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Wheldon Curzon-Hobson - Inspired by Manila

Wheldon Curzon-Hobson - Inspired by Manila

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Published by: John Ely Collado Togz on Jan 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Inspired By Manila
Wheldon Curzon-Hobson
Non-Fiction, Body, mind & spirit, Inspiration & PersonalGrowth, Self-help, Motivational & Inspirational, Personal Growth, Socialscience, Children's Studies, Poverty & Homelessness, Social Work,Developing Countries, Volunteer Work, Travel, Asia
Motivation Inspiration Manila Philippines Children innovationtravel
This is the story of the extraordinary people and the successful, innovat-ive projects I saw during my visit to Manila in 2010.Prior to my visit, I thought there was little hope for the uneducated,malnourished children living in such extreme poverty. However, I havenow seen projects that are empowering millions of these beautiful chil-dren and their families with positive values and real possibilities, and Iam filled with hope for their future.There are still significant problems in the Philippines, but I truly be-lieve the more good news is shared, the more we can encourage eachother to believe and work together to help realise a positive future forthe urban-poor communities in the Philippines and around the world.Please read this ebook and email it to all your friends. You have mypermission to freely reproduce in any format, but please credit myself and include a download link.Wheldon Curzon-HobsonWellington, New Zealandwheldonch@gmail.com
25 October 2010I landed in Manila at 5pm on a public holiday and drove through therelatively empty streets with my young taxi driver pointing out note-worthy sites. About us roared cars, motorbikes and buses, their horns blaring. My driver sounded calm so I sat back and enjoyed the ride. I ap-preciated how he weaved between buses and swerved to gain an advant-age as we passed run-down shops and houses that were dwarfed bymassive bill boards displaying beautiful young people and glamorousproducts.Huge single rain drops started hitting the windscreen, slowly at first,then they joined forces to form a torrential downpour. The motorcyclesskidded to the side of the road, but we persisted, sometimes slowing to ahalt, barely able to see the road past the squeaking windscreen wipers.We made it to the SM EDSA mall near where I was staying. The raincontinued to pour but the driver, determined, leapt out of the car andasked the locals for directions. We proceeded slowly, while the passen-gers on the motorbikes and bicycles valiantly covered themselves withumbrellas and sheets of plastic.Children played on the street, getting absolutely soaked. In theireagerness to help us reach our destination, two boys helpfully gestured,one towards one end of the street and the other in the opposite direction.Then a flash of lightning revealed the green gate of my guest house. Iclambered out of the taxi and was warmly welcomed inside where Iclimbed the marble staircase to my large room with ensuite. I unpackedas the lightning flashed and a rooster crowed, infuriating the dog nextdoor who barked crossly at his neighbour to be quiet.There were celebrations nearby as the local elections were concluded.Fireworks exploded well into the night and then the tricycles, which areold motorcycles with sidecars, transported the party-goers back to their

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