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Published by Yeshiva University

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Published by: Yeshiva University on Jan 04, 2011
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Richard Joel’s Election Heralds New Era
Praised as superb administrator and innovator in promotingJewish renaissance
      I      N      S      I      D      E
ven as a student atYeshiva University’s highschool, Richard M. Joelbelieved that Jewish learningand peoplehood could notflourish in a vacuum. Indeed,through a distinguished Jewishcommunal career that contin-ued last December with hiselection as Yeshiva University’sfourth president, he has pur-sued that principle with singu-lar fervor.During 14 years as presi-dent and international direc-tor of Hillel, he rejuvenatedthe struggling confederationof campus Jewish outposts—expanding programs andbranches, infusing studentswith values such as
tikkun olam,
increasingparticipation in social actionactivities, and forging linkswith Jewish students world-wide, including Europe andthe former Soviet Union.His goal then, as now, wasto explore ways of makingJewish life meaningful, accessi-ble, and stimulating to a newgeneration of Jews.That attempt at cultivatinga Jewish renaissance meant jet-tisoning what he termed “one-size-fits-all” Judaism that forsome seemed exclusive.His idea was to “let a thou-sand Jewish flowers blossom”and to “allow each student tobuild his or her own room inthe House of Israel,” a formulaexperts claim engendered great-ergrassroots enthusiasm andactivism on campuses through-outNorth America.There was also Mr. Joel’semphasis on programs to helpstudents better combat anti-Israel propaganda and activi-ties and understand Israel’simportance to Jewish identity.An attorney and formerBronx District Attorney, Joel’selection is a homecoming of sorts. In addition to being aYU high school alumnus, heheaded the University’s alum-ni affairs office and was anassociate dean and professor atBenjamin N. Cardozo Schoolof Law.He succeeds Dr. NormanLamm, president of YU since1976. Mr. Joel also will becomechief executive officer of RabbiIsaac Elchanan TheologicalSeminary when he assumesoffice in June.Dr. Lamm was a major forcein furthering the University’sguiding philosophy of TorahUmadda—traditional religiouslearning combined with con-temporary Western researchin the sciences, humanities,and arts. At his election, Mr.Joel said he looked forward tobuilding upon Dr. Lamm’slegacy, which emphasizes en-gagement in Jewish and secularworlds.Dr. Lamm was successful inboth spheres. He is creditedwith helping bringYU’sendow-ment to more than $900 mil-lion. An undergraduate schoolof business was added duringhis tenure, and student enroll-ment has climbed to 7,000. Allthe while, he has continued towrite extensively about Jewish
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SCW’s FirstDean ofStudentsCelebrates100 Years
 page 9
Louis Feldman:Classics ProfessorSeeks Beauty inAncient History
 page 6 
Ari Goldman:Marcia Robbins-Wilf Scholar-in-Residence
 page 8
YU BasketballStars AchieveUniversityHistory
 page 10
Carl Feit
ReconcilingTwo Cultures:Science and Religion
page 4
Dr. Bernard Revel
Dr. Samuel Belkin
Richard Joel
Dr. Norman Lamm
President Lamm welcomes his successor.
Dean Bacon Keynotes OUConvention
r. Karen Bacon madehistory at the OrthodoxUnion (OU) Conven-tion held in December. The Dr.Monique C. Katz Dean of SternCollege for Women was thefirst woman to deliver akeynote address at the biannu-al convention of the mostprominent Orthodox organi-zation in the United States.The selection of Dean Baconreflected a concerted effort bythe OU to give a greater role towomen in Orthodoxy.“Women’s voices must belistened to at all levels of theOU to confront and attack theproblems that face our com-munity,“ said Dr. Bacon. “If not, we risk disregarding a per-spective vital to finding effec-tive solutions.”Women must play a partic-ularly significant role in familyissues, she said, emphasizingthatthe family unit is vulnerable.“Among the causes for thisgrowing crisis is the acknowl-edged stress on women whosepresence in the workplace doesnot obviate their major res-ponsibility for raising theirfamilies and caring for agingparents.”Dr. Bacon also noted thepressures on adolescents andcollege students who struggleto resolve conflicts betweentheir lives as observant Jewsand their interaction withthe secular world. This con-flict, she noted, is a challengefacing the modern Orthodoxcommunity.Rabbi Tzvi Hersh Weinreb,the OU’s executive vice presi-dent, and Harvey Blitz, presi-dent, responded that thechoice of Dr. Bacon to keynotethe convention underscoresthe intent of the OU to listenbetter to the voices of women.“We are losing Jews fasterthan ever before,” said DeanBacon. “We must protect thecore values of a modernOrthodox lifestyle, and one of the ways to achieve this is byensuring the strength of thefamily.”
