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Heliocentric Astrology

Heliocentric Astrology

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Published by Michael Erlewine
An astrological article or book by Michael Erlewine, well-known astrologer with fifty years of experience. This book is copyright by Michael Erlewine and is available free and may be shared, but not sold or bundled. Erlewine can be reached at Michael@Erlewine.net
An astrological article or book by Michael Erlewine, well-known astrologer with fifty years of experience. This book is copyright by Michael Erlewine and is available free and may be shared, but not sold or bundled. Erlewine can be reached at Michael@Erlewine.net

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Published by: Michael Erlewine on Jan 07, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Heliocentric Astrology
Heliocentric Astrology
by Michael Erlewine
Astrology: To Know Oneself
It is important for you to understand thatit is my view that the primary purpose ofastrology is to learn about yourself -- toknow yourself. In other words, asuccessful astrologer comes to knowhim or her self through practicingastrology. What are Techniques?Each generation of astrologers passeson a body of technique and it is up toeach student of astrology to realizethose techniques or to develop newones. Without the realization, there is noastrology being done. And the path ofrealization is like a flash fire that leavesbehind it a residue -- the particulartechnique that remains after the insighthas passed. W. B. Yeats had a poem, aline of which went something like "Thegrass cannot but keep the form, wherethe mountain hair has lain." Thesetechniques or sacred remains arepotent. They are the essence of ourmost inner experience and they arewhat are passed on to the nextgeneration. When you learn or receive anew technique, it is important to revivifyor realize it. Otherwise, it remains onemore stone around your neck -- amindless imitation.
Techniques as Empowerment
 In this short period of time, I will do mybest to present to you a technique that Ihave accumulated over the last 30years. I would like to make it available toyou. And to steal a little from the greatpoet Gertrude Stein, "before thistechnique will be presented, thistechnique will be presented," somethinglike that. Or, in other words, there is adifference between your expectations ofwhat I have to say and what I have tosay. Much of my job will be to disappointyour expectations.
Heliocentrics Lineage AndrewMcIver
 I was introduced to heliocentrics back inthe 60s, but not in the way you mightimagine. In the mid-60s, I met an 80-year old man, while I was walking on thecampus of the University of Michigan.This was not your average meeting. Inthe midst of the many peoplesurrounding us on that busy campus,like slow motion, we each becameaware of the other. It was as if we werein a great cathedral and we movedtoward one another as if we were theonly ones there. Great stalks of lightseemed to shoot out of his eyes. It wasan important event in my life.It turned out that this man, whose namewas Andrew McIver, was a travelinginitiator for a Rosicrucian order. He hadbeen born in Scotland and thenresettled in North America. For anumber of years, I worked with AndrewMcGiver in a close teacher/studentrelationship. Although (as you can see) Ilike to talk, I seldom spoke in thisrelationship. I listened as this very wiseman spoke to me. I would sometimesspend 10 or twelve hours with himwithout ever saying anything myself. Hedid not require me to respond. I wouldreturn to my apartment at the end of theday, exhausted from the taking in ofmaterial.And he would speak to me like I hadnever been spoken too before. He knewwhat he was doing and he said that hewas tuning me like one would tune aninstrument. Someday he said, yearsfrom now, I would respond to his tuning.And one thing that he said over andover again (and this is why I tell thisstory) was "Michael, imagine yourself
Heliocentric Astrology
standing at the center of the Sun." Thenhe would growl in a way that I couldnever imitate and say "that's hot stuff."I, of course, took this in as much byosmosis as anything else, without muchunderstanding what it all meant. He diedin 1969 and I, his only student with himat the time, saw to his burial and evendesigned a gravestone -- a glyph of theSun. Although I had been studyingastrology for some years already, it wasnot long after his death that I foundmyself discovering heliocentricastrology. Without even rememberingwhat he had said, I was imaginingmyself standing at the center of the Sun.And that is the beginning of my study ofheliocentric astrology. I had thesupreme good fortune to meet thisteacher and to be able to receive somesmall portion of his teachings.
Exploring Techniques
 Since I was working with programmablecalculators in the early 70s and personalcomputers in the mid-70s, I had beenexploring all of the various techniquesthat the history of astrology hadpresented to us. From my point of viewat the time, these were all to be treatedin an equal manner. That is, everytechnique had its own merit, and allwere equivalent ways to look at oneselfthrough astrology.
