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Interview With Zeus

Interview With Zeus

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Published by DementedGimp
For all people, about the current state of Mankind and the future(kids)... VERY IMPORTANT TO READ
For all people, about the current state of Mankind and the future(kids)... VERY IMPORTANT TO READ

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Published by: DementedGimp on Aug 09, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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In 2002, I embarked on two journeys, equipped only with my mind and imagination, to both an ideal future, and our future. It took me like 4 weeks for the ideal trip, because Iwanted to stay, and only a few days for the other. The only living thing I really hadcontact with was my cat, Zeus; named thus by my sister-in-law for Steve Martin in
 Zeus and Roxanne.
 Never saw the movie myself, though. Zeus is integral to the storythat follows. He taught me a lot about what humanity should be, and, of course, being acat. We're capable of so much more than this, and I'm afraid if we continue on thecourse we've set, we'll irrevocably change mankind into the machine. It saddens me tosee us going around in circles, instead of growing. That's because government hasgrown too big; bureaucracy is one of the most inefficient methods to govern with. Weshould see that. Music is integral to the recovery. Well, I'm getting way ahead of myself. Read the following document, I urge you to. I don't give complete answers,that's for you to figure out, together. In whole, you couldn't handle the truth, trust me. If you got it all, at once, as I did, you'd probably end up committing suicide, like I tried.It's not a competition, either, so help one another. It's democracy we want, not the sameold shit that's keeps being shoveled to us. And, since the answer ain't coming from thetop->down, as it should, I'm gonna try from the bottom->up programming of society, before it's too late. The intelligentsia, and the Church, sorta failed us. Just consider methe first Xman to out himself. Maybe some fellow Xmen will explain it in more detail,later. I detected a trail through history that will bear me out. I give clues below. I promise to make it short. Remember, though,
the future is the proof.
I'd like to thank you and the rest of the universe; for now, it all makes sense...
Interview With The Cat
 begin imagining...<a television studio with a desk next to a couch, talk show format, with a paraplegicnamed Jacques behind the desk, hosting, and on the couch a gorgeous male tiger cat,Zeus.>Welcome, children of all ages, to the interviews with Zeus, a cat with much to sayabout the planet Earth these days. Hey, Zeus!
 Hey Jacques, Kiddies... How are you doing these days??? I'm doing great, hunting whenever I want... The prey is getting harder to find these days, though, with theadvancement of Man sprawling over nature with shopping malls and other suburbandevelopments... Sometimes, I have to go so far away from home, that I end up spending a night or two away from home, which freaked Jacques out... But I always return... Jacques knows that, now...
Well, Zeus, let's start at our beginning, when you were assigned to teach me about howcats coexist together, especially how evolved they truly are. It took 6 years of trial anderror before you finally opened my eyes; cured me of my traumatic brain injury.
Well, we had to make sure you were the one to "out" us cats, as it was... Yes, we have political systems too... globally, we've settled on a democratic system, while the American cats have a representative democracy, the European cats are a bit more socialistic, the Japanese cats are a bit more ritualistic, etc... But, we are getting ahead of ourselves, Jacques???
Yes, our beginning. I remember Zeus came to me as a 5 week old kitten. From the start,he was determined to be close to me; he managed to get in my lap from the floor in thefirst 5 minutes, constantly mewing. Ever since then, I let him do what he wanted to,including leaving a door open 24/7 so he could go in and out as he wished. Sometimes,I didn't see him for days, which was nerve-wracking, but as my father did me; no rules.He let the environment dictate to me what was right or wrong in my teenage years, andI turned out pretty good. All 8 of my siblings did also, though they were all late bloomers, by society's measurement. I, on the other hand, ended up not quite measuringup to those same standards; both failing college and in the work environmentcompletely, because of an accident on my 19
birthday, which left me paralyzed fromthe nipples down along with a Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI). So I had an excuse for notsucceeding in the world. So great! No expectations. It sucked, actually, until Zeusentered the picture. I was finally needed! Yes, by only a cat, but what a great cat heturned out to be.
 And still am, thank you!!! Little did Jacques know, I was observing him to see if he should be the only human allowed in the Cat Collective. After several rigorous testscovering the 6 years, I decided he was the one to convey our message... One day, whilewriting political musings, he start writing laws about how cats were to be treated whilethey were in his house; like if I was touched in any way for sniffing anyone's plate of  food, there's the exit!!! I was so proud of this human, so I cured him of his braininjury...
Yes, that was weird, going from having a 19 year fog on the brain to having none at allthe millisecond I finished writing that Cat Declaration of Independence. I knew the power of pet therapy, but wow, this was totally cool. I thought of calling my doctor andtelling him what had happened when something inside of me stopped me. I stillsounded brain injured(slurring was still obvious), and there were no real tests to provemy assertion. I told some of my family and friends, but to no avail. So, after a fewdays, I reverted to imitating my old, brain injured self. It wasn't that difficult to fake.
Then, one night, after he grew comfortable with his old self, I told him, by telepathy, to go outside naked into the night to the end of his driveway, which he did... This proved 
that the connection between us was a solid one, and that Jacques was ballsy enough toattempt something such as this document.
Besides that once, I might add, Zeus never told me, nor will, to do anything, ever. Myactions are entirely my doing, my choice. Zeus acts just as an intimate friend and adevil's advocate, constantly making sure that
am acting completely on my own alone.These are my quatrains.
Interview I
Why exactly are you making yourself known to the world now, Zeus?
On behalf of the animal kingdom, to remind you why you are here, as well as possiblyenlighten you about your possible future... your distant future... Let's see, search back in your earlier readings for possible clues...
Well, there's the Christian bible, which, if I'm not mistaken, says something to theeffect about us taking care of this planet, and in return we get to play in this kingdom.
Yes, the Old Testament, I believe, says it... Specifically, the Book of Genesis... But, I was thinking even earlier...
That has to be the history of the Roman Empire, which was covered in my Latin classesat the Abbey school. Those classes covered the rise and fall of that empire. It coveredtheir many conquests, daily life, democratic life, and the eventual demise at the handsof whom I forget now.
Yes, that was bloody, though glorious era for you humans... But, when you were even younger, Jacques???
Younger... I used to love Greek mythology, as a child. But, those were just a collectionof fables about Zeus, Hera, Apollo, and the rest of the gods, that the early Greeks usedto worship.
 Bingo!!! And, what people do the Greek gods act like, today???
Well, Americans, I guess, except we don't have flying horses(Pegasus), flying chariots,and such.
Yet, you mean... Geneticists and engineers of the future will, tomorrow, but that is provided there is a tomorrow... Which, sorta looks 50/50 now, as terrorism has becomea worthy foe of the western civilization... They're even willing to sacrifice their  future(kids) in the name of Jihad... But, let's back up a bit, shall we???

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