Winter 2003
We Mourni
Hon. Walter Annenberg,
AECOMhonorary Board member,YU and AECOM Benefactor. Namedto the AECOM Board in 1954, ayear before the school opened, hewas also an honorary alumnus of YU.
Zvi Kolitz,
former YU Jewish stud-ies instructor, honorary degreerecipient, scholar, author, film andtheatrical producer. He was bestknown for “Yossel Rakover Speaksto God,” a work of fiction written inthe voice of one of the last survivorsof the Warsaw Ghetto who con-fronts God on the eve of his death.
Melvin Roman,
PhD, professor,psychiatry and behavioral scienceswho was director of group andfamily research in the psychiatrydepartment at Einstein.
Rabbi Bernard Siegfried,
YH’83, YC ’87, RIETS ’94, instructor ofphysics and mathematics, MSTA.Condolences to his wife, Hadassah.
Pearl Unger,
a Benefactor withher husband, Milton. They estab-lished the Milton and Pearl UngerDepartment of Jewish Studies atMSTA, where they endowed amajor scholarship fund to enabledeserving and needy students toattend the school.
Condolences Toi
Pearl Berger,
dean, Universitylibraries, on the loss of her mother,Tova Rabinowitz.
Jerry Bergman,
director, devel-opment communications, and wifeEllen on the loss of his mother, Ilse.
Harvey Blau,
CSL Board member,on the loss of his mother, Rose.Harvey and Arlene Blau are YUGuardians and CSL Fellows.
Lawrence Ruben,
CSL Boardmember, on the loss of his wife,Selma. The Rubens are Guardians ofYU. Condolences also to her broth-er,
Robert Belfer,
AECOM Boardchairperson.
Herbert Smilowitz,
RIETS Boardvice chairman and major supporterof RIETS, on the loss of his brother,Bernard.
Norman Stark,
RIETS trustee, onthe loss of his mother, Hanna.Helene and Norman Stark are RIETSFellows and supporters of severalprojects at YU.
Hilda Tejada,
secretary, presi-dent’s office, on the loss of her sis-ter, Yolanda Chaskin.
Chairman YU Board of Trustees 
Dr. Norman Lamm
Peter L. Ferrara
Director of Communications and Public Affairs 
Jay Schottenstein, Chairman, Board of Directors,Yeshiva College; Marjorie DienerBlenden, Chairman, Board of Directors, Stern College for Women; Bernard L.Madoff, Chairman, Board of Directors, Sy Syms School of Business; Robert A.Belfer, Chairperson, Board of Overseers, Albert Einstein College of Medicine; EarleI. Mack, Chairman, Board of Directors, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law;David I. Schachne, Chair, Board of Governors, Wurzweiler School of Social Work;Mordecai D. Katz, Chairman, Board of Directors, Bernard Revel Graduate Schoolof Jewish Studies; Jayne G. Beker, Chair, Board of Governors, Ferkauf GraduateSchool of Psychology; Moshael J. Straus, Chairman, Board of Directors, AzrieliGraduate School of Jewish Education and Administration; Julius Berman,Chairman, Board of Trustees, (affiliate) Rabbi Isaac Elchanan TheologicalSeminary; Erica Jesselson, Chairperson, Board of Directors, (affiliate) YeshivaUniversity Museum.YESHIVAUNIVERSITYTODAYHedy Shulman
Norman Eisenberg
Doug Dayhoff
Graphic Designer 
Jerry Bergman, Kelly Berman, Adam Cohen, Esther Finkle,June Glazer, Norman Goldberg, Peter Robertson
Yeshiva University Today 
is published monthly during the academic year by theYeshiva University Department of Communications and Public Affiars, 401 FurstHall, 500 West 185th St., New York, NY 10033-3201 (212-960-5285). It is ditrib-uted free on campus to faculty, staff, and students. © Yeshiva University 2002
Noyes Bartholomew,
DMA, as-sociate professor of music, com-posed
(for two childrenof Ben Luc) for solo cello. The com-position was performed by cellistJeffrey Solow at the Ester BoyerSchool of Music of Temple University.
