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Table Of Contents

Excellence of Durūd Sharīf
Sins Wiped Away
The Whole Body Purified
Excellence of Sleeping in the State of Wu ū
The One who Dies in the State of Wu ū is a Shaĥīd
A Tip to Avoid Troubles
Seven Benefits of Keeping Wu ū
Double Šawāb
Method of Wu ū ( anafī)
All Eight Portals of Heaven get Open
The Excellence of Reciting Sūra-e-Qadr after Wu ū
Eyesight Never Goes Weak
Four Farāi of Wu ū
Definition of ‘Washing’
Fourteen Sunan of Wu ū
Twenty-Nine Musta abbāt of Wu ū
Fifteen Makruĥāt of Wu ū
An Important Ruling about Used Water
Attention All Pān (Betel Leaves) Eaters!
A Great Madanī Point of Ta awwuf (Sufism)
Five Rulings Regarding Bleeding from Wound
Do Injections Nullify Wu ū?
Tears of an Ailing Eye
Pure and Impure Fluid
Blisters and Pimples
When does Vomiting Nullify One’s Wu ū?
Rulings about Laughing
Does Looking at a Person’s Sitr Nullify Wu ū?
The Wu ū Done during Ghusl is Sufficient
Blood in Saliva
Urine and Vomit of an Infant
Five Rulings about Uncertainty in Wu ū
If Dog Touches the Body!
When and When not Sleeping would Nullify Wu ū
The Wu ū Spots in Masājid
Have a Wu ū Spot Constructed in Your Home
Construction Plan for Wu ū Spot
Ten Madanī Flowers of a Wu ū Spot
Six Rulings for those who cannot retain their Wu ū
Seven Miscellaneous Rulings
Wasteful Use of Water in Wu ū
1. Wastage at Canal
Fatwā of A’lā a rat
Muftī A mad Yār Khān’s Commentary
2. Don’t Waste Water
3. Wasteful Usage is a Satanic Act
4. Asking for a White Palace in Heaven?
Wrongdoing / Offence
Learn Wu ū in a Practical Way
Wasteful Use of Water in Masājid and Madāris
The Birth of a Son after 6 Daughters
Embracing Islam by Virtue of Wu ū ūūū
Seminar in Western Germany
Wu ū and High Blood Pressure
Wu ū and Paralysis
The One Who Values Miswāk
To Strengthen Memory
Three A ādīš about Miswāk
Cure for Blisters in the Mouth
Harmful Effects of Toothbrush
Do You Know How to Use Miswāk?
Fourteen Madanī Pearls
Benefits of Washing of Hands
Benefits of Rinsing the Mouth
Benefits of Sniffing Water into the Nose
Benefits of Washing the Face
Protection from Blindness
Benefits of Washing the Arms
The Benefits of Doing Mas (Moistening)
Doctor of Insane People
Benefits of Washing the Feet
The Residue from Water of Wu ū
Man on the Moon
Toy of Nūr
The Miracle of Splitting of the Moon
Only for the Sake of Allāĥ
Wu ū of Inner Being
Sunnaĥ does not Need Scientific Support
The Girl with a Beard
A Strange Punishment!
Method of Ghusl ( anafī)
Three Farāi of Ghusl
1. Rinsing the mouth
Rinsing the Mouth
Sniffing Water into the Nose
Ablution of the Whole Apparent Body
21 Cautions for both Man and Woman during Ghusl
Six Cautions for Women
Bandage of Wound
Ghusl will become Far in Following Five Conditions
Necessary Explanation of Post-Natal Bleeding
If Ghusl Causes Cold, Then …?
Caution While Using a Bucket for Ghusl
Knot in Hair
Ten Rulings of Reciting or Touching the
Holy Qurān in the State of Impurity
Touching Religious Books without Wu ū
Recitation of Durūd Sharīf in the State of Impurity
If Finger has Coating of a Layer of Ink…?
When does a Child Reach Adulthood?
