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Introduction to Deep Space Astrology

Introduction to Deep Space Astrology

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Published by Michael Erlewine
An astrological article or book by Michael Erlewine, well-known astrologer with fifty years of experience. This book is copyright by Michael Erlewine and is available free and may be shared, but not sold or bundled. Erlewine can be reached at Michael@Erlewine.net
An astrological article or book by Michael Erlewine, well-known astrologer with fifty years of experience. This book is copyright by Michael Erlewine and is available free and may be shared, but not sold or bundled. Erlewine can be reached at Michael@Erlewine.net

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Published by: Michael Erlewine on Jan 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction to Deep Space Astrology
Introduction to Deep Space Astrology
By Michael Erlewine(Michael@Erlewine.net)
The Visual and the Radio Sky 
 This concept was first published in 1976in the book "Astrophysical Directions"from research I had done in earlieryears. At the time the only astrologers Iwas aware of interested in this topicwere my two friends Charles A. Jayneand Theodore Landscheidt. Of the two,Landscheidt was more up on what washappening in modern astrophysics. I
consider Landscheidt‟s book “CosmicCybernetic” perhaps the only
astrologybook I would take with me to the desertisland. It is that important. I hope we canhave some discussion on the thisapproach.The sky above us has not changedmuch in millions of years, but how wesee that sky and how much of it we seehas changed forever in our lifetimes. Arevolution in astronomy has taken place,as astronomers and physicists venturebeyond the visual spectrum and beganto see the actual shape and form of theuniverse. The pinpoint stars that wehave been staring at for centuries areliterally just the tip of the iceberg, likethe eyes in the human body. The shapeof the body of the universe itself hasnow been partially revealed and it isbeautiful indeed.Astrologers have always followedastronomical research (such as thediscovery of Uranus, Neptune, Pluto,etc.) with open ears and with a mind tointerpret what this or that astronomicaldiscovery might mean astrologically. Wenow have astrological interpretations forthe outer planets, the asteroids, and soon. But this has not been as true for thelandmark discoveries of deep spaceobjects like pulsars, quasars, radio andX-Ray sources, black holes and the like.What do they mean?Perhaps it is because so much wasdiscovered in a such a relatively shorttime that astrologers have just not hadtime to catch up. Some 35 years havepassed since I did the research forsome of the material in this book, whichwas first published in 1976 under the
title “Astrophysical Directions.” Nothing
of similar scope astrologically hasappeared since that time. Aside from theinterest of a few astrologers in one ortwo of the deep-space concepts, therehas been almost no mention of thismaterial. No echo has returned.With that in mind, I feel it is important toonce again make these astronomicaldiscoveries available to astrologers inan easy-to-use and illustrated format. Inaddition, all of the more important fixedstars and deep space objects like blackholes, quasars, etc. are included herealong with their familiar zodiac positions,rather than the equatorial coordinatesused by astronomers. That way, as you
Introduction to Deep Space Astrology
read about a particular celestial object,you can look that point up in your ownnatal chart.
Astrophysics for Astrologers
 To begin, I would like to share a fewexperiences and thoughts concerningthe structure in space beyond our solarsystem and how it might be of valueastrologically for learning more aboutwho you are and what on earth youmight be here for.I first became interested in deep-spaceastrology through exploring heliocentricastrology, the astrology of our entiresolar system. Early on, I was amazed atdifference between my standardgeocentric natal chart and some of theother astrological coordinate systemssuch as the heliocentric and LocalSpace charts. IAt that time my interest inthe space beyond and surrounding oursolar system was minimal. I was put offby the billions of stellar objects out thereand, on a more basic level, by the ideasof coldness and blackness I had beenprogrammed to associate with outers
pace. I sure didn‟t want to go out there.
 Distant space somehow represented theepitome of 'otherness' and 'foreign' tome. I was embarrassed (in terms ofastrological usage) by all of the books Ihad read on the fixed stars, with thepossible exception of L. E. Johndro's
book, “The Stars.” How was I to