J. David Bleich,
PhD, Herbert andFlorence Tenzer Professor of JewishLaw and Ethics, CSL, publishedStem Cell Research,”
.Also, he was interviewed on
Court TV 
about the Fred Neulander mur-der trial.
Chaim Feuerman,
EdD, GoldaKoschitzky Chair in Jewish Education,AGS, presented “Motivate, Evaluate,Communicate, Elevate: GettingEducators to Teach up a StormWithout Blowing Away,” at theTorah Umesorah Annual NationalMid-Winter Conference. He alsospoke at the Long Branch, NJ,Cong. Brothers of Israel Shabbatonon “Evaluating Contemporary Op-tions in Yeshiva Education to Meetthe Needs of an Open Society.”
Joshua A. Fishman,
PhD,Distinguished University ResearchProfessor Emeritus of Social Work,was a plenary speaker at theSecond International Symposiumon Bilingualism, Universidade deVigo, Galicia, Spain.
Anatoly Frenkel,
PhD, associateprofessor of physics, is coauthor ofDirect Separation of Short RangeOrder in Intermixed Nanocryst-alline and Amorphous Phases.” Thearticle was published in the Dec.31, 2002 issue of
Physical Review Letters,
a publication of theAmerican Physical Society.
Aaron Glatt,
MD, YH,’79Y, pro-fessor of medicine, AECOM, pub-lished a sefer (volume),
Women in the Talmud 
(Orthodox Union /ArtScroll).
Joel Hochman,
MBA, JD, assis-tant professor of accounting andbusiness law, was named occupantof the Philip H. Cohen Chair inAccounting at SSSB.
Ephraim Kanarfogel,
PhD, E.Billi Ivry Professor of Jewish History,spoke at Haifa University, under theauspices of the Wolfson Chair inJewish Thought, on “Dreams as theBasis for Halakhic Decision-Makingin Medieval Rabbinic Literature andThought.” He lectured at a com-munal gathering convened inToronto by Canadian Mizrachi andCanadian Friends of YU onMysticism, Magic, and MuchMore: The Surprising Legacy ofAshkenazic Jewry.” Also, he pub-lished “Halakhah and Mez’iut(Realia) in Medieval Ashkenaz:Surveying the Parameters andDefining the Limits,” in
Jewish Law Annual,
vol. 14.
Martin Leibowitz,
PhD, assistantprofessor of accounting, was namedoccupant of the Joseph KerznerChair in Accounting at SSSB.
Yamin Levy,
MS, instructor ofBible and Sephardic Student advis-er, was the keynote speaker at theannual Pregnancy and Infant LossAwareness Conference, North ShoreUniversity Hospital. He spoke onUnderstanding the Scope ofPregnancy and Infant Loss.” He isthe author of
Confronting the Loss ofa Baby: A Personal and Jewish Perspective.
Edith Lubetski,
MS, SCW headlibrarian, chaired a session on “20thCentury Research” at the EuropeanAssociation for Jewish Studies 7thCongress, Amsterdam.
Lata McGinn,
PhD, associate clin-ical professor, psychiatry andbehavioral sciences, AECOM, wasquoted in articles that appeared in
magazine ("Is it Panic or justStress?” Aug. 2000),
maga-zine (“No Plans for Children" Dec.2002), and
magazine("Commerzbank: The Return'Home'" 2002).
Daniel Pollack,
MSW, JD, WSSWassociate professor, spoke at theChild Welfare League of AmericaNational Adoption Conference,held in Ft. Lauderdale, on recentdevelopments in adoption law.Also, he spoke a Columbus, OH,Jewish book fair on Contrasts inAmerican and Jewish Law.”
David Rudenstine,
JD, CSL deanand Dr. Herman George and KateKaiser Professor of ConstitutionalLaw, authored "Who Will Tell thePeople?" in the Books and the Artssection of
The Nation,
Dec. 23,2002 issue. It is a review of
Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers,
by Daniel Ellsberg.
Alvin I. Schiff,
PhD, Irving I.Stone Distinguished Professor ofJewish Education, announced thatthe Board of Jewish Education ofGreater New York has published anEnglish translation of his popularguide for lesson planning, underthe title
Halakhah L’Ma’aseh: From Theory to Practice—Step by Step to Effective Teaching.
The manual wasoriginally published in Jerusalem forthe Jewish Agency for Israel.
