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What is Your Magnificent Obsession

What is Your Magnificent Obsession

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Published by Maurice Kelleher
Do you remember why you went into Business and do you still have the same Passion & Drive today.......?
Do you remember why you went into Business and do you still have the same Passion & Drive today.......?

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Published by: Maurice Kelleher on Jan 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Food for thought as you plan the year ahead
Why success is not so much a question of knowledge and skills andtools, as it is a question of courage, and conviction, and faith
The secret weapon behind one of the world’s most profitable and
successful businesses
Plus more!
Dear Web Business Builder,
There’s something about this time of year that has
the effect of refocusing ourattention on our business goals, and planning our actions for the year ahead.
For most of us, that means identifying the skills, training, and tools we’ll need,and how we’ll acquire them.
 We assume that if we learn new busine
ss skills, we’ll be able to apply them
profitably. And we go in search of a suitable teacher.
Trouble is, many of us don’t need any more “how to” information to succeedonline in 2011. What we really need is “why do” information.
 Allow me to explain
 Have you ever encountered these people who seem to be locked in preparationmode
constantly training, learning, trying different things, getting ready to play in the real world 
looking forward to that fine day when they’ll have what it takes to
ybe you’re one of them
 Each time you tentatively dip your toe in some business venture
along comessome new online marketing strategy or system (complete with home study course)that supposedly changes everything.Whatever you happen to be doing suddenly seems wrong. So you go back to thedrawing board, and head off in another direction.
If that’s you, perhaps you need to be thinking more about why you’re doing whatyou’re doing than how you’re doing it.
Success is not so much a questionof knowledge and skills and tools,as it is a question of courage,and conviction, and faith
Is it possible, the question “How do I do it?” is an indirect expression of your doubts, fears and insecurities about the goals you’ve chosen to pursue, rather than a
true desire to know?Do you really believe that if you simply follow the visible footsteps someone else
took to achieve a certain goal; you’ll be able to duplicate their success?
What you don’t see is the internal demons the person who went before you
overcame, and
which you’ll need to overcome as well. The first time you encounter them, and don’t find an answer to them in the “how to” manual, you’re lost. You’veembarked on a journey toward someone else’s goal. How could you not have if you
expect each step to be known before the journey begins?When the going gets tough, as it inevitably will
when reality fails to fit neatly into 
the theoretical world of “how to” information –
what then? What reason do you haveto push yourself into uncharted waters to find the answers you need?
The profit motive alone is not enough to give youthe energy, determination, and creativity
you need to succeed…
I believe you were put on this earth for a purpose. Inside you are unique talents,and unique ways of expressing them. And there are unique needs that you can fillbetter than anyone else.When you build your business around your unique talents fulfilling those uniqueneeds, everything changes. Work becomes play
… an end in itself 
a magnificent obsession 
and no challenge can rob you of your enthusiasm.Where before, you found yourself on a constant merry-go-round of insecurity
paralyzed by feelings of inadequacy
… compelled to remain perpetually “in school”
before pursuing your dreams
… approaching them tentatively
… now yo
u boldlypush forward with affirmative actions that take you unfailingly toward your goals
actually using the knowledge you acquire. Failure is no longer an option. It’s
impossible for you to entertain. And you become unstoppable!
When you’re one of the
few people on this planet able to tap into your
magnificent obsession, you’re immediately qualified for unbridled success. You
instantly graduate from the imitative to the creative. You no longer need to lookoutside of yourself for answers you can trust. You already know enough. You alreadyare enough. Nothing else is required.
So how do you find your magnificent obsession?
The first step is to get totally clear on the reasoning behind your actions. Thisdemands silence, solitude, and some honest soul searching. It means tearing offyour social mask for a little while, and directing your attention inward.

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