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After 5 Jan 2011!

After 5 Jan 2011!

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Published by rudys_fire
After 5 Jan 11
After 5 Jan 11

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Published by: rudys_fire on Jan 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Year 2 NUMBER 7January 2011January 2011www.After5GF.com Page 1
Filmmaker Tackles 
Superbowl Commercial 
Page 2 www.After5GF.comJanuary 2011
January 2011 Volume 2, Issue 7
The sound and power of music / Plastice tubes, laun-dry tubs, musical instru-ments, and a bunch of classic songs / page 3
 Wedding cake trends thisseason / Fight winter chills with chili / recipes / page 4
Four-year-old goes toheaven and back / Encour-aging kids to live a more ac-tive lifestyle / page 5
Movies coming to River Cin-ema 15 in January / pages6-7
Calendar of Events
January events happeing inthe Greater Grand Forksarea / pages 8-9
Fine Arts
 Arts on the Red Featuring:Emily Burkland, Ms. GrandForks / Filmmaker tacklessuperbowl commercial /pages 10-11
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2800 32
Ave. S. Grand Forks 701-775-4646
elieve it or not, the youth of ourgeneration crave to find an es-cape that doesn't involve drugsor alcohol. Unfortunately, withamassing peer pressure and the constant cul-ture bombardments of media and corpora-tions, this proves very difficult to resist attimes. It can become overbearing just to findthe right friends who are involved in all theright things.I would like to share with you an answer,a solution, an escape to our cold society, andyour so-called “friends”. Music.Music is powerful. It can lift you up, or itcan wreck you. You celebrate with it, and you join in sadness with it. It can heal and yet leadto the utter destruction of lives. Everyoneseems to be able to find music they can relateto, a message that seemingly correspondswith their lives and emotions. But I'm askingyou a question, why settle just for music youcan relate to? To me, music should be muchmore. In consideration of the fact it is as pow-erful as anything else in our world, it shouldinspire you to live a better life and to impactyour surroundings in a positive way. We al-ready have too much destruction, too manycold hearts and hurt in this world; why add toit?I've been promoting local positive andChristian shows in the area since October of last year. And I must say, it's heartbreaking tosee all of the hurt in such young audiences.It's like there's this large hole in hearts thatcannot ever be filled with things like drugs,sex and alcohol. But there is someplace youcan go. Some place you can find like-mindedpeople with the same hurts and passions.Check out a local show and celebrate lifewith your friends and meet new ones. Be-come inspired by local artists, as they carveout this region's unique identity. Music isabout you; it is about me. Concerts are aboutus and our struggles. You can do more withyour life; all you have to do is dream big andnever give up. I've witnessed some amazingthings myself simply by finding and not giv-ing up on my dreams; you can too. This Ipromise, so long as you don't give up.So with that, I dare you to find music not just that you can relate to. Not just music thatprompts several more tears than you can han-dle. But music that pushes you to look to thesky. To breathe in the fresh air and close youreyes. That, is the meaning of music. The tal-ent is out there, and the talent is here.Whether your taste is in acoustic and pianosounds like UND's Emily Doll, upbeat rocklike The Valiant Nomads or intense hardcoreand punk like The Suit, your music is righthere in town. And your new friends are wait-ing.Downtown Grand Forks' FreedomChurchhas become a go-to destination for local cul-ture celebrated through music. Every otherFriday you'll find acoustic acts (very diversein style) like Emily. January 7th is the nextshow. FreedomChurch takes on the name“The Ember” for these events. Once a month,I put on live rock concerts featuring some of the region's top acts. My website,www.CrossHub.net has a local show calendarwhere local bands can add their own showsto it. You can also become a friend of CrossHub shows on Facebook at www.face-book.com/crosshub.net.Come join us. Join us in the celebration of our lives and its struggles. The celebration of local music and the power thereof. Let us be-lieve in each other, even if for just one night.We are always looking for a permanentvenue in Grand Forks to consistently hostlocal and positive all-age shows. If yourvenue is interested, contact me, Mike Peter-son, at rudys_fire@hotmail.com
Januar y 2011 w  ww.After5GF.comPage 3
  M  u s  i c
The sound and power of music 
Mike PetersonContributing writer
 January 7 & 8
 January 14 & 15
Final Drive 
 January 21 & 22
 January 28 & 29
Little Donny& the Groove Tones
 January Bands
Happy Hour
2-7 p.m.
Located in Simonson TravelCenter4720 Gateway Drive701-775-9240Open 9:00 a.m.-2:00 a.m.
   1 A
Free Appetizer Bar 5 PM Fridays
Visit www.longhaulsaloon.com for a list of all bands*Bands start @ 9:30 PM
hat happens when youcombine plastic tubes,laundry tubs, musical in-struments, and a bunch of classic songs?.............. Plastic Musik! And onWednesday, January 19, at the University of Minnesota, Crookston, Plastic Musik willperform in Kiehle Auditorium at 7 p.m.Plastic Musik is an abstract percussionshow that combines innovative instrumenta-tion with high energy, unpredictable theatricsto bring you an enjoyable experience that youare unlikely to forget.By using all plastic instruments, includinga product known as “Boomwhackers,” Plas-tic Musik is able to put an unexpected twiston some of the most recognizable songs of our time. Imagine a complete arrangement of Mozart’s 40th, performed entirely with plas-tic tubes. Or maybe Beethoven is more yourtaste. Perhaps you prefer the soul of Motown,the classics of the 80’s, hip-hop hits, or light-ning fast rudimental drumming. Whateveryour musical taste, they’ve got it covered.Along with the vast repertoire of recogniz-able melodies and songs, Plastic Musik in-corporates carefully choreographedmovement, musical improvisation, audienceparticipation, on-stage interaction, and per-former personality into a show that is sure tostimulate the senses.Enjoy the eclectic musical style of the per-cussion based ensemble Plastic Musik onWednesday, January 19, at the University of Minnesota, Crookston. Plastic Musik willperform in Kiehle Auditorium at 7 p.m. Ad-mission is free for U of M, Crookston stu-dents; $3 for non-UMC students; and $5 foradults.The Student Programming and Activitiesfor Campus Entertainment, known asS.P.A.C.E., is bringing the group to campusas part of its weekly series “What's onWednesday.”Director of Student Activities LisaSamuelson is excited about hosting the groupon the Crookston campus. “Plastic Musikwas showcased at a regional conference inApril 2010 that members of the programmingboard attended and the students immediatelybecame entranced,” she says. “S.P.A.C.E. isso excited to be bringing this group to cam-pus; it promises to be a great event.”For more information about Plastic Musik,visitwww.onthatnote.net/artists_plastic_musik.html
Plastic tubes, laundry tubs, musicalinstruments, and a bunch of classic songs

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