David J. Schnall,
PhD, AGS dean,spoke on “Jewish Values in theWorkplace” at the General Assem-bly of the United Jewish Comm-unities. He lectured on “ManagingRelationships in Jewish Education”at the Community Foundation forJewish Education of MetropolitanChicago. He delivered the keynoteaddress, “Putting Jewish Values intoAction” at Jewish Family andChildren’s Services of Philadelphia.He also presented “By the Sweat ofYour Brow: Reflections on Work andthe Workplace in Classic JewishThought” at the Board of JewishEducation Annual Shiur.
Peninnah Schram
, MA, associ-ate professor of speech and drama,reviewed
Fables of a Jewish Aesop,
translated by Moses Hadas, inJewish Book World, fall 2002.
Hayim Tawil,
PhD, instructor ofHebrew, published articles in the
Journal of Semitic Studies 
(vol. 47,no. 2, 2002); and the
Journal of the American Oriental Society 
(vol. 122,no. 1, January-March 2002).
Moshe Tendler,
PhD, Rabbi Isaacand Bella Tendler Professor ofJewish Medical Ethics, wrote aseries of articles on organ donationexclusively for “On the Beat,” theNew York Organ Donor Networknewsletter.
Jacob Lieberman,
AA, associatedirector, Food Services, was a fea-tured speaker at Kosherfest 2002,an international kosher food andfood service trade show.
Anya Sedletcaia,
an SCW senior,
is coauthor of “In Vitro Cyto-toxicity of Protocatechuic Acid toCultured Human Cells from OralTissue: Involvement in OxidativeStress,”
Pharmacology and Toxic- ology 
(92: 245-–253, 2002), withnow-alumna
Bracha Kenigsberg,
Harvey Babich,
PhD, profes-sor of biology.
 Mazal Tovi
June Glazer,
senior writer/editor,CPA, on the marriage of son Ahronto Rena Rosenzweig.Happy birthday to
first dean of stu-dents, SCW, on turning 100, and
Bernard “Red” Sarachek,
formerMacs coach, on turning 90.
Edith Lubetski
BRGS'68, headlibrarian, Hedi Steinberg Library,SCW, and husband Meir on thebirth of a granddaughter, MiaLeora, to Saul Lubetski YH'87,YC'90, and wife Rebecca.
Marvin Resnick,
director ofaccounting and auditing, Financedepartment, and
Jeannette Resnick,
Payroll department, on the birth ofgrandson Jake Resnick to Dr.Jonathan and Sheila Resnick.
Amy Rotheim Sullivan,
associ-ate enrollment manager, Admissi-ons, and husband Daniel on thebirth of son Jacob.
philosophy and mysticism.He expressed great confi-dence in Mr. Joel’s ability tomaintain YU’s ranking as aleading academic researchinstitution.Officials inside and outsideYU also point to Mr. Joel’scharisma, drive, and vision,attributes that defined bothhis professional career andacademic record. In manyways, he has come full circle,beginning with his early YUexperience—at 21—overseeingyouth leadership training atwhat is today’s Max SternDivision of Communal Service.“Richard’s energy and cre-ativity will help shape thegrowth and excellence of YUin this important period,” saidRonald P. Stanton, chairmanof the University’s Board of Trustees.He described Mr. Joel’s work at Hillel as “innovative” and“visionary,” and said hisadministrative and leadershipskills will “serve YU and RIETSextremely well.Echoing Mr. Stanton wasRIETS Board Chairman JuliusBerman, who called Mr. Joel“an educator who exemplifiesthe highest standards of serv-ice to the Jewish community.”Mr. Joel said he “believedpassionately in the guidingprinciples of YU and RIETS.“Yeshiva University is notonly the world’s premierJewish institution of higherlearning, but ranks among thiscountry’s top research univer-sities in both undergraduateand graduate study.”He and his wife, Esther,who holds a PhD from Ferkauf Graduate School of Psych-ology, have six children, twoof whom, Avery and Penny,are graduates of YeshivaCollege and Stern College,respectively. A third, Ariella,attends Stern College, andAvery is now a rabbinical stu-dent at RIETS.Mr. Joel received his bache-lor’s and law degrees from NewYork University, where he wasa Root-Tilden law scholar. Herecently received an honorarydoctorate from Boston HebrewCollege.
