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Gail Howard Lottery Expert

Gail Howard Lottery Expert



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Published by Mitchell Davis

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Published by: Mitchell Davis on Aug 09, 2008
Copyright:Traditional Copyright: All rights reserved


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Gail Howard, Lottery Expert
About Gail Howard
Gail Howard is internationally recognized as the creator of the most successfuland highly acclaimed lottery systems used in the world today. She has been in businesspublishing her lottery systems since 1983 and has helped thousands of lotto playersimprove their odds and play the game smarter. Gail Howard's amazing track record inturning people into millionaires has made lottery history and has led to appearances onhundreds of radio and TV shows. Gail's Smart Luck lottery software and lottery bookshave won 101 first prize lotto jackpots totaling more than $100 million dollars. All of Gail Howard's jackpot winners are documented with solid verification of their wins andproof that they used Gail Howard's lottery systems to win.
The Basics of Gail Howard's Strategy
Gail Howard's lottery systems turn a game of chance into a game of skill. The keyto winning more lotto prizes is to use methods and systems that lower the odds againstyou. For example, on page 14 in
 Lottery Master Guide
, Gail Howard tells how you canreduce the odds by millions. On pages 24-27, Gail explains a hidden formula thatproduces 70 percent of the jackpot winning tickets in any lotto game.Lottery numbers are randomly drawn, but randomly drawn
numbers form patterns that are to a certain extent predictable. Gail’s
number selection methods analyze the past action of winningnumbers, using patterns in charts to determine which lotto numbershave the greatest probability of winning -- just as Wall Streettechnical analysts chart stocks and commodities studying past priceaction to determine future price trends.Gail also has combinatorial (wheeling) books and software with systems thatcombine large groups of lotto numbers. Each system guarantees a specific prize if the
conditions of the wheel are met. You don’t have to be a math genius to know that if you
bet half the numbers in your game, your chances of trapping the winning numbers aregreatly improved! These systems are as easy to use as A-B-C.
Lottery Products to Help You Win
Gail Howard’s Books
 Lottery Master Guide
- Themost complete book on numberselection strategy ever written,it explains Gail Howard's mostbasic to her most advancedstrategies described in detailwith examples of lotto patternsshown throughout.
 Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune
- Balanced Wheeling® systems for pick-6 andpick-7 lottery games.
 Lotto Wheel Five to Win
- Balanced Wheeling® systems for pick-5 lotteries.
 Lotto Winning Wheels for Powerball and Mega Millions
- Balanced Wheeling®systems for Mega Millions and Powerball-type lotteries.
 Lottery Winning Systems
- Brief introductory book that explains the basics of Gail Howard's wheeling systems.
Gail Howard’s
Smart Luck Software
Advantage Plus
- This lotto software incorporates all of Gail Howard's original,unique number selection methods for choosing lotto numbers with the greatestprobability of winning. It includes all of the charts from
 Lottery Master Guide
andmore, automating the process.
Wheel Six Plus
- Balanced Wheeling® software for pick-6 and pick-7 lotterygames.
Wheel Five Plus
- Balanced Wheeling® software for pick-5 lottery games.
Wheel Four Plus
- Balanced Wheeling® software for pick-4 lottery games.
Keno Wheel
- Balanced Wheeling® software for keno lottery games.
Full Wheel Generator
- Full lotto wheeling software for pick-4 through pick-10and keno games. Makes every possible combination of the numbers up to all thenumbers in any lotto game in the world.
Gail Howard’s Lotto Jackpot Winners
Most of Gail Howard's jackpot winners are convinced they will win another BigOne soon... and some of them have.
Two of Gail Howard's jackpot winners have wonTHREE first prize lotto jackpots each
. And three of Gail Howard's jackpot winnershave won two first prize lotto jackpots each. Newspaper and magazine articles withphotos and stories about Gail Howard
’s jackpot winners can be seen on her web site at
www.smartluck.com.Following are excerpts from some of the testimonials Gail Howardhas received from her jackpot winners:
"Thank God for you, because you are truly a miracle worker. Thanks to you, I am almost half a milliondollars richer
