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Published by Muddasar Hayat

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Published by: Muddasar Hayat on Jan 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Volume: 1 Edition: 1
June 2010
Graphic Designe
Cell: 0321-5001370 
W eb: www.brasstacks.pk E-mail: magazine@yehghazi.com 
EditorsNote 01Building Responsesto 4th Generation W arfare 03 Political and Security Review 118th Amendment:Revengeof Pakistani Democracy 15 Choosing French Submarineover German? 20 Takmeel-e-Pakistan 21From I ndusto Oxus( ) 2M emoirs DroneAttacksand National Sovereignty 2Kashmir:ParadiseTurned Slaughterhouse 3
Only for limited circulation within BrassTacks own contacts and mailing list.
Editorial Board 
hehla Zafar , Noureen Akhtar 
Brasstacks is not just a think tank, it is a phenomenon in Pakistan. For the last 10years, our Security Analysis and Threat Assessment Reports have been the benchmarkdocuments for national policy makers and strategists, giving them creative, incisive andcuttingedgeinsightintolocal,nationalandregionalsecuritydynamics.In thelasttwoandahalfyears, ourTVshow“Brasstacks”has been graded asthe mostinformativeTVshoweverinPakistantoinfluencethenationalandregionalsecurityprofile,havingafanaticfanfollowingintomillionsandsellingthousandsofDVD's.Theprogramwasthemosteffectiveand ruthless information warfare counter attack in defense of Pakistan's geographic andideologicalfrontiersandhas stirredandshapedthepoliciesofbothfriendsandfoes.Now,Brasstacksiscourageouslyventuringintothebattlegroundoftheprintmediaand is honored to bring you the first issue of its exclusive and restricted monthly securityreview, providing cutting edge analysis and commentary that is soessential to understandour rapidly changing global scenario pertaining to defense and integrity of Pakistan, theregion and the Muslim Ummah at large. This is a critical juncture in the history of ourcountry, and there has never been a more important time to cover the ongoing conflicts,globalpoliciesandpsy-opscurrentlybeingdoneagainstPakistanandtheIslamicworld.Pakistan is the natural born leader of the Muslim world destined to be a powerbroker in the region. The only Muslim nuclear power, Pakistan is geographically situatedat a very critical point in SouthAsia having strategic edge over our neighborhood, whichour rivals can only dream of. This strategic edge provides a great opportunity andadvantage to Pakistan to play a solid role for the defense, peace and prosperity of thiscriticalregionaswellasMuslimworldatlarge.But those advantages are blessings, not birthrights. These must be nurtured,developed and capitalized upon if future generations are going to progress and feel proudofthisPaksarzameen.It's that spirit of courage, honor, hope, justice, freedom and equality thatstandsfor.IslamisourideologyandPakistanisouridentityandwearedignifiedby both. We will continue to provide cutting edge and ground breaking analysis on the
Dawn of A New Era! 

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