Winter 2003
 Richard Joel 
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ew York City MayorMichael R. Bloombergreceived an honorarydoctoral degree, along withYeshiva University leaders BettyFeinberg, Charles Kushner,Barry A. Shenkman, and ElliotK. Wolk, at the University’s78th AnnualHanukkah Dinnerand Convocation at theWaldorf-Astoria.Some 800 YU supportersand friends heardMayorBloomberg laud the Universityas “an integral part of the city’sgrowth and diversityand among its leadingacademic researchinstitutions.”He also congratu-lated the Universityon its recent electionof Richard Joel as pres-ident to succeed Dr.Norman Lamm, whohas held the officesince 1976.Through guests’ at-tendance,and supportfor the evening’s Scrollof Honor, more than$1 million was raisedfor Capital Campaignfunds financing schol-arship assistance toneedy and deservingstudents.
New York Mayor Addresses HanukkahDinner and Convocation
Dr. Norman Lamm congratulates Mayor Bloomberg after awarding him anhonorary doctorate at the University’s 2002 Hanukkah Dinner. Secondfrom left: Ronnie Heyman, CSL Board of Directors secretary.
r. Haym Soloveitchik,holder of the MerkinFamily Chair in JewishHistory and Literature atBernard Revel Graduate Schoolof Jewish Studies, has beennamed director of the SummerSchool of Jewish Studies atthe Institute of AdvancedStudies at Hebrew Universityin Jerusalem.The school, previouslyheaded by Professors IsadoreTwersky of Harvard Universityand David Ruderman of theUniversity of Pennsylvania,had emphasized intensive grad-uate courses for elite doctoralstudents.The incoming director of the Advanced Institute, Pro-fessor Benjamin Z. Kedar, feltthat the existing program wasgeared toward transmittingknowledge rather than ad-vancing it.His view was that theSummer School in JewishStudies should model itself after the other four seasonalprograms at the Institute,attracting world-class scholarsto present, discuss, and debatetheir research. Thus, he ap-pointed Dr. Soloveitchik as thenew head.The other four seasonalschools are: the SummerSchool in Economic Theoryheaded by Kenneth Arrow,Nobel laureate in economicsof Stanford University; theSpring School in Life Sciencesheaded by Bert Sackmann,Nobel laureate in medicine of the Max Planck Institute of Heidelberg; the Fall School of Comparative History headedby Patricia Crone of theAdvanced Institute of Prince-ton, and the Winter School inPhysics headed by David Grossof Hebrew University inJerusalem.The Summer School of Jewish Studies will conveneunder Dr. Soloveitchik’s aegisin Jerusalem the week of May 12, 2003, during whichscholars from
America, England,Germany,
and Israel will dis-cuss: “Common Judaism or aPlurality of ‘Judaisms’ in LateAntiquity: The State of theDebate.”This is not the first publicrecognition of academic excel-lence accorded Dr. Soloveit-chik in the past several years.In June 2000, he lectured on“Martyrdom as a ReligiousPhenomenon and Martyrdomas a Religious Norm” at theCollege de France in Paris.Choosing scholars from uni-versities throughout France fortheir scholarly achievements,the college functions as a“National Advanced Institute”and sits at the apex of Frenchacademic life. He also gave aseries of seminars at the Ecoledes Hautes Etudes en SciencesSociales (AHESS), founded byFernand Braudel and home of the Annales.The Annales School fuseshistory with other disciplinesof social sciences, such asanthropology, sociology, andgeography. Whether it is “thesingle most important forumfor the revitalization of histor-ical studies in the Westernworld,” as noted historianStuart Hughes claimed, is opento dispute. Even so, its promi-nence is documented in the
 Encyclopedia of Historians and  Historical Writings,
which statesthat the school has “played adecisive role in dictating theagenda of 20th century histor-ical writing.”From these seminars, andfrom the courses at SternCollege for Women and Revel,Dr. Soloveitchik has producedan extensive article, to be pub-lished in installments in theforthcoming issues of the
 Jewish Quarterly Review
entitled“Halakhah, Hermeneutics andMartyrdom.” It is also beingtranslated into German, andwill be published in a series of monographs on hermeneuticsand philosophy.His newest book in Hebrew,scheduled to appear in Israelthis spring, attempts to solvethe age-old problem of howJews entered money lendingin the Middle Ages. It, too,arose from a series of seminarsin France at the Sorbonne (V
)in late 1999, and refined inclasses at SCW and BRGS.This past October, Dr.Soloveitchik lectured at the“International Symposium onthe History of the Jews of Europe in the Middle Ages,”held in Speyer, Germany, andin late April this year, he willdeliver the Joseph S. Gruss lec-ture on Jewish law at the LawSchool of New York University.
Professor Soloveitchik to Head Summer Advanced Instituteat Hebrew University

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