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Driving Quality - A Health IT Assessment Framework for Measurement - NQF

Driving Quality - A Health IT Assessment Framework for Measurement - NQF

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Published by Rich Elmore

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Published by: Rich Elmore on Jan 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Driving Quality—A Health IT AssessmentFramework or Measurement
Health ITUtilization
The National Quality Forum (NQF) operates under a three-part mission to improve thequality o American healthcare by:
building consensus on national priorities and goals or perormance improvementand working in partnership to achieve them;
endorsing national consensus standards or measuring and publicly reporting onperormance; and
promoting the attainment o national goals through education and outreach programs.
This work was supported with unding by the U.S. Department o Health and Human Services.Recommended Citation: National Quality Forum (NQF),
Driving Quality—A Health IT Assessment Framework or Measurement: A Consensus Report,
Washington, DC:NQF; 2010.© 2010.
National Quality Forum
All rights reservedISBN 978-0-9828421-3-3No part o this report may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted, inany orm or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise,without prior permission o the National Quality Forum. Requests or permission to reprintor make copies should be directed to:PermissionsNational Quality Forum601 13th Street NWSuite 500 NorthWashington, DC 20005Fax 202-783-3434
National Quality Forum
Driving Quality—A Health IT Assessment Frameworkor Measurement: A Consensus Report
i National Quality Forum
is burdened by high costs and inecient deliverymodels. Shortcomings in quality inormation available to providers and consumerscontribute to these challenges. Health IT is considered a promising tool that can provideinormation to healthcare stakeholders, allowing them to make care decisions based onindividual preerences and evidence-based practices, and in doing so, improve quality,saety, and eciency o the health system. As policy makers, providers, and payersincreasingly look to health IT to provide actionable inormation, it is critical to developan inrastructure that also enables the collection o comparable inormation on how andwhen health IT systems are used.In 2008, the National Quality Forum (NQF) endorsed nine structural voluntary consensusstandards, developed by the Health IT Structural Measures Panel, to assess and encourageclinician adoption o health IT. NQF’s endorsement o these standards was an initial startor health IT adoption to help improve quality o care. Next, NQF recognized the need to
advance understanding o the specic eatures and unctions o health IT that improve quality.In January 2010, NQF convened the Health IT Utilization Expert Panel, which included
 broad representation rom the healthcare community, to develop the Health IT UtilizationAssessment Framework. The ramework, described in detail in this report, is designed tohelp dene, understand, and measure how providers use health IT systems. It also identiesimportant and common approaches or how we should build health IT systems to captureinormation about their meaningul use and lays a oundation or the development ohealth IT usage measures.NQF thanks the Health IT Utilization Expert Panel members, the Expert Panel’s Chair,Blackord Middleton, Vice Chair Eric Schneider, and NQF members or their contributionsto developing an inrastructure that, in the uture, will make inormation widely availableand signicantly improve the quality o care delivered in this country.
 Janet M. Corrigan, PhD, MBAPresident and Chie Executive Ofcer

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