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Published by lola511155
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Published by: lola511155 on Jan 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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All of a sudden i took a quick look towards Alice her face was pale and blank,“ Alice? what was that you just saw” Edward Glanced at her, Alice had a vision.“ I'm not quite sure , I didn't get half of it” Alice replied shakily“i wonder who that vampire you just saw is and why you saw her” what vampire werethey talking about what did I miss?“ I don't know but ” I wonder then what they were talking about“hmmm I wonder who she could be”Edward murmured to himself“ Edward, who are you talking about” I asked in confusion, he looked my way thensomething about Alice had caught his full attention. He was reading her mind andwatching a vision in Alice's head the same time she saw it .“ WHAT!, she's coming here why Alice?” Edward yelled at the top of his lungs,Alice took a step back.“ I don't know” she replied calmly“ lets go talk to carlisle, Alice” they made there way to the top of the stairs, Ifollowed in confusion what was going on.“ CARLISLE” Edward burst through his office door.“Yes , Edward” He replied calmly.“ We have a problem , Alice just saw a vision , A vampire in her vision is endingup here tonight”“ calm down Edward , Alice what exactly did you see”“ the first vision I saw was a girl standing in a field , with golden eyes, thenthe second vision was her here at our front door , the same girl carlisle twicewhy is she coming here though” Alice asked in anxiety“ I'm not quiet sure Alice we'll have to wait till she arrives or until you getother visions”“Should I keep searching Carlisle”“ No Alice no need to worry there 8 of us and 1 of her don't bother with it anyway today is renesmee 's first birthday , go get ready for it”“oh crap I forgot about renesmee's party, oh well it will only take me an hour atthe most to get ready”“Alice don't worry” I called to her on the way out“Edward, can I talk to you for a moment” I was still confused of what was going on“ OK Bella lets go for a walk to our meadow”. We ran right past Emmett and Rosaliewho were taking care of renesmee for me , past Alice who was dancing on her toeswhile spinning with some ribbon around the room and decorating it at the sametime.“ Have fun” she called on our way out“Edward whats going on” I asked as I gazed at him“nothing for you to worry about , just another vampire who is just going to stopby in town” He answered in truth“ but what about nesse”“ Don't worry Bella everything is going to be just fine” and at that moment hepulled me closer to him and kissed me fiercely and loving , but I didn't forgetmy worries and at that moment I was s caught up in loving him I actually forgotmaybe just for a sec.“Bella lets go back” he gazed in my eyes a nice calm golden colour.We both walked in through the back doors and got a first glimpse of the house ,Edward gasped as he first walked in the room“what....” I started out only to drop of In mid sentence.“ Alice” we both spoke her name at the same time, the room was wonderful justperfect for renesmee's first birthday but obviously she doesn't look one , she
looked more like a 5 or 6 year old in my eyes but sadly enough it was her firstbirthday, Alice made the room look like a little castle , there was even a throne.At that second renesmee's walked down the stairs looking just like a princess.“ Mum, do you like my outfit” She beamed at me“ I do, you look so cute” I answered honestlyI took a glimpse towards Edward and wondered how on earth I get such beautifuldaughter.The party started of slow the first one's to arrive were Jacob and his pack andthen a few kids from renesmee's kindergarten class started to arrive , the partywas in full swing when the door bell rang at 7pm . Reacting immediately carlisleknew who it was so he made his way to the door with Edward and I following frombehind , he opened the door casually“ Hello” he spoke calmly“ hello , I'm Stephanie and this is Nick”“why hello Stephanie , I'm carlisle what brings you here tonight”“ look I know who you guys are I'm one of you and so is Nick we come here tonightto ask to become a part of your family”“ why don't you come inside” carlisle spoke theoretically“sure “ she replied with a smileWe all walked up to carlisle's office, everyone except renesmee's and Jacob andhis friends who were looking after the party.