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Classic Posters Interview with Gigposter’s by Michael Erlewine

Classic Posters Interview with Gigposter’s by Michael Erlewine

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Published by Michael Erlewine
These are articles on concert-music posters and poster collecting from the site ClassicPosters.com founded by award-winning archivist of popular culture Michael Erlewine who founded All-Music Guide, All-Movie Guide, Astrologyland.com and many other popular Internet sites. All articles copyright and written or produced by Michael Erlewine. Do visit ClassicPosters.com in its current incarnation.
These are articles on concert-music posters and poster collecting from the site ClassicPosters.com founded by award-winning archivist of popular culture Michael Erlewine who founded All-Music Guide, All-Movie Guide, Astrologyland.com and many other popular Internet sites. All articles copyright and written or produced by Michael Erlewine. Do visit ClassicPosters.com in its current incarnation.

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Published by: Michael Erlewine on Jan 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Classic Posters Interview with Gigposter
s by Michael Erlewine
Classic Posters Interview withGigposter
s Clayton Hayes byMichael Erlewine
Clayton Hayes, gig posters, interview14February 2003, sound recording.Michael Erlewine: Cool. Well, let me askyou some questions. What I want to dois write a little interview with you, tellingpeople about gig posters and all thestuff your doing, how it got started andstuff.Clayton Hayes: Well, I've always
been…well, not always been, since
early high school, I've been playing inrock bands and always kind of been inthat scene.Michael Erlewine: What kind of music?Clayton Hayes: Mostly punk-rock music.Yeah, so I was always part of the scene,and I was always interested in local art,you know, gig posters from here, whichare nothing special, but it was alwayssomething. I'd go to a show and I'd takea poster down and I'd come home andput it on my wall, that kind of thing.They're just photocopied posters, prettymuch, not even the silk-screens that wesee today. Calgary's not a huge city forthat sort of thing.It's big enough, but it just doesn't seemto have that much int
erest… it has some
nightlife, but not near as much as otherbig cities and states and stuff. So, it'smainly photocopied posters and stuffhere. Even that attracted me, so that'show it started with my interests inposters.Michael Erlewine: And that was aboutwhen?
Clayton Hayes: Oh…early 1990s.
 Michael Erlewine: So you startedcollecting then?Clayton Hayes: Yeah, I just startedcollecting posters, regardless of their
artistic quality for reasons of historic…
like I went to the show and I wanted toremember it. You know these weregreat bands, things like that.Michael Erlewine: Did you make anyattempt to catalogue them, or organizethem in any way?Clayton Hayes: No, it wasn't probably asbig of a deal as what you would think,more or less just a hobby, to getwhatever I could and have fun with it.Michael Erlewine: Cool.Clayton Hayes: Then I decided to, like Iwanted to computer program, and I wentto school for that.Michael Erlewine: What languages doyou know?Clayton Hayes: I work in Java, and I doPHP. Right now I'm concentrating onwebsite design and PHP and MySQLDatabases.Michael Erlewine: Oh, that's a very goodthing to do.Clayton Hayes: Yeah, and that's why Igot interested in building a dynamicwebsite for a reason and gig posters justseemed to fit, and I decided to go aheadand build a site where I could displaythem, and display some other images ofhow people use their posters fromaround the world.Michael Erlewine: And when didgigposters start?Clayton Hayes: It was January 2001.Clayton Hayes: It has it's own whole siteto it now. I'm really happy with how itturned out.
Classic Posters Interview with Gigposter
s by Michael Erlewine
Michael Erlewine: Also, you have someuseful messages boards, right?Clayton Hayes: Yes.Michael Erlewine: Tell me a little aboutthat, because I think that's one of themost popular things. At least when I'vebeen interviewing some of the otherartists, like Frank Kozik, and JermaineRogers, and people like that. They alltalk about hanging out there. It's prettycool what your doing. Maybe describe ita little bit, so I can share with otherpeople.Clayton Hayes: Okay, well it just startedto grow from the beginning. I didn't knowabout every artist out there, of course,so I would just search the net and I'dfind certain people, like Max Fisher fromMaximum Fluoride, and people like him.I would just email him and say, "Hey Istarted a new website. Are youinteresting in, you know, sending meany posters and stopping by?" So