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Assessment 3 Case Study

Assessment 3 Case Study

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Published by byers2307

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Published by: byers2307 on Jan 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I am a student at Motherwell college at placement within a local authority daysupport service for adults with learning disabilities or mental health problems. Myrole at my placement is to support service users within the community, to promoteindependence and provide the best care possible by abiding by the national carestandards, this is in accordance with the Regulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001.To complete this piece of work I had to identify a service user, assess the individual’sneeds and plan out an activity to address and meet the needs of the service user.For the purpose of the case study i have changed the name of the service user toMiss Y this is in relation with the Data Protection Act 1998 as everyone has a right of confidentiality.Throughout the activity I will use a task centred approach as the method of intervention. Problem exploration and agreement is related to the assessment of needs which is in accordance with the care planning process. I will formulate anobjective and this is in the planning stage of the activity. I will hopefully achieve thetask at the development stage of the activity.Miss Y is 46 year old woman who has a learning disability and a physical disabilitywho lives at home with her mum who is her main carer. Miss M also has a sister which lives close and helps out a lot with Miss M’s care as she does not work. MissM also receives a day support service Monday to Friday every week and has beenreceiving this service for 18 years, this service allows Miss M to receive a package of care that meets her needs and also meets her mum’s needs. An example of thiswould be Miss M goes to physiotherapy every Thursday to help with her mobilityproblems and Miss Y also participates in a healthy food course at college. Miss Yalso participates in activities within the community every other day.Sociology may be defined as the study of human society and human socialbehaviour.(ref.....)Functionalists believe that everyone has to abide by the rules, norms and values for society to function effectively. As the functionalists believe everyone has a role within
society you can learn this role from your family or the environment you live in, youmay be expected to follow in a family member’s footsteps. This relates to Miss M asMiss M’s mum has not been working for years and even though Miss M could get apart time job Miss M’s mum does not want her to get one as she does not want her daughter working.I feel this activity would be beneficial for Miss Y as it would boost Miss Y’s self esteem and allow her to make decisions for herself. The activity would also allowMiss Y to build new skills, which could then affect Miss Y’s norms and values inrelation with making decisions and being more independent.Also Miss M family is a single parent family as she has not seen or heard for her father for a minimum of 18 years, Miss M’s mum is her main carer and does not workas she has to care for her daughter a lot of the time. Miss M has a sister who alsodoes not work as she is a stay at home mum and lives close by. Due to the fact thatMiss M has only lived with females for the last 20 years and has no closerelationships with the opposite sex she feels more comfortable working with other female staff members and service users.The assessment of needs is the first stage in the care planning process. TheRegulation of Care (Scotland) Act 2001 gives Miss M the right to an assessment of needs. This is to ensure any care provided to Miss M is needed and relevant inmeeting her needs.I assessed Miss M’s needs by sitting with her in a quiet area within the centre for 30minutes where I was able to communicate effectively with her but at the same timeher and assess her needs. I also observed Miss M’s needs during other activitieswithin the community this was to ensure the information Miss M had given wascorrect, up to date and accurate. I also asked Miss M if she would give mepermission to read her case file where I was able to read notes which other professionals had wrote.
In accordance with PIES I assessed Miss M’s needs which are:-Physical needs - Miss M need’s support and verbal prompts at all times whenwalking outside as a result of her physical disability. Miss M also needs support withall aspects of personal care, Miss M needs assistance at mealtimes to make sure thefood she eats in her recommended dietary plan as Miss M is on a diet and also thefood needs to be cut into small enough pieces for her. Miss M also needs supportwith cutting and filing her nails as she is unable to do this as she has a splint on her left hand.Intellectual needs- Miss M needs to be involved in activities which she finds mentalstimulating, Miss M also needs to know what she is doing everyday and stick to aroutine.Emotional needs- Miss M needs to be able to speak to someone she trusts if she isupset, Miss M needs to be verbally prompted to express her feelings. Miss M needsto boost her self esteem and confidence at times. Miss M needs to lose weight asthis is one of the reasons she can get upset at times.Social needs- Miss M needs to be involved in activities she enjoys, Miss M alsoneeds to maintain good relationships with her friends by socialising with them.Miss M has a support plan set up within the centre and this is to ensure all membersof staff know what support Miss M needs when they are working with her. Within thesupport plan there are a number of headings which include communication, finance,personal care, physical health and mobility, mental health and risk. In each column itsuggests what care and support is best for Miss M after observing her, speaking toher family, Completing Risk assessments and also keeping in contact with Miss Msocial worker. Regular reviews with Miss M, her key worker and her mum make sureall the information about her is accurate and in her best interest, completing regular risk assessments to ensure Miss M continues to enjoy a safe and secure lifestyle,also Miss M will be given opportunities to make decisions on all aspects of her life.I sat down with Miss M in a quiet and comfortable area within the centre and spoketo Miss Y asking what she would like to do. Miss M then said she would like to go toten pin bowling as she has not been since 2002 and her friends go without her, Ithen advised her that I would try and go ahead with the activity but had to speak tomy supervisor and her mum before we could go. I then spoke to my mentor inrelation to the activity that Miss M had chosen to find out if it was achievable, we

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