determine the significance of thesebillions of stars and use them in mypractice, when I had enough difficulty just using the nine planets?And then the unexpected happened. Ihad a dream, a very special dream. Itwas not an ordinary dream, but one ofthose dreams that are more real thanwaking consciousness and that takemonths to understand and absorb. Itwas placed deep in my consciousness.In fact, it was a kind of vision.In my dream the astrologer L. E.Johndro appeared to me and his eyeswere filled with light. There were rays orstalks of light coming out of his eyes.This strange being said but one word,"LOOK!," and with his arm, he turnedand pointed up to the night sky. I lookedup and out there.As I opened my eyes, the sky was filledwith brilliant points of light. The starsand all of this starry material wereclustered together to form the greatglowing arch of the Milky Way orgalactic plane. It was wondrous beyonddescription and in that instant my heartwent out from me and filled this brighthall of space. Never again have I hadthe feeling of being here on earth, warmand trembling before the cold and blackof space. I became the space and lightand reversed my polarity or changed myattitude. I understood in that instant thatI was a living representative of thismother galaxy, its child. I was the beingfrom outer space I had alwayswondered about. Furthermore, I hadalways been so!From that night forward, I began toventure beyond the zodiac in an inquiryas to the nature and structure of thisuniverse. Here, in brief form, is what Ifound:Most important is the fact that we are anintegral part of the cosmos, not somelonely outpost. In fact, each of us is anode or information aggregate and theuniverse is in intimate contact with itselfonly through us
through our eyes. Weare part of the cosmic informationconduit, the eyes of the universe. Thecosmos sees through our eyes, itself.
Introduction to Deep Space Astrology
The manifold nature of distant cosmicevents happening out there in space isrepresented through our very self andlives down here on earth. It lives throughus. There is not only a correlationbetween these seeming remote cosmicevents and our person, but an identityas well. Information coming from thegalactic center (and elsewhere), carriedby electromagnetic and gravitationalradiation from every last star and cosmicplane and event, passes through us atall times. We are in some way a node orinformation complex embedded in thematrix or web of manifestation. We lookat ourself!While all that may sound pretty heady,the overpowering idea that occurredwhen I made some acquaintance withthe universe and its structure is thatthere is no difference between out thereand in here. We are already out there!We ARE in deep space and have beenthere from eternity until now.Our world, our self and relationships,are a perfect reflection of what IS andwhat is happening out there. Not ananalogy, but an identity. Black holes,supernovae, quasars, and the like arenot just remote cosmic events, but thisidentical story is represented, reflected,lived, and acted out each day in ourlives, by those of us living here onEarth.It seems that information circulatesthrough the universe and our Identity orsense of our self is this very process ofcirculation. What we call "Identity" orknowing our self is not only a personalexperience, but a relationship, in fact, acirculation, and a process of communionor communication
identification! Notonly is there a connection between ourlife and that of our galaxy and universe,but: WE ARE that connection.A study of the structure of the universe,at any level (large or small) is a study ofour self, and the guidelines of cosmicstructure help to illustrate the specificstructure of our self. In summary, theidea that I am unfolding here is:astrology is not only a symbolic systemof psychological discussion. The symbolis also, in fact, real. If we say it is ananalogy, then the analogy is completedown to the limits of any specificexample we might chose.We are all time and space travelers.There are no better words that I know ofthan these of Emerson:"All inquiry into antiquity is the desire todo away with this wild, savage, andpreposterous There or Then, andintroduce in its place, the Here and theNow. Belzoni (an archeologist) digs andmeasures in the mummy-pits andpyramids of Thebes until he can see theend of the difference between themonstrous work and himself. When hehas satisfied himself, in general and indetail, that it was made by such aperson as he, so armed and somotivated, and to ends to which he,himself, should also have worked, theproblem is solved; his thought livesalong the whole line of temples andsphinxes and catacombs, passesthrough them all with satisfaction, andthey live again to the mind, or areNOW." -- Emerson, Essay on History.A process of self-discovery awaits thosewho would inquire into the nature andstructure of this universe. We may readand study the history and record ofastrology through all of the books wehave. We may return again and again toour favorite passages to make sure of

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