Islowly did that and I started emailing abunch of people like Jermaine. As theystarted coming, you know, they neverreally had a place before where theycould talk about things and discuss theposter world with people outside of theirlocal community, unless they werealready very successful. For mostpeople it was a great place for them totalk to other artists.Michael Erlewine: And you get a lot ofthe poster artists there, right?Clayton Hayes: Yeah, most of thedesigners are the active ones. There aretons of visitors, but the people who stopby who are just looking don't usuallyspend time to stop and chat.Michael Erlewine: Who are some of theartists that hang out there that I might befamiliar eith?Clayton Hayes: There mostly the newerartists, that I'd have to say, like FrankKozik, Jermaine, Justin Hampton,
trying to think of the biggername ones that are bigger today. Thereis some other ones, like Mark Arminski.Michael Erlewine: Mark's a friend ofmine. He is a great guy. Have you methim?Clayton Hayes: No, I've never met asingle designer in person.Michael Erlewine: Maybe you shouldconsider going to Flatstock in Austin.Clayton Hayes: I am. I am going to godown to Flatstock.Michael Erlewine: Oh, that will be agreat trip!Clayton Hayes: They actually paid for it.Michael Erlewine: Oh, wow.Michael Erlewine: How does gigpostersmake money?Clayton Hayes: It doesn't really makethat much money at all [laughs]. That'sthe thing. It was never intended as amoneymaking thingMichael Erlewine: Yeah, that's what I didwith All-Music Guide (allmusic.com),same thing.Clayton Hayes: So I make a little bit ofmoney off of banner advertising, whichreally it just covers the server costs.Clayton Hayes: Yeah, pretty much everydesigner that is listed in the designersection participates in the forums.Michael Erlewine: What are your planswith it? How do you see gigpostersgrowing?Clayton Hayes: I think it will pretty much just continue to grow and become amassive archive, Historically, gigposters
Classic Posters Interview with Gigposter
s by Michael Erlewine
has helped artists grow and has somany features and qualities, that I thinkit will just self-sustain itself and just keepgoing. And it pretty much pays for itself,no problems. My work and myinvolvement will, you know, pay off a
little bit some day as far as… so that I'm
not just wasting my time updating thesite every day [laughs].Michael Erlewine: No, I think your doingsomething good. I will do my best to tryto promote it, to tell people about it onour site.Clayton Hayes: Oh yeah.Michael Erlewine: We will list your URL.I'm an archivist. My interest is inarchiving posters in terms of every lastone, just like I did with the All-MusicGuide. Someday, if you have time,check out allmusic.com, orallmovie.com. You'll see there arehundred of thousands of albums/filmsthere. Like Yourself, I didn't takeadvertising. And it was started beforethe World-wide Web existed, just on theInternet on what used to be called"Gopher Sites."Clayton Hayes: Yeah.Michael Erlewine: And I also didn't sellany CD's. I think they do now. Likeyourself, I'm a systems programmer.Clayton Hayes: Yeah.Michael Erlewine: My theory is, which I'dthink you'd appreciate from being inCalgary, is that this is the tip of theiceberg. There are thousands andthousands of small cities that many ofthese acts got to.Clayton Hayes: Right.Michael Erlewine: And there must beposters for those gigs.Clayton Hayes: Yeah.Michael Erlewine: And no one has everdug them out. So I think there must bean enormous number.Clayton Hayes: Oh yeah, for sure[laughs].Michael Erlewine: And we haven't evenbegun to do it.Clayton Hayes: Honestly, I'm still blownaway by how successful my site is. It's just every day I look at it, I can't believe Idid this. I can't believe how many goodposters are out there. Like I just didn'tknow there were so many peopleinvolved and I don't even think everyonethat was involved knew, that there wereso many other people involved either.It's just crazy.Clayton Hayes: I guess I should mentionthe American Poster Institute;, I'm notsure if you know anything about that thatFrank Kozik is starting?Michael Erlewine: I do know about it.Frank talked to me. I think that is awonderful idea!Clayton Hayes: Yeah, they made me aboard member on that.Michael Erlewine: That's great.Clayton Hayes: So, I will have some sayin the new poster institute, whateverthey are planning on doing. It's so newthat they don't really have plans yet.Michael Erlewine: I interviewed Kozikabout it and I think it's really important tobe organized in that way, and be able topass on techniques, teach people howto do things.Clayton Hayes: Yep.Michael Erlewine: Does it take you a lotof time to do your site?

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