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11spring oncampus English120

11spring oncampus English120

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Published by Sybil Priebe
This is the syllabus I'll use in my on-campus English 120 class for the spring of 2011.
This is the syllabus I'll use in my on-campus English 120 class for the spring of 2011.

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Published by: Sybil Priebe on Jan 05, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Continued practiceof college-level writing processand strategies, building on skillslearned in English 110. This courserefines critical reading, writing,thinking, and research skills.Students will practice summaryand analysis of texts, as well assynthesizing information fromprimary and secondary sources.Writing assignments willemphasize logical argument,persuasion, and collaboration.Major assignments will requireproper crediting of source materialand research. Prerequisite: English110.
:Upon completion of this course, thestudent will be able to:- Apply critical thinking to theresearch and writing process.- Focus, organize, and develop alonger piece of writing effectively.- Demonstrate understanding of argumentation/persuasionstrategies and the use of evidence.- Properly use and cite sources inwritten work.- Assemble materials from a varietyof sources.- Evaluate the validity and reliabilityof source material.- Demonstrate effective wordchoice.- Produce an orderly, well-documented, researched paperwith minimal documentation flaws.- Show an understanding of writtengenres through oral and writtencommunications.
Any of the following results ina student receiving 50-100%deduction on a paper,assignment, project, ClassWeblog, etc.:1. Lateness. Even an hour lateis still late. If a paper is due atmidnight on a Saturday, andyou think you may have towork late or you may be out of town, upload the paper early.2. Length. If the paperrequires over 1000 words, apaper containing less than1000 words will be consideredincomplete.3. Lack of parentheticalcitations and/or lack of aWorks Cited page when it'sobvious a source(s) has beenused.
*Absolutely no late work willbe accepted.ENGLISH120GENERALEDUCATIONLEARNINGOUTCOMES:
1. Written and oralcommunications 
This course contributes mostdirectly to the Liberal Arts Programoutcome involving communication.Reading and writing exercises willbe completed to assess studentability in those areas.
By thinking and writing globally,students will develop the abilityto do researched writing with apersuasive focus. In addition,students will learn to avoidplagiarism and properly use andcite source material.
English 120:
 CALL ME SYBIL: Sybil Priebe, Asst. Prof. of English &HumanitiesOFFICE LOCATION: Haverty 223PHONE: 671-2346 or 1-800-342-4325, ext. 3-2346
*EMAIL: sybil.priebe@ndscs.edu*BLOG: www.xanga.com/teacher47OFFICE HOURS: TBA & by appointment.
*Sometimes, bonus opportunities will be placed on the blog oremailed out.
Students will come to class on-time and preparedfor discussion. All students will be respectful of others’ ideas and opinions. Participation in class isexpected. Cell phones, pagers, and MP3 playerswill be turned off when you enter the classroom.No tobacco products are allowed in NDSCSbuildings, and, when you’re outside - in designatedareas only.
If you have emergency medical information toshare, need special arrangements in case thebuilding must be evacuated, or you have adocumented disability for which you are, or maybe requesting an accommodation, please make anappointment. If you plan to request disabilityaccommodations, you are expected to registerwith the Disability Support Services (DSS) Office,Room 215 Mildred Johnson Librar 701-671-2623
Integrity is an NDSCS core value and there is anexpectation that all students, as members of thecollege community, adhere to the highest levelsof academic integrity. Dishonesty in class,laboratory, shop work or tests is regarded as aserious offense and is subject to disciplinaryaction by the instructor and dean of therespective division. For more information, referto the NDSCS Student Planner or College Catalogunder College Policies and Basic Regulations of Conduct.Essentially, if any amount of plagiarism is foundin a student’s paper (copying from the internetwithout quotations or parenthetical citations,copying parts or whole pages from anotherstudent, or any other sign of plagiarism), thatstudent will be subject to disciplinary actionwhich could result in no credit for the paper or acomplete revision of the paper with a largereduction in points. If a student repeatedlyplagiarizes, more severe actions will take place.
