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Neville Goddard the Bibles Mystery

Neville Goddard the Bibles Mystery

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Published by musadek

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Published by: musadek on Jan 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Neville 3-14-1969THE BIBLE'S MYSTERYThink ofthis fabulous world as a playfilled withhorrors, violence, and fear, fromwhichthere seems to be noescape. Then think of the play as coming to its end as one man is called, incorporated into the body of theplay’s author and sent back to tellwhat he heard, what he saw and felt. This is the storyofsalvation.Our New Testament finds each author claiming to be an apostle, to be one who is sent - yet they are allanonymous. Matthew, Mark, Luke, and Johnare not mentioned in anycontemporary work ofthe time thesegospels were supposed to have been written; but each author, although unknown physically, claims to havehad the experience of being called and sent. And they shared with us what they heard, what they saw andexperienced.Paul tells his experience as: “I will now tell of visions and revelations. I know a man in Christ who, fourteenyears ago was caught up into the third heaven. Whether in body or out of the body I do not know, but heheard that whichcannot be told, whichman maynot utter.”PersonallyI have had no restraint ofthat nature. Ifeel like the unknownauthor of the Book of Jeremiah: “If I say that I will not mention or speak any more inhis name then there is inmyheart as it were a burningfire shut up inmybones and I amweary withholdingitinand cannot.”I cannot restrainthe impulse to share myexperiences withbybrothers for I, too, was sent.No one knows that secret of selectivity or when one will be called. It certainly is not based upon any codeknown to man or any aristocracy or revelation. You don’t have to have great intellect; in fact you could beunlettered in the eyes of the world, for there is no standard by which one is elected and called, but it doeshappenwhile he is inthis world.I was called out ofthis bodyand I seemed to possess a body there because I could see. I could touch, hear,and observe. I saw the bodywhichincorporated me into it and it was solidlyreal. I felt the embrace. I felt thecomplete fusion of the two of us and know I now wear the garment of love, yet I was sent back into theworld as the power and the wisdomofGod.I am not speaking of the wisdom or power of man, for I no longer need man’s expressions of power. Hispower ofwealth, social or politicalstanding, are part ofthis age. But I was called out ofthis age, and while inthat age I assumed the body oflove. Now a proteanbeingI can assume anyform instantly, so I assumed theformof power and hurled myselfback into myphysical body. And when I returned, myroomwas filled withlight from a source unknown, where it lingered for the longest time. Since that day I have gone through lifeplayingthe part ofNeville as I did before the experience, while scripture awoke inme and mywork began. Ittook thirtyyears for the eruptionto occur whichcaused myresurrectionfromwithinmyself.
I tell you: we are the gods who descended in consciousness in order to take upon ourselves these deadbodies ofweighted nerves. We animate themand suffer everypain, every disappointment theyare capable of experiencing. It seems as though we will never escape this world of hell, then one is called out of this worldand returns as Jesus.Everyone who is called and sent is Jesus, the pattern of redemption, which is a series of supernaturalexperiences. Having been called and sent, this pattern has unfolded in me. Now I know that when I departthis sectionof time it willbe for the last time. I have left a record ofmy experiences to encourage those whohear and abide inmywords, that theycanremaininthem.I have often wondered how many have understood my story to the point of acceptance. Many times I feltthere were those who did, only to discover theydid not. I visited one suchfriend today. He has lovelyhomeinBeverlyHills, witha comfortable income. He and his wife listenever night to the Joe Pines ofthe world andare afraid to remain in California because they think it is going to sink. So they have decided to move toArizona and wait out the intervalof time they have left here, which shouldn’t be too long as they are both intheir late seventies.Here is one I thought understood mymessage, yet his behavior belies his acceptance. Theyknow Neville, thegarment I wear, but they do not know the one who sent me. They may know my mother and father, mybrothers and sisters, but when I tell them of my spiritual birth they cannot believe me. They cannotunderstand, for iftheycould it would change their entire outlook onlife.We all came down into this world of death, not for punishment but for an experiment. We are all princes,sons of the Most High, who - dying like men - fell as one Man. At a certain moment in time one is called,thenanother, and eventually everyone willbe called and incorporated into the one bodyof the RisenLord. Inthat daythe Lord will be kingover all the world; his name shall be one and the Lord one, and David will betheir prince forever and ever.I was born under the British crown and when the queen had a son he was a prince, but he was not mine.Onlyif I amthe kingcanmy sonbe a