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A Brief Comment

A Brief Comment

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Published by NICKY ZAKZUK

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Published by: NICKY ZAKZUK on Jan 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CONTROL LEAGUE which is shy George HW Bush was called "rubbers" as in condomswhen he was in Congress in the sixties pushing this:Congressional record in the1960's:Population Task ForceAmong Bush's most important contributions to the neo-Malthusian cause whilein Congress was his role in the Republican Task Force on Earth Resourcesand Population. The task force, which Bush helped found and then chaired,churned out a steady stream of propaganda claiming that the world wasalready seriously overpopulated; that there was a fixed limit to naturalresources and that this limit was rapidly being reached; and that theenvironment and natural species were being sacrificed to human progress.Bush's task force sought to accredit the idea that the human race was being"down bred," or reduced in genetic qualities by the population growth amongblacks and other non-white and hence allegedly inferior races at a timewhen the Anglo-Saxons were hardly able to prevent their numbers fromshrinking.Comprised of over 20 Republican Congressmen, Bush's Task Force was a kindof Malthusian vanguard organization which heard testimony from assorted"race scientists," sponsored legislation and otherwise propagandized thezero-growth outlook. In its 50-odd hearings during these years, the task force provided a public forum to nearly every well-known zero-growthfanatic, from Paul Ehrlich, founder of Zero Population Growth (ZPG), torace scientist William Shockley, to the key zero-growth advocates infestingthe federal bureaucracy.Giving a prestigious congressional platform to a discredited racistcharlatan like William Shockley in the year after the assassination of Dr.Martin Luther King, points up the arrogance of Bush's commitment toeugenics. Shockley, like his co-thinker Arthur Jensen, had caused a furor during the 1960s by advancing his thesis, already repeatedly disproven,that blacks were genetically inferior to whites in cognitive faculties andintelligence. In the same year in which Bush invited him to appear beforethe GOP task force, Shockley had written: "Our nobly intended welfareprograms may be encouraging dysgenics -- retrogressive evolution throughdisproportionate reproduction of the genetically disadvantaged.... We fear that 'fatuous beliefs' in the power of welfare money, unaided by eugenicforesight, may contribute to a decline of human quality for all segments of society."During hearings on the Social Security amendments, Bush and witnessAlan Guttmacher had the following colloquy: Bush: Is there any[opposition to Planned Parenthood] from any other organizations or groups, civil rights groups?Guttmacher: We do have problems. We are in a sensitive area inregard particularly to the Negro. There are some elements in theNegro group that feel we are trying to keep down the numbers. We arevery sensitive to this. We have a community relations departmentheaded by a most capable Negro social worker to try to handle thatpart of the problem. This does, of course, cause us a good bit of 

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