everything's an argument 
by Lunsford,etc.; Bedford St. Martin's, 4
Sex, Drugs, and Cocoa Puffs
by Chuck Klosterman
> P1 [Are You A Stereotype?]. 100pts.> P2 [Definition of a Controversial Word].100pts.> P3 [Visual Argument.] 50pts.> P4 [Global Blog Project]. 150pts.> P5 [Chuck Argument]. 50pts.> P6 [Collaborative Shortfolio]. 100pts.> Class Blog and other activities: 200-300pts?> Mini-Arguments. 25pts x 6 = 150pts.> Peer Review. 70pts?> Quizzes. About 100pts?> The
My Words
Activity: 100pts.
About 1000-1500 points = Total forSemester.
 90 - 100 = A /// 80 - 89 = B /// 70 - 79 = C ///60 - 69 = D /// 59 and below = F
“At first I thought what the hell kind of English classis this? I was thinking this was going to be the mostpointless English class I have ever taken. I thought Iwas going to learn nothing and that the teacher wasnuts. Well I thought the class went very very well.And yes, the teacher is still nuts but in a good way Iassure you :o). I managed to write and learn how towrite better. Being able to even argue with apowerpoint was interesting to do and see. I don'tthink that there wasn't much that didn't go well.Overall, a very organized class that taught me a lotand I learned a lot. Arguing can be very effective andnow that I know different ways I will actually usethis.”
Jeremy Becker, Fall ’09, Online English 120
ENGLISH120NOTES: = No late work is accepted.
= Not ALL assignments will be completed /introduced on eCompanion.= Students will not be allowed to use computerproblems as an excuse as to why their work islate. They are responsible for backing up theirwork.= Regular attendance and completion of allassignments, on time and as scheduled, isimportant to your success in this course.= Papers, usually, will be graded within 2 weeksof their due date.=Please use Microsoft Word to completepapers. If you only have WordPerfect orMicrosoft Works, you should definitely SAVE AS.rtf (Rich Text Format).= Emails to the instructor must be error-free ( Iam an English teacher, afterall) & will beresponded to within 24 hours Monday-Friday.= If a flood or other major disaster occurs duringthis semester, the instructor will communicatewith the class via email as so what to do tocontinue the course along. Please have anupdated email in eCompanion/eCollege!=Chapters that may not be assigned: Chapters 2,3, and 4. Chapters 7, 9, 10, and 11. Chapter 13.Chapters 23 and 24. And about half of ChuckKlosterman’s essays.
Regular and punctual attendance is an integral part of thelearning process. Poor attendance is likely to affect students’quality of work and overall success in the course.In order to support a positive and comfortable learningenvironment for students and fair practice in our English andHumanities Department courses, the following policies havebeen adopted:1) Since coursework can be both individual and collaborative,regular attendance is vital. If students have
five unexcusedabsences
, it will be considered excessive and
may result 
intheir withdrawal from the course.2)
Excused absences:
a) Students are permitted to make updaily coursework, quizzes, and tests due to
 illnesses, mandatory military duty or religious obligations,recognized college-sponsored activities, or funerals. b)Students must be aware that merely notifying the appropriateDivision Dean’s office or their instructor of their absence
equate an excused absence.3)
Unexcused absences:
All other reasons for absences.
ENGLISH120LATENESSPOLICY: No late work will be accepted without anexcused absence & proof (doc’s note, military,funeral, school-related activity). Callinginstructor or dean’s office does not constitutean excused absence.*To document your excused absence(s), youmust email the instructor with two items: 1)the missed homework attached (within a weekof last excused class date), and 2) proof – doc’snote, email from coach, phone number, link tofuneral announcement, etc.
Regular attendance, promptness,and participation in classes isexpected of each student. A studentmissing three consecutive or fivenon-consecutive classes will bereferred to the Division AcademicCounselor.
 Email messages are not text messages. Pleasepunctuate and capitalize and use an openingand closing.
Your message should utilizepunctuation and capitalization. Also, placingyour name at the end (after a closing) would bemost helpful; we can’t always recognize you byyour email address.

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