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Knights Templar - Short History

Knights Templar - Short History

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Published by readingsbyautumn
Short history of knights templar
Short history of knights templar

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Categories:Types, Research, History
Published by: readingsbyautumn on Jan 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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From the Radio Free Michigan archivesftp:// you have any other files you'd like to contribute, e-mail them tobj496@Cleveland.Freenet.Edu.------------------------------------------------"Every age has its own ideals of beauty, goodness and personality, but thepractical joke is universal and timeless. It had all started almost as aboyish prank one day. Hugh de Payens and a friend decided to hide by awatering place on the open road where the pilgrim transports were wont tostop for refreshment and which consequently was a favorite Saracen ambush.Imagine - as they might have told their cronies afterwards - theconsternation of the Infidel marauders when they found the tables turned..."- Edith Simon"The Piebald Standard"Perhaps in 1959, when this passage had been published, the romantic idealsof a "boyish prank" developing into the mysterious and enigmatic Knights ofthe Temple of Solomon seemed the best explanation for the Order's founding.In it's day, the whole idea might have enticed more than a few other nobles
and knights in the East to participate in this sort of activity.However, there are three important points to consider in hindsight.First, the Knights Templar started off as the Poor Fellow-Soldiers ofChrist and the Temple of Soloman. These Knights had a responsibility todefend pilgrims in the Holy Land and took vows similar to those of thecontemporary priesthood. Vows that eventually included chastity and poverty,which would seem to restrict some rather "boyish" activities.Second, Hugues de Payen had made no secret of the fact that the lifewhich the Templars were leading was wearing on himself and other membersof the Order. The tone of some letters indicates the Templars were on theverge of disbanding the Order.Third, acording to contemporary historian Guillaume de Tyre (who washistorian to the court of Jerusalem from 1175 to 1185, and hence waswriting about the foundation of the Templars some seventy years later),the Knights originally consisted of nine brethen, the same number as in 1129.Actually, there were definatly 10 members in 1129, and probabaly more.Given the fact that these ten members lived by a religious lifesyle withvery few others to share their plight, it seems that dispair and discontentmentwould become a problem quickly. If these ten men were living such "humble"lifestyles for so long with little or no help, what inspired them to staydoing it for a few weeks, let alone several years?THE ORIGIN OF THE ORDER OF THE TEMPLE
In looking for the reasons for the establishment of the Knights of theTemple, one needs to determine who the founders were and what their motivationswere. In the case of the Templars, however, that proves to be more difficult.Not only did the Templar's founders live almost 900 years ago, but the firstcontemporary historian to make record of the Order wasn't writing about themuntil neerly half a century later.Information about the foundation of the Order comes from Guillaume de Tyre,historian from 1167 to 1184. Of the historians to mention the Templars beforehim, Jacques de Vitrey mentions only the Templars performance at Damascus inOctober of 1129, and Odo de Deuil mentions the Templars only in passing in hiscomentary on activities following Vezelay in 1146. Fulk de Chartress,historian to the court in Jerusalem in the 1110s made no mention of theKnights, despite Badouin II's endorsement and bestowment of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.Drawing from three sources, we have the following lists;Les Origines... The Knights Templar Holy Blood, Holy Graila:Paul Naudon a:Stephen Howarth a:Baigent, Leigh, Lincoln--------------- ------------------- ---------------------------Hugues de Pains Hugh de Payens Hugues de PayenGeoffroi de Saint-Omer Geoffrey of St-Omer Bisol de St. OmerPayen de Montdidier Payen de Montdidier Nivard de MontdidierArchambaud de St-Aignan Archambaud de St-Agnan Archambaud de Saint-AignanAndre de Montbard Andre de Montbard Andre de MontbardGodefroy de Bissot Geoffrey Bisot

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