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Spring REA 0001 Syllabus

Spring REA 0001 Syllabus

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Published by maribelgonzalez

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: maribelgonzalez on Jan 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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REA 0001
611158MWF 9-9:50am
Instructor: Maribel Guenaga-GonzalezMiami Dade College – InterAmerican CampusSpring 2011 (2010-2)Phone: 786-991-2269Email:maribel.g.gonzalez@gmail.comWebsite: learning.imaginationfederation.org
REA 0001 is a college preparatory reading course aimed at developingeffective reading skills. It is specially designed to build vocabulary, literal andcritical comprehension skills, and successful reading strategies.
. Special fee. 4 credits
Computerized Placement Test (CPT) Reading subtestscore of 26-50
 This course is designed for you toachieve the following competencies:Competency 1: Build vocabulary skills by:
Using context clues and word analysis (using prefixes, suffixes, androots) to define wordsb.Increasing word knowledge through memorization and applicationCompetency 2: Build literal comprehension skills by:
Recognizing topics,topic sentences, and stated main ideasb.Identifying major and minor supporting detailsc.Recognizing patterns of organizationCompetency 3: Build critical comprehension skills by:a.Making inferencesb.Drawing conclusionsc.Recognizing implied main ideasCompetency 4: Build successful reading strategies by:a.Paraphrasing materialsb.Following oral and written directionsc.Summarizing materials
Lab program:
(purchase online)
Your Course ID is
The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins****You can purchase the book at a local bookstore or online. If you purchase it online, be aware of the time it takes for you toreceive the book. We will be starting to read the book nextweek.
Choose a notebook that calls out creativity. Besides looking atthe cover of the notebooks, you may want to look at the pages. Doyou like to write on lines? Do you prefer to have blank pages? Take your time in choosing one.
 You will use the notebook only forthis class. Avoid purchasing a 3-ring binder.)
Assessment sheets:
10 scantron sheets (purchase first week atInterAmerican Campus’ bookstore)
 You are responsible for meeting the requirements of this syllabus. Someadditional expectations may develop throughout the semester; therefore, weall need to collaborate to see it through.
We will be discussing some sensitive and controversial issues during thissemester so it is imperative that individual opinions be respected. While yourclassmates are voicing their opinions, please listen and be considerate at alltimes. Always be respectful even though you do not agree with them.
It is important for you, your classmates, and me to create an environmentwhere there are ongoing stimulating conversations about the readings andwritings we encounter. Your responsibility in this class is not only to be areader, but also a writer, a listener, and a responder. To see that everyoneplays each role, you will need to complete the assignments by their due datewhich will be posted on the website. Come to class prepared with allmaterials. Failure to do so may result in being asked to leave class andmarked as absent for that class meeting.
 Time is of essence so please arriveon time
When in class, please remember to turn off all cell phones as they turnattention away from learning. If by some unexpected event your cell phonedoes ring, you are to make up for that interrupted moment by bringing insome treats for the class on our next meeting.
Attendance is required everyday. There will be activities and classroominteractions that are invaluable and cannot be made-up; therefore,attendance is essential. In the event of an absence, you are responsible forobtaining class notes, information, and sending in your work via e-mail orwith a classmate. More than five cumulative absences from a MWF class mayresult in an instructor withdraw without notification. If you have more thanthree consecutive unexcused absences, you may be dropped from the coursewithout any notification as well. Constant tardiness and leaving early will becounted as absences. Once you have been late to class two times, yourtardiness will be marked as an absence.
If you are unable to continue in this course, you must fill out an officialwithdrawal form with the registrar’s office. If you do not officially withdraw,you may receive a “U” in the course
In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), all qualifiedstudents enrolled in this course are entitled to reasonable accommodations. If you feel you may need accommodations in this course, please notify me andalso contact ACCESS (A Comprehensive Center for Exceptional StudentServices) as soon as the semester begins so that you may receive assistanceearly on.
Course Evaluation
Reader’s Notebook……………………………………35%

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