Order of Placing the Books
Using of Paper for Packaging
The Image of Holy Ka’baĥ on Prayer Mats
A Cause of Satanic Whispers
Tayammum (Wiping)
Farāi of Tayammum
Ten Sunan of Tayammum
Method of Tayammum ( anafī)
Twenty-Five Madanī Pearls of Tayammum
Madanī Suggestion
Recovery from Cancer
Fourteen Madanī Pearls of Ażān
Nine Madanī Pearls about Replying to Ażān
Seven Madanī Pearls about Iqāmat
Eleven Musta ab Occasions for Uttering Ażān
To Utter Ażān in the Masjid is Contrary to Sunnaĥ
Earn the Reward of 100 Martyrs
Recite this Durūd before Ażān
Satanic Whisper
Rebuttal of this Satanic Whisper
Du’ā after Ażān
Imān-e-Mufa al
Six Kalimāt (Articles of Faith)
First Kalimaĥ: Sanctity
Second Kalimaĥ: Evidence
Third Kalimaĥ: Glory of Allāĥ
Fourth Kalimaĥ: Oneness of Allāĥ
Fifth Kalimaĥ: Repentance
Sixth Kalimaĥ: Refutation of Disbelief
I was Relieved from My Back Pain
The Very First Question on the Day of Judgement
Nūr for Mu allī
Whom will People be resurrected with?
alāĥ even in Severely Wounded State
Causes of Nūr or Darkness for alāĥ
A Cause of Bad End
The Thief of alāĥ
Two Types of Thieves
Method of alāĥ ( anafī)
A Few Differences in the alāĥ of Islamic Sisters
Both Should Pay Attention!
Six Pre-Conditions of alāĥ
1. aĥārat (Purity)
2. Sitr-e-‘Awrat (Veiling)
3. Istiqbāl-e-Qiblaĥ
4. Waqt (Timings)
Three Makrūĥ Times
If the Makrūĥ Time Begins during alāĥ, then …?
5. Niyyat (Intention)
6. Takbīr-e-Ta rīmaĥ
Seven Farāi of alāĥ
1. Takbīr-e-Ta rīmaĥ
2. Qiyām
3. Qirā-at (Recitation of the Holy Quran)
Correct Pronunciation of Alphabets is Essential
4. Rukū’
5. Sujūd
Disadvantages of Carpets
How to Purify an Impure Carpet
6. Qa’daĥ-e-Ākhīraĥ
7. Khurūj-e-Bi un’iĥī
Thirty Wājibāt of alāĥ
Approximately Ninety-Six (96) Sunan of alāĥ
Sunan of Takbīr-e-Ta rīmaĥ
Sunan of Qiyām
Sunan of Rukū’
Sunan of Qawmaĥ
Sunan of Sajdaĥ
Sunan of Jalsaĥ
Sunan of Standing for the Second Rak’at
Sunan of Qa’daĥ
Sunan of Performing Salām
Sunan after Performing the Salām
Sunan of the Sunan-e-Ba’diyyaĥ
An Important Ruling of the Sunan
Swallowing during alāĥ
Deviating from the Qiblaĥ during alāĥ
Killing a Snake during alāĥ
Itching in alāĥ
Mistakes in Reciting
Thirty-two Makrūĥāt-e-Ta rīmaĥ of alāĥ
Hanging Shawl over Shoulders
Intense Excretory Requirement
Removing Grit during alāĥ
Cracking Knuckles
Placing Hand on Back
Looking Towards the Sky
Looking Towards the Mu allī
Donkey-Resembling Face
alāĥ and Pictures
Thirty-three Makrūĥāt-e-Tanzīĥī of alāĥ
How is it to Offer alāĥ wearing a Half Sleeved Shirt?
The Excellence of Last two Nafl of uĥar
Conditions of Following an Imām
Jamā’at (Congregational Prayer)
Twenty Valid Reasons for Missing Jamā’at
Fear of Losing Faith at the Time of Death
Nine Madanī Pearls about alāĥ of Witr
Very Important Ruling
A Parable
Method of Sajda-e-Saĥw
If Sajda-e-Saĥw is Missed, Then...?
Sajda-e-Tilāwat and Satan’s Trouble
Every Desire will be Fulfilled
Eight Madanī Pearls Regarding Sajda-e-Tilāwat
Beware! Be Alert!