Helio Astrology
 And that is the way I approached helioastrology, just like I had approachedsecondary progressions or harmonics --as another technique in a long list ofinteresting techniques.I looked at my helio transits and theywere useful to me. They worked. Ilooked at the difference betweenplanetary placements in my geo andhelio and charts, and learnedsomething. For example, my geo Marsis in Aries, but my helio Mars is inAquarius. I found that interesting. Mypersonal or geo Mars was hot and full offire, but my inner or helio Mars wasgroup oriented -- other things wereaccomplished. These kinds of thingswere what I was thinking.
Helio is Different
In other words, I was extending thetechniques and the way I used thesetechniques from the astrology I knew toanother area of astrology that I did notknow -- in this case, heliocentrics. I amsure we all do this. It did not, at first,occur to me that this area might bedifferent and that, aside from differencesin technique, there were differences inlevel -- great differences.The first glimmer of what helio was allabout came when I began to studyaspects and aspect patterns from theheliocentric perspective. I began toexamine what the planets were doing,not in relation to Earth (our particularperspective), but in relation to eachother and to their great shining center,the Sun.
"We don't Live on the Sun"
Since I have spoken about helio formany years now, I have heard all of thecomments from those who have notstudied it. "We don't live on the Sun","We don't live on the Sun, so how couldhelio be important ."This sort of thing.
Identity is Circulation
At the time, I was understanding that weshare in the life of our entire solarsystem. We not only live off the light andwarmth of the Sun, but we are childrenof the solar system and its great center,the Sun. In other words, that inner lifewe all value is not just an Earth thing,
Heliocentric Astrology
but a solar system thing and a galacticthing. Our identity is linked to thecenters we revolve around -- plain andsimple. We are that. Or, that is ouridentity. The great insight for me at thattime was that identity is circulation.In other words, the process of identifyingfor each of us involves the flow ofconsciousness and the thrill ofidentification is the experiencing orconnecting of ourselves to a hierarchy,something more than we had imagined -- connectivity. a conduit. Our essence isnot so much an "inner core," but rather arelationship and our identity is simplecirculation or the dawning of awarenessof what is.
Space as Dark and Cold/[b]
So identification is circulation, but acirculation of what. I had been raised inthe 1950s and Eisenhower era toappreciate myself (and Man in general)as a speck of dust in the cold black voidof space. It was sheer chance that wewere there at all. As I began to identifywith the energy of the Sun and the solarsystem as a whole, I experienced myselfas a part of that system and myconsciousness as representative of oursystem. I was a child of the system andmy intelligence was the intelligence ofthe system itself looking out. Wherebefore my personal consciousness waslike one tiny candle cupped to keep thecold, dark winds of the surroundinguniverse from blowing it out, now, I wasall the consciousness there was lookingaround at my own creation. I myself wasthe spaceman that I had waited to arriveon earth. I was the intelligent life that Iwondered when it would come. I waslooking at myself. This is what I mean by"identity is circulation."
 We are the Spaceman
All this was appropriately mystical. And Iextended my understanding from thesolar system to the local system of starsof which our Sun is one member, to ourgalaxy, to our local supergalaxy, andbeyond. I examined everything that wasknown about the universe at the timeand came to understand that it wasabout the life and death of stars, notunlike our own lives and deaths. I madefriends with that dark cold "out there" inwhich I was raised and came to know itas the here and the now.Astrologers I knew were unaware andnot interested in this material. Theexceptions were my friends CharlesJayne and Theodor Landscheidt. Jayneand I would get together wheneverpossible and speculate on such thingsas the structure and the location of thecenter of our local system of stars. Iended up spending a couple of years inastronomy/physics libraries collating thelatest deep-space results into a book,Astrophysical Directions. I located thecenter of the local system for Jayne(somewhere in the middle of Virgo) andI was the first astrologer to locate andwrite about our local supergalaxy. I amconnected, by lineage, in all of this toLandscheidt. So much for the macroview.
Local Space
On the other end I began working withthe horizon system. local space.What am I saying? My geocentricaltraditional astrological training andexperience gave me nothing to comparewith it. Compared to what? Myexperience with heliocentric and deepspace on the macro level and with localspace on the micro level gave me aflexibility and a perspective that I hadnever known existed. Geocentricastrology became a subset of helio

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