." --- Mitchell Drummond, California Lottery"We were one of three winners who split Michigan's $45,851,401 jackpot on February 25, 1995. Our sharewas
. We would like to thank you for your system. IT REALLY WORKS!!"--- Lonnis & Janice Eavey, Michigan Lottery"I cannot find enough words to thank you for your book. I have won 70 or 80 times with four numbers,then on May 6, 1989, the big one for
and a five-number prize. I'll always remember you, GailHoward." --- Cleo Sims, Oregon Lottery"I nailed the Pennsylvania Lotto for
using your system. The pot was actually worth $1.2 millionbut I had to split with two other people. Thank you very much for changing my life for the better.Whoopee!" --- William J. Jenkins, Pennsylvania Lottery"Last time I used one of your systems I won
$13.8 million dollars!
" --- Sharon Jaynes, New York Lottery
 "I just knew when I got your book that this was it. We won
. We are deeply appreciative toyou and your Lotto system. I am convinced that it was all planned by God Almighty. You were that answerto our prayers. That makes you our Angel. Thanks,
--- Will Richey, Michigan Lottery"November 8, 1989, I hit the jackpot to the tune of 
$1.096 million dollars
. I hit one 6-number prize, two5-number prizes and three 4-number prizes from your system 503. What joy and excitement! With yoursystem it's very seldom that I don't collect some prizes." --- Marie Cloarec, Canada National Lottery"I just wanted to write to tell you how you changed my life. In October, I bought your book. On February15, 1988, I used your wheels, and I won
$1.5 million dollars.
" --- Gary Hoffman, Pennsylvania Lottery"Thanks, Gail, for the wonderful program of Lottery Wheels! I have won
and change onSeptember 8, 2007, and have had multiple other prizes behind it. My success has come from using Wheel64226-2. I am going to continue using your program so I can write you more letters and tell you of morewinnings! Winning regards." --- Steve Daw, Canada National 6/49"I hit the California Fantasy 5 Jackpot on January 25, 2008, using the Gail Howard lotto system. I won notonly the Jackpot for
, but also a second prize for $533.00, and a third prize for $16.00. I couldnot have wheeled all those prizes by accident or come up with the winning numbers without the charts inGail's Advantage Plus software. I love you Gail Howard." --- John Pickens, California Fantasy 5 Lottery"I used your 12-number wheeling system to win the California Lotto. My win was for
$9.48 milliondollars.
" --- Jim Shively, California Lottery"For this
jackpot win I used your Skip and Hit
Chart, Drawings Since Hit Chart
and your18-number wheel. Without your wheels and charts I would not have had any idea of how to mix and selectmy numbers. Thank you for your help." --- Curtis Hutchison, Arizona Lottery"I continue to buy the Washington State Lotto using your lotto system 608 since I won
withit. I'm eternally optimistic that we will hit another jackpot." --- Gilbert Horton, Washington Lottery"On August 4, 1986, myself and 15 co-workers from the Miller Brewing Co. won
$1.4 million dollars
. Weused Gail Howard's 20-number wheel system and cashed in on one 1st prize jackpot, four 2nd prizes andseven 3rd prizes." --- Francis Zimmerman, Miller Diehards, New York Lottery"Here is the proof to verify my
lottery win on July 15, 1989, a copy of the actual ticket andthe awards letter from the lottery commission. I split the $3,289,077.00 prize with a young lady fromSatellite Beach. I met Carrie at a lottery winners party in Miami. She told me that she had also used a "GailHoward wheel" from one of Gail's books! I was very surprised to hear that." --- L.R., Florida Lottery"On June 1, 1988, two of my family members and I won
$1.3 million dollars
in the California StateLottery. We used your 18 number combination. Thank you again!!!" --- Richard Playter, California Lottery"Your system was a godsend, as I had open heart surgery and forced on disability retirement, then came my
lottery windfall only 30 days later. God Bless You." --- Kenneth Hagins, California Lottery"Before I won, I was hitting pretty close. I'd get four numbers, then sometimes I'd get five. I hit three fivesin one game using the same system twice. I played two complete systems when I won the
. jackpot. I also got 14 fours and I got five or six fives that were split between the two systems. I still useyour system 610. Thank you so much for the
 Lotto How to Wheel a Fortune
book.--- Marion Cornelius, Washington Lottery"We are so excited about winning first prize with your 5-number Lotto System 3014 for a total winning of 
that we had to share the good news with you. We won on the first try."--- Nancy & Ralph Crapse, Florida Lottery

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