Method of Sajda-e-Tilāwat
Passing across the front of a Mu allī is a Grave Sin
Fifteen Rulings about Passing across the front of a Mu allī
Defining the Distance of a Journey
When does One Qualify as a Traveller?
Meaning of “Travel beyond the Populated Areas”
Definition of “Surroundings” of a City
The Condition Required for Becoming a Traveller
Types of Hometowns [Wa an]
Two Routes for a Journey
How long does a Traveller Remain a Traveller?
If the Journey is Impermissible then…..?
Employer & Employee Travelling in Company
Once I have Finished My Work I will Go Back!
The Rulings for Woman’s Journey
Woman’s Parental Home & In-law’s Home
An Indispensable Rule for the Visitor of Madīnaĥ
Over-Staying for aj having ‘Umraĥ Visa only?
Qa r [Shortening the alāĥ] is Wājib
A Travelling Imām and Resident Muqtadī (Follower)
Resident Follower & the Remaining two Rak’āt
Are Sunnaĥ of alāĥ Exempted for Travellers?
If a Traveller Stands up to offer third Rak’at then...?
Qa ā alāĥ and the Journey
Drops of Mercy Fell on Me As Well
Horrible Valley of Hell
Mountains would Melt Down due to Heat
The Torment of Head-Crushing
Offer Your Qa ā alāĥ in Seclusion
Lifetime Qa ā on the Last Friday of Rama ān?
Calculation of Qa ā alāĥ of the Whole Life
Order of Offering Qa ā alāĥ
Method of Offering Qa ā alāĥ ( anafī)
Qa ā of Qa r alāĥ
alāĥ of Apostasy Period
alāĥ at the Time of Delivery
In which Condition a Patient is exempted from alāĥ?
Repeating the alāĥ of Lifetime
If Forgot to Utter the Word ‘Qa ā’, then...?
Offer Qa ā alāĥ of Lifetime in Place of Nawāfil
Offering Nafl is not Permissible after Fajr and ‘A r alāĥ
What to do if Four (4) Sunan of uĥar are Missed?
What to do if Sunan of Fajr are Missed?
Is Time Span for Maghrib alāĥ Really Short?
What is the Ruling Regarding Qa ā of Tarāwī ?
The “Fidyaĥ” (Compensation) for Missed alāĥ
A Ruling Concerning the Fidyaĥ for a Deceased Woman
īlaĥ for 100 Whips
When did the Tradition of Ear-Piercing Initiate?
Cow’s Meat as a Gift
Shar’ī īlaĥ for Zakāĥ
100 People will be Rewarded Equally
Definition of “Faqīr”
Definition of “Miskīn”
Virtue of Participating in the Funeral alāĥ of a Walī
The Forgiveness of the Devotees as Well
Thief of Shroud
Forgiveness of Funeral Participants
First Gift in the Grave
The Funeral of a Heavenly Person
Šawāb of Accompanying the Funeral
Šawāb Equivalent to Mount U ud
The Funeral alāĥ has Admonition
Excellence of Giving Ritual Bath etc. to the Corpse
What to Recite on Seeing a Funeral!
The Funeral alāĥ is Far -e-Kifāyaĥ
There are two Units and three Sunnaĥ in the Funeral Prayer
Method of Funeral alāĥ ( anafī)
Supplication for Funeral of Adults (Man and Woman)
Du’ā for a Male Minor
Du’ā for a Female Minor
To Offer Funeral alāĥ whilst Standing upon Shoes
Funeral alāĥ in Absentia
Method of Offering Joint alāĥ for More than one Funeral
How many Rows should there be in Funeral alāĥ?
Funeral of an Insane or the one who Committed Suicide
Rulings Pertaining to a Dead Infant
Šawāb of Carrying the Bier on Shoulders
Method of Shouldering the Bier
Method of Carrying the Bier of a Child
Rulings of Returning after the Funeral alāĥ
Can a Husband Carry the Bier of his Wife?
Funeral of an Apostate
Do not Visit a Sick who is a Heretic
Excellence of Reciting Durūd Sharīf on Friday
When did our Prophet Perform his First Jumu’aĥ alāĥ?
