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Jolly Phonics Letter Poems

Jolly Phonics Letter Poems



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Published by sroseman
Here are all the words for the jolly phonics letter poems.
Here are all the words for the jolly phonics letter poems.

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Published by: sroseman on Aug 09, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Here are all the words for the jolly phonics letter poems. I hope you can downloadthem properly. I typed them in on word pro. If there is a problem let me know andI will put them in a document.As to the number poems, they are as follows.....Number 1 is straight but funNumber 2 around and back on a railroad trackNumber 3 around a tree and around a tree That's the way you make a 3Number 4 down, across and down some more, That's the way you make a 4Number 5 down, around put a hat on top I do 5 differently so it is all in onestep Across, down and around the hive, That's the way you make a 5Number 7 across the sky and down from heavenNumber 6 down and aroundNumber 8 Make a S but do not wait, go back up to close the gate.Number 9 Make a circle, then a line, That's how you make the number 9Zero - go aroundAntsWhen all of the antsAre on the groundI do not make a single soundBut when the ants crawl on my arm I sayA, a, a, till they all crawl away.tune This old manwiggle fingers from above elbows as if ants crawling on youand say aaaaaaaYou’re too Far Awayai,ai,ai you’re too far awayCome a little closer so I’ll hear what you say.Whenever you’re too far awayai,ai,ai is what I sayai,ai,ai you’re too far awayCome a little closer so I’ll hear what you say.tune: Twinkle, twinklecup hand over ear, as if hard on hearing and say ay?Bat the BallBat, bat, bat, bat, bat the ballBat, bat, bat, bat, bat the ballBat, bat, bat, bat, bat the ballIs what we hear our teachers call.
tune: Jimmy crack cornplace hands together as if holding a bat and hittinga baseball, saying b,b,bCastanetsc,k,c,k,ck,c,k,c,kIs the sound of the castanetsc,k,c,k,ck,c,k,c,kCan you click them faster yet?tune La Cucaracharaise hands and snap fingers together as ifplaying castanets, and say k,k,kDrumd,d,d,d,d,dI like to play my drumd,d,d,d,d,dI play it with my thumbtune Jingle Bellspretend to hold sticks and beat upand down on a drum and say d,d,d.Crack the EggAs everyone we know can tellwe can’t eat an egg in the shell.We say “e,e,e” as clear as a bellAnd crack the shell open so welltune If you’re happy and you know itpretend to hold an egg with one hand, as if crackingit against the side of a bowl or pan. Use both handsto open the shell, saying eh,eh,ehMy Fish1,2,3,4,5My inflatable fish looks alive6,7,8,9,10his air is coming out againfffffftune Six little ducksplace one hand above the other, lower the tophand as if inflatable fish is deflating and sayffffffGurglegurgle, gurgle, gurgleWent the water spoutgurgle, gurgle, gurgleAs the water came gushing out.g,g,g, gone
tune Row, row, row your boatchildren pretend their hand is in the water goinground and round down the drain sayingg,g,g, gurgleThe Race“h,h,h,h isAll that I can say.h,h,h,h”Hopping all the waytune Row, row, row your boatact as if panting after a race, holding handup to mouth, and saying h,h,hInky MouseAs a little white mouseCrept into her houseHer tail tipped over the ink.i,i, she squeakedAs the wet ink leakedAnd she scurried off in a wink.tune Oh where has my little dog gonepretend to ne a mouse, by wiggling fingers onend of your nose (whiskers), and squeak i,i,iJellyJelly in the bowlJelly in the bowlJiggle, joggleJiggle, joggleSee it jiggle and rolltune: The farmer in the dellpretend to be a jelly and wobblesaying j,j,j, jellyLollipopLick a lollipopBut do not let it dropCherry, orange, lemon, limeWhich one will you choose next time?tune: the farmer in the dellpretend to lick a loolipop, saying l, l, lMarvellous MealsmmmmmmmmMarvellous mealsMarvellous mealsmacaroni, muffins,Milkshakes and moremmmmmmtune Frere Jacques

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