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Eberhart's Manual of High Frequency Currents

Eberhart's Manual of High Frequency Currents

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Published by dragonslayer1
Medical use of high frequency, high voltage devices.
Medical use of high frequency, high voltage devices.

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Published by: dragonslayer1 on Jan 08, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Noble M. Eberhart1911CONTENTSTitle PageP.1Contents P.2Nicola TeslaP.4Noble M. EberhartP.5IntroductionP.5Chapter I.P.6Definition of High Frequency Current; Alternation; Cycle; Period; Oscillation;Frequency; Lighting Vacuum Tube Not Proof of High Frequency Current.Chapter II.P.11The Development of the Current; Leyden Jars; Plate Condensers; ElectricalOscillation.Chapter III.P.15Types of Apparatus; D’Arsonval Type Tesla Transformer; Impedance; Oudin’sResonator; Measuring the Current.Chapter IV.P.21 Various Forms of Vacuum Tubes; Effects of Different Vacua; Insulated Tubes;Fixed and Adjustable Socket Handles; Spatulate Tubes.Chapter V.P.28Physiological Action of the Current; High Frequency Burns; Offsetting Tendencyto X-ray burns.Chapter VI.P.32General Technique; Vacuum Tubes; Lubrication; Cautions; Asepsis; StandardizingDosage; Preparation of Patients; Technique for Skin Diseases; Relief of Pain;Cauterization; Orificial Technique; Cataphoresis; Fulguration; Auto-Conduction; Auto-Condensation; Portable and Home-Made Pads; Surgings; Water Spray;Local Auto-Condensation; Indirect Sparks; Taking the Blood Pressure.2
Chapter VII.P.60Special Technique for Ear, Eye, Nose, Rectum and Prostate, Scalp, Throat,Urethra and Vagina.Chapter VIII.P.68Practical High Frequency Therapy, Diseases, and Symptoms Alphabetically Arranged with Methods of Treatment.Chapter IX.P.116Ozone; Nature; Physiological Action; Methods of Administration; Diseases inwhich It Is Indicated.Chapter X.P.121High Frequency X-Ray; Its Scope and Limitation; Resume of Skiagraphic andTherapeutic Technique.Chapter XI.P.127Diathermy; Electro-coagulation; Thermo-penetration.Chapter XII.P.130High Frequency in Dentistry.Glossary.

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