Meaning of the Word Jumu’aĥ
How Many Times Exalted Rasūl Offered Jumu’aĥ alāĥ?
Seal on Heart
The Excellence of Wearing Turban on Friday
Cure is Bestowed
Protection from Afflictions up to Ten Days
A Cause of Reduction in Sustenance
Angels Write the Names of the Fortunate Ones
The Enthusiasm for Offering
Jumu’aĥ alāĥ in the First Century
ajj of the Poor
Proceeding for Jumu’aĥ alāĥ early is Equivalent to ajj
The Šawāb of ajj and ‘Umraĥ
The Superior Day
Supplications are Fulfilled
Seek between ‘A r and Maghrib
Saying of the Author of Baĥār-e-Sharī’at
Which is the Moment of Acceptance?
Security from Grave Torment
Sins between Two Fridays Forgiven
Šawāb of 200 Years’ Worship
Deeds Presented to Deceased Parents Every Friday
Five Special Good Deeds for Friday
Heaven Becomes Due
Avoid Fasting on Friday Alone
Šawāb of 10,000 Years’ Fasts
Šawāb of Visiting Parents’ Graves on Friday
Forgiveness 3000 Times
Souls Congregate
Excellence of Reciting Sūra-tul-Kaĥf (
Nūr between Two Fridays
Nūr up to the Ka’baĥ
Excellence of Sūra-e- āmīm Addukhān (
Forgiveness Asked by 70,000 Angels
All Sins Forgiven
After the Jumu’aĥ alāĥ
Attending a Gathering of Islamic Knowledge
The Sunan and Musta ab-bāt of Friday
The Time of Ghusl on Friday?
Friday’s Bath is Sunnat-e-Ghaīr Muakkadaĥ
The Excellence of Sitting Closer During the Sermon
No Šawāb of Jumu’aĥ
Listening to the Sermon Silently is Far
Listening to the Nikā Sermon is Wājib
Seven Madanī Pearls of Sermon
An Important Ruling of Leading alā-tul-Jumu’aĥ
Bedridden Mother’s Recovery
Heart will Remain Alive
Entry into Heaven becomes Wājib
A Sunnaĥ Prior to Proceeding for Eid alāĥ
A Sunnaĥ of Heading to Offer
Eid alāĥ and Returning after it
Method of offering Eid alāĥ ( anafī)
For whom Eid alāĥ is Wājib?
The Sermon of Eid is Sunnaĥ
The Time of Eid alāĥ
What to do if Somebody Misses a Part of the Eid Jamā’at?
What to do if Someone Misses the Whole Jamā’at?
Rulings for the Khu baĥ (Sermon) of Eid
Twenty Sunnaĥ and Desirable Acts of Eid
A Musta ab Act for Eid-ul-A ā alāĥ
Eight Madanī Pearls for Takbīr-e-Tashrīq
Will Leads to Forgiveness
Method of Burial and Shroud
Masnūn Shroud for Woman
Details Regarding Shroud
Method of Bathing the Corpse
Method to Shroud Corpse of Woman
Burial after the Funeral alāĥ 3
Secured from Hypocrisy and Fire (of Hell)
1. Šawāb of an Accepted ajj
2. Reward of Ten ajj
3. Charity on Behalf of Parents
4. A Cause of Reduction in Sustenance
5. Excellence of Visiting Graves on Friday
Shrouds Torn off
Three Virtues of Conveying Šawāb
The Blessings of Du’ā (Supplication)
Waiting for Iī āl-e-Šawāb1
Excellence of Supplicating for Forgiveness of Others
An Easy Way to Earn Billions of Good Deeds
Refulgent Attire
Refulgent Tray
Šawāb Equal to the Number of Deceased
Deceased Would Intercede
Šawāb of Sūraĥ Ikhlā
A Well for Umm-e-Sa’d
18 Madanī Pearls of Donating Šawāb
The Method of Iī āl-e-Šawāb
The Traditional Method of Iī āl-e-Šawāb
Method of Fāti aĥ of A’lā a rat
Method of Supplication for Donating Šawāb
Be Ware!
Method of Visiting the Shrines
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Laws of Salah

Laws of Salah

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