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Metal Casting

Metal Casting

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Published by: BryanLai on Jan 08, 2011
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(Reference Book for MY4130)
By Prof. Karl B. RundmanDept. of Materials Science and EngineeringMichigan Tech. University
TABLE OF CONTENTSPage1.I. INTRODUCTION1.Metal Castings, Metal Casting Process3.Metal Casting Design6.Pattern Design7.Rapid Prototyping10. II. SAND CASTING PROCESSES11. Sand Size Distribution11.Strength of Green Sand14. Permeability and Compactibility16. Temperature Dependence of Green Strength19. Chemically Bonded Molding and Core Sand22. Reclamation of Foundry Sand23. Sand Life Cycle24.Reclamation Systems26.III. OTHER CASTING PROCESSES26.Precision Casting; Cosworth Process27. Rheocasting & Thixocasting28.Lost Foam Casting30.Die Casting31.Squeeze Casting32. Investment Casting33. IV. MELTING OF METALS AND ALLOYS33.Energy and Material flow in Cupola Melting33. Cold Blast Cupola35. Heat of Combustion and Iron/Coke Ratio in Charge36.Energy of Melting and Energy Balance in Cupola39.V. FLUID FLOW AND GATING DESIGN39.Laws of Mass and Energy Conservation (Bernoullis Law)40. Velocity at Efflux Point (Mold Filling Time)41. Pressure at Intermediate Point in Gating System (Gas Aspiration)43.Number of Gates in System44. Fluidity of Molten Metals45.VI. SOLIDIFICATION AND PROCESSING OF METAL CASTINGS45.Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors46. Microscale-Dendritic Solidification46. Solidification on a Macroscale - Defect Production47.Controlled Thermal or Mechanical Treatment after Casting47.Latent Heat of Solidification, Cooling Curves48. Steady State Heat Transfer Processes - Fick’s First Law49. VII. HEAT TRANSFER AND SOLIDIFICATION IN INSULATING MOLDS53.VIII. SHRINKAGE, RISER DESIGN53. Shrinkage in Metals During Solidification
55.Macroshrinkage55. Microshrinkage56. Riser Design57.Calculation of Modulus of Riser and Casting58. Location of Riser, Size and Shape of Riser 60. Number of Risers61.Casting Yield62.IX. HEAT TRANSFER AND SOLIDIFICATION IN PERMANENT MOLDS63.Finite Element Analysis of Solidification - Die Casting69. X. CONTINUOUS AND SEMI-CONTINUOUS CASTING69.Continuous Casting of Steel71. Semi-Continuous Casting of Al Alloys, Free Machining Brass72. Microstructure of Continuous and Semi-Continuous Castings73.XI. SOLIDIFICATION, BINARY SYSTEM73.Equilibrium Solidification73.Non-equilibrium Solidification74. The Scheil Equation and Coring in Dendrites76.XII. ALUMINUM ALLOYS77. Aluminum Casting Alloys Processing77. Processing and Microstructure of Several Selected Al Si Base Alloys77.Alloy 356.2, Modification & Age Hardening79.Alloy 319.1, Grain Refinement with TiB80. Alloy KS281, Phosphorous as a Nucleation Agent for Proeutectic b.81. XIII. ADDITIVES TO MOLTEN METAL83.XIV. CAST IRON84. Phase Equilibria in Fe - C- Si System, Stable and Metastable Diagrams85.Gray Cast Iron, Section Size Effects and Inoculation, Chill Wedges91. Mechanical Properties of Gray Cast Iron95.Ductile Cast Iron, Production101.Microstructures of Hypereutectic Ductile Cast Irons103. Alloying of Cast Irons104. Mechanical Properties of Ductile Cast Irons106.Austempered Ductile Cast Iron110.Compacted Graphite Iron and Malleable Cast Iron114XV. DEFECTS IN CASTINGS114. Gases in Metals115.Hot Tears117.Residual Stresses in Castings120.Residual Stress Measurements122.XVI. CAST STEEL122.Peritectic Reaction, Segregation of Alloy Elements During Solidification123.Segregation of Alloying Elements During Solidification of Steel125.Melting and Refining Steel126.Mechanical Properties of Cast Steel128.Weldability of Cast Irons and Steels130.Selective Surface Hardening of Cast Steels and Irons

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