prince. IfDavid is myprince I must be the one spokenofas the Lord,who is kingover all. I know that I am, and I cantell youfromexperience that you are destined to know thatyou are. When youwill be called I do not know, but I do know that as the Father sent me, even so I sendyou. He who sent me is one with me, as he has never left me alone. I, the sent, was called and incorporatedinto the bodyof the sender, who sent me as himself. WhenI returnI will be the sender and I willcallyou; wewillembrace and become one body, thenI willsend youas I have beensent.I have told youHis name is Father. I have made it knownand I will continue to make it known that the lovewithwhich He has loved me maybe inyou and you inme and I inyou, that we maybe one. Onmy returnIwill be God the Father, capable of embracingyou into my bodyof love. Then, clothed in the garment of theAlmighty, youwill be sent to tell your story, knowing youand I are one. And when your time is fulfilled you,too, willbe able to say:“I have finished the work yougave me to do. Now returnunto me the ecstasyI knewwith you when youincorporated me into that one body oflove. May I tell you: the beauty ofthat body andthe gloryofthat bodyare indescribable, for words cannot describe infinite love.
As love, power whirled me back into this world. Now I know Paulwas right whenhe described Christ as thepower ofGod and the wisdomof God. Paul knew, for he was tellinghis own storywhen he said he knew aman inChrist. Whenyou are caught up in Christ youwear a garment which belongs to a cosmic world inanentirelydifferent age. At the time it happened to me I was caught up ina body, but it never occurred to me toexamine it, as it was a spiritual, living body I wore. I could see the recording angel who checked off myname. I could hear the voice ofthe one who questioned me and whenwe embraced I felt his bodyas he feltmine. Then I was told it was time to act, and the only action I could think of was to tell what I had justexperienced. My ministry began thirty years later with my resurrection, followed by my birth from above.Then, fulfilling the prophecy ofZechariah, I discovered the eternalprince who called me Father and revealedme as the King. Onthat dayI, the Lord, became king over all the world as I became one withthe onlyGodand Father ofall. Youare destined to know you, too, are that one God and Father ofall.Let these words abide inyou. No matter what problems youencounter here, hold this divine visionin time of trouble. Lean against it and don’t listen to the Joe Pines of the world, for their only purpose is to sellproducts. That is a commercialventure and hasn’t a thingto do withthe true visionofGod.Paulhas beencriticized for saying he was an apostle, and - knowingthose who criticized him, he called thema thorn in his side. He started his 12th chapter of Second Corinthians with these words: “I do not boast.”Then, rather thantelling exactly what happened to him, he claimed he was not allowed to tell it. But when ithappens to you I urge you to tell it. Don’t elaborate or exaggerate, just tell your visions and how theyconformto scripture. We are called to be witnesses - or martyrs, for the words meanthe same inscripture. Itdoes not mean to have your head chopped offor to be stoned to death, but that youare the internal, spiritualwitness to the external letter which is scripture. The vision must conform to what is written by the prophets.Only ifyour visionis recorded inscripture is your testimony acceptable, for the testimony of two must agreeinorder to be conclusive. The Bible’s testimonyis one. That is external. When youas spirit have experienceswhich dovetail those records in scripture, there are two witnesses - the external witness ofscripture and theinternalwitness ofthe spirit. Thenand onlythenwillyoureturnto the sender.People cannot look at the mask I wear and see Him who sent me, but the one who sent me is the beingdescribed in the Book of Daniel as the Ancient of Days. As I stood in the presence of Infinite Love, theAncient of Days incorporated me into his body and I became the one body, the one Spirit, one hope, oneLord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father ofall. Now I walk stillwearingmymask untilthat momentin time when I will take it off for the last time. What is it I will take off? Weighted nerves without a mind. Ihave suffered because I am animating it, as nerves allow me to experience this world of death. Withoutwearinga garment that could be animated into suffering, into joyand woe, I could not know them, for withoutme mybodyis dead. One daysoonI willtake it offand returnto be one withthe sender who sent me.Now, no one comes to me while I am here inthis world of Caesar unless my Father draws them, and I willnot lose one. Those who come to me, accept my experiences ofscripture, and abide in mywords, I willcall,and no one will be lost. Everyone myFather gave me willbe consciouslyincorporated into mylivingbodyof love then whirled back into their mortalbody withthe knowledge of beingcalled and sent. Theywill thentelloftheir experience without restrainingthe impulse.This fantastic storycannot be told once and expect to be accepted; it’s too profound. Whenyoutell it, thosewho hear you will see the garment of flesh you wear and say: “But we know you.” But they will not know

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