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LSi: Day Game, MILFs, and a Field Report!

LSi: Day Game, MILFs, and a Field Report!

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Published by Love Systems

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Published by: Love Systems on Jan 06, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Love Systems Insider
Date: November 1, 2010
In this issue,
41. Sarging Solo (Savoy and Prestige) 
42. Takeaways and Boundaries (Daxx and Braddock) 
43. Preventing Flaking (Tenmagnet and Cajun) 
44. Overcoming Approach Anxiety (Future and Calabrese) 
45. Introduction to Comfort (Tenmagnet, Prestige, and Cajun) 
46. Last Minute Resistance (Starlight and Vercetti) 
47. Overcoming Physical Obstacles (Keychain and Mr. M) 
48. No More Mr. Nice Guy (5.0 and Sheriff) 
49. MILFs (Cajun and Calabrese) 
50. Intro to Day Game (Soul and Bonsai) Power Pack 5 is here!Whoa, back up. What's a power pack?Real quick: You probably know about the database of expert advice on about 60 dating andseduction topics on the LoveSystems.com website. From the basics, like how toOpen/Approach to all the fun of Threesomes and Rapid Sexualization.They're $40 each, they download to your computer instantly, and you can be up and runningwithin seconds.Some guys get a few of these for specific "sticking points" or things they want to learn. Likeloading a program in
The Matrix 
. Though the most common one is just to subscribe to theinterview series - you get each interview at over 40% off and with special bonuses. Tons of people getting this newsletter are already subscribers, so I won't waste time here.Click this linkto learn more. The Power Pack (or the "Bulk Pack") is where we group 10 great interviews together for just $29each. Power Pack 5 has volumes 41-50 of the interview series - so in addition to letting youknow that it's here, it gives me a great excuse to give some tips and techniques on ten differentareas of Love Systems.Some of these tips will be from the interviews, some won't. Enjoy!
41. Sarging Solo
(Savoy and Prestige) Some guys go out alone. Some start with wingmen but end up alone if their friends are busy or have already left with someone. Either way, you need to know how to pick up a girl when you'reby yourself.There are a bunch of little things you can do to help your game. E.g., as soon as you arrive,make sure you are always talking to SOMEONE, even if it's staff, other men, or women you'renot attracted to. Don't LOOK like you're alone. If it's crowded, casually mention your friend "over there" (pointing into the crowd).It's hardest when you're with a woman who is into you but her friends aren't taking the hint. Thisis where you want to use an "instant wingman" - basically any other guy or guys you can bringinto the conversation to talk to her friends. The interview covers this in more detail, but basicallyany "opinion opener" should work if the guy has any sense of game. And if he doesn't, hewouldn't make a good instant wingman anyway.
42. Takeaways and Boundaries
(Daxx and Braddock) Beautiful women will often "test" you to see if you stand up for yourself and can think on your feet. This is actually VERY GOOD - when you know how to handle tests, they become easy andwomen love you for it.Part of Braddock and Daxx's genius in this interview is creating a process where you can giveher the same feelings - deep attraction combined with fear of loss - that she would get if youpassed her tests. In a GUARANTEED way, since you don't have to hope she tests you.This field reportshows a master pick up artist using these exact techniques. Here's an excerpt:
"So just because you're hot you think you don't have to say hi..."
[while smiling] "Uh...Hi..."She responds positively but doesn't hook too much. I can feel she's slightly resistant.Time for takeaways. I get her laughing and as I feel it hit the high point, I half-turn, getmy phone out and start reading a text. I can tell her head is scrambling because I was just making her laugh and then turned away from her. She grabs my arm and saysplayfully -
"Hey don't ignore me!"I smile, turn back and re-initiate conversation. The thing with takeaways is you want her to get the feeling of loss, not necessarily anxiety like she would if you stated your boundaries, but more that she has to chase you, then the reward which was a smile andreinitiating conversation is essential to make her feel like she's got your attention back.Even after doing just a small takeaway, her grabbing my arm and having to chase a littlemade a big shift from me chasing her, to her chasing me now. Thing about takeawaystoo is they can be used as pings, you can tell how much a girl is into you by how muchshe is willing to chase. Couple minutes later however she says again -
"Seriously though are you a player?"
"I told you just because I've got a different girlfriend for everyday of the week doesn'tmake me a player!" [she laughs and says again]
"Honestly though are you a player?"Time to push more towards boundaries and give her some social anxiety so I say (In aneutral tone) -
"Look I think you're really cute and am having fun talking to you, it was funny beforebut it's pretty rude of you to keep asking that."Takeaways give the girl the feeling of loss, whereas boundaries give the girl the feelingshe needs to correct her behavior. That's not a huge boundary, but it's enough for her tofeel the anxiety. She then responds with -"I'm sorry I just didn't know if I was just another number to you." Now she's complying,remember the reward is essential so I say -
"It's cool, look are you having fun?"
"Then let's keep having fun"It's not too long until it's 2am and the lights start to come on so I say -
"You ready to get out of here"

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