sciencein action,” Ms. Nemzer said.“Having my work publishedwill be a terrific finish to allthe work we have done.”
Stern Students Coauthor Papers inScience Journals
Published Articles Show Student Contribution to Research
New Summer at YU Program for High School Juniors
his summer, high school juniors from aroundthe country will spend four weeks at YU’s Wilf and Beren campuses as part of a new four-week program of specially tailored classes in Jewish and general studies.“Summer at YU” offers 11th graders a taste of whatYU has to offer through beit midrash-based learningand liberal arts and science or business classes. At theWilf Campus, boys will focus on the history of Halak-hah; and study talmudic, medieval, and early modernhalakhic texts and the intellectual and social history of the Jewish communities and rabbinic scholars.They also can choose to study “The World of Finance and Investment,” a practical experience estab-lishing and analyzing a portfolio of investments andworking with traders, financial planners, and entrepre-neurs; or “Explorations in Genetics and MolecularBiology,” a laboratory experience introducing studentsto the theory and techniques of molecular biology.At the Beren Campus, girls will delve into biblicalthemes in Jewish philosophy and thought, study bibli-cal texts with traditional medieval and modern com-mentaries, and conduct analysis through the prism of  Jewish philosophical literature. They can also study“Explorations in Genetics and Molecular Biology” or“Computer Design,” a hands-on experience using Maccomputers to design various presentation materialsincluding Web pages.Students at both campuses can also participate in anarray of college preparatory workshops and a film anddiscussion series, work out in YU’s fitness centers, andexplore the best of cultural New York. Each week willend with a Shabbaton in nearby communities in thecompany of YU faculty and students.Summer at YU is coordinated by Aliza Stareshefsky
and staffed by YU faculty. CurrentYC, SCW, and SSSB students will serve as advisers andmentors.
Malka Krupka researched the anti-cancer properties of achemical in green tea.
eshiva Universityhonored four of itsextraordinary com-munal leaders andphilanthropists and Domi-nick P. Purpura, MD, theMarilyn and Stanley M. KatzDean of Albert Einstein Col-lege of Medicine, at the uni-versity’s 80th Annual Hanuk-kah Dinner and Convocationon Sunday, Dec. 12, at TheWaldorf=Astoria.YU President Richard M. Joel conferred honorary de-grees upon the four commu-nal leaders—Hyman Arbesfeld,Muriel Block, Ronald Gruen,and Dinah Pinczower—andpresented the Presidential Me-dallion to Dean Purpura.The event, which raised$1.6 million for the universi-ty, also marked the installa-tion of the chairman of YU’sboard of trustees, Morry J.Weiss. Mr. Weiss said his in-stallation as board chair wasan “extraordinary honor.”“The students, faculty, andalumni embody the valuesand ideals that distinguish YUfrom other universities: thequest for knowledge and wis-dom joined with the desire tomake a difference in society,”he said.Presenting Dean Purpurawith the medallion, President Joel said his leadership andvision “position Einstein togrow as a premier medicalschool and research center.”A world-renowned neuro-scientist and the longest-serv-ing dean of any medicalschool in the country, DeanPurpura has led Einstein since1984.In his acceptance speech,Dean Purpura recalled Ein-stein’s origins as a medicalschool that would “breach thebarriers of bias.” Establishedas a college where Jewish stu-dents were given equal accessto medical education, AECOM“attracted scores of youngmen and women who saw itas an embodiment of highacademic standards,” he said.“Our research labs are cru-cibles of creativity. We willlabor long to continue ourcontribution to the study of the human genome.”As a board member of YU’sRabbi Isaac Elchanan Theo-logical Seminary (RIETS) forthe past 20 years, RabbiHyman Arbesfeld has helpedmake the seminary a vibrantcenter of Torah scholarshipand rabbinic training. RabbiArbesfeld graduated from Ye-shiva University High Schoolfor Boys in 1949, earned a BAdegree from Yeshiva Collegein 1953, and was ordained byRIETS in 1956.Muriel Block, owner of Gray Block Realty, is a mem-ber of both the board of direc-tors of the National Women’sDivision of Albert EinsteinCollege of Medicine and theExecutive Board of its NewYork chapter. Ms. Block’s giftof real estate to Einstein, val-ued at more than $21 millionand the second largest inEinstein’s history, is beingused to expand research andeducation facilities throughthe construction of The Haroldand Muriel Block ResearchPavilion.Ronald Gruen, one of theDallas community’s mostprominent Jewish leaders,continues to have a tremen-dous impact on various proj-ects. Mr. Gruen and his wife,Ethel, are YU Benefactors andpartners in an innovativeprogram to expand and en-hance learning among Jewishstudents nationwide.Dinah Pinczower has beendedicated to furthering thework of Yeshiva University Wo-men’s Organization (YUWO)for more than two decades.Through her inspiring leader-ship and tireless devotion,YUWO has raised millions of dollars for scholarships, aca-demic facilities, stipends forneedy students, and otherimportant projects.Almost 700 guests joinedin the festivities at the dinnerin the hotel’s Grand Ballroom.The evening’s program in-cluded a video capturing YU’smission of service to humani-ty, and a ceremonial lightingof the menorah by 12 faculty,students, and alumni singledout for their academic andcommunity-service contribu-tions to YU and society atlarge.
 Hanukkah Dinner 
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