“Have a seat Stephanie and Nick” carlisle offered themthey sat down on a couch facing his desk while carlisle sat at his desk and therest of us spread around, nobody said anything I happened to notice one thingtheir eyes were golden suspecting that they don't feed of humans , carlisle wasthe first to break the silence ,“ so Stephanie why don't you tell us about yourself”“ OK so my name is Stephanie Puncatay and I was born on the Caribbean islands in1950 and have been hiding ever since I was transformed into a vampire” Stephaniespoke softly her voice reminded me of the morning birds chirping“ why have you been hiding so long” carlisle asked in confusion“well when I was made I was taken to the volturi and asked to join because of suchpowerful powers I have , I didn't want to join them so they said I would have todie and s I ran away and have been hiding ever since”“what power do you poses” Carlisle asked her“ I know this might seem strange to you but apparently according to the volturi Ihave every power that has ever been maintained in the vampire world” she spokeslowly ,suddenly the room fell silent I took a look around the room only to findeveryone faces blank, Alice was the first one to break the silence“so you can see the future” she asked anxiously“ yes and the past” Stephanie replied with a smile“ Can you read minds” Edward asked next“ yes” she replied calmly“ can you shield” I asked questioningly“ yes” she replied“carlisle is this even possible” Edward turned towards him“ Well obviously it is” carlisle replied“ so can I join your family” she asked willinglyAt that moment Edward snarled at jasper“ Don't even think about it Jasper” Edward spoke coldly“sorry just a random thought” Jasper said“ Don't worry jasper I want to get rid of the volturi too” Stephanie spoke andwinked at jasper the same time“ obviously she can read minds then” Edward spoke“SO can I” She asked again“i suppose you can obviously you don't drink human blood so I guess you can”
Carlisle spoke calmly“ yeah yeah” she shouted and hugged nick“ one more question what powers does nick have” Carlisle asked“oh sorry I have 2 powers , one is invisibility and the other I can make peoplebecome blind and loose all their senses” nick answered“ The same power as Alex” carlisle mumbled“ yes “ nick spoke again his voice was so relaxing and the tone of it made meshiver inside .“ why don't you come this way Stephanie and nick and let me show you your room “carlisle pointed out the door“ don't worry about it I know where our room is , can we join the party though”she asked“ sure “ I spoke hoping for a new sister/friend' Cool” she spoke as we walked towards the living room where renesmee and herfriends were opening her presents“ Mummy look what I got” renesmee squealed as she held up a Barbie doll“ awesome” I spoke as she ran back to opening her presents, Jacob held her handand then glanced toward us dropping her hand he made his way towards us .“ hello I'm Stephanie and this is nick” Stephanie spoke as she took a step towardsJacob“ how did you know what I was coming over here for” Jacob asked swiftly“ I can read minds” she replied“ another Edward aye” he mumbled as he walked back towards renesmee.“ O my gosh this party is awesome , man Alice can you decorate a place so well”Stephanie spoke as turned towards Alice“ thank you” Alice replied with a massive grin on her face. The party started toslow down after that and the only people left were Nesse,Jacob,Stephanie,Nick,Alice,Edward And I we made our way to the sitting room. I satwith Edward on the love chair , Nesse was falling asleep in Jacobs lap , Alice saton the floor in middle of the sitting room and Stephanie and Nick sat on thecouch, i could tell that this was going to be a long night.POWERS"Nick can you show us your invisibility power" Alice asked Nick"sure" nick answered he took a step towards Alice and disappeared all of a suddenthere was a tap on my back, i turned around and found him standing at the frontdoor." Wow, do it again" I asked"Maybe later but why doesn't Stephanie show you some of her powers" Nick said ashe pointed towards her and placed himself on the couch."Why not" Stephanie said as she jumped up from the couch" What would you like tosee"All of a sudden i shouted out"Can you fly" I spurted out" yes" Stephanie said as she took a step towards Jacob and lifted herself of theground and flew to the front door."wow" Edward mumbled under his breath, the night continued like this till earlymorning.By the morning i found out she could fly, read minds, See the future and the pastof any creature, control any creature, also she had a shield but that wasn't allshe could do, the morning sun started to rise above from the horizon and Nessestarted to stir in Jacobs lap. Carlisle and Esme were walking down the stairs handin hand followed by the rest of the family who actually left the sitting room lastnight.

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