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Loss Weight Forever - 50 Habits of Naturally Thin People

Loss Weight Forever - 50 Habits of Naturally Thin People

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Published by sheetalparshad

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: sheetalparshad on Jan 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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his is not a diet—
or a rigor-ous exercise program. (No-body can stick to those forlong.) Instead, it’s a simpleway to make weight loss anatural part of the life you already live.And guess what?It’s fun! You don’thave to give up the foods you love orjoin a gym. It’s about balancing calo-ries in tiny ways that add up to bigbenefits. You just adopt some tricksnaturally lean people do. Pick the onesyou like, stick with them, and you’llslim down and tone up—for good!
Decide how much youwant to lose and see howmany calories a day it willtake to make it happen byyear’s end. Then, workinto your routines howevermany of these eatingtweaks and exercises (it’simportant to do both) youneed to achieve your goal:
Slash a total of 100calories each day to loseabout 10 pounds in a year.
Slash 250 calories a dayto lose about 25 pounds.
Slash 500 calories a dayto lose about 50 pounds.This is based on a 150-pound person; you mayneed to cut more or fewercalories, depending onyour weight, age and gen-der. It also assumes yournormal calorie intake es-
How to Get Started
sentially stays the same(you’re not overeatingtoday, running a marathontomorrow) and your weightis stable. For instance, a140-pound woman eatsabout 2,100 calories a dayto maintain her currentweight; a 210-pound manneeds 3,150 daily to keepthe scale steady. Now readon and start losing!
Lose Weight Forever
Morning Makeover
Wake-up workout
When your eyesopen, sit up slowly without usingyour hands. With legs straight out, leanforward until you feel a gentle stretchin your back and hamstrings. Hold;then, using your abs, lower yourself flat. Rest and repeat two more times.Strengthens core.
Go for the grains
Not ready forTwigs & Rocks cereal? Sprinkle ona few tablespoons of wheat germ oroat bran. Work up to
cup of low-sugar whole-grain cereal with at leastthree grams of fiber per serving, andyou’ll pass on that Danish.
Saves 100
Add some protein
The more youeat earlier on, the less you eat asthe day wears on, research has shown.So after your cereal, add a hard-boiledegg or a part-skim mozzarella cheesestick to keep you feeling full—andaway from that pre-lunch brownie.
Saves 200
(or more)
Balance booster
While you brushyour teeth, alternate standing onone leg as you switch mouth quad-rants (every 30 seconds).Balancing developsyour core musclesand may even be good for yourbrain.
Burns 10
Be a ballerina
As your coffeedrips, stand sideways, put onehand on the counter, andlift the outside leg straightout in front of you, keeping it ex-tended. With upper body straight,hold for a few seconds and move it tothe side; hold and extend it behindyou. Do five to ten times on each leg.Tones outer thighs, hip flexors andquadriceps.
Burns 10
Coffee saver
Instead of pouringthat
cup of half-and-half (awhopping 105 calories!) intoyour mug, replace it with the sameamount of 2% milk.
Saves 60
Better your bagel
You can walk10,000 steps to justify your 500-calorie bagel with cream cheese, ortry this: low-fat spreadable cheese likeLaughing Cow Light on an Englishmuffin.
Saves 300
Because you walk more, a study found.Now you just have to convince theboss.
Burns 25
You know squat!
At your deskchair, pretend you’re going to sitbut don’t—stop and come back upwithout using your arms. Always startsquats by lowering your hips, notbending knees forward, and keepingyour weight on your heels. Repeat themotion throughout the day (even atthe potty!) for 15 to 20 total. Strength-ens quadriceps.
Burns 15
Switch your soda
Yourbody doesn’t registercalories from liquids the sameway it does those from foods,so you won’t get those “stopeating” signals to help youcompensate for the overloadlater on. Change from two glassesof regular soda or fruit juice todiet soda or a flavored seltzer.
Saves 300
Talk it UP
Everytime you grab thephone, stand upand pace around.Heavy people sit on average twoand a half hours more per daythan thin people, according to theMayo Clinic.
Burns50 or more
At lunch, pick a pita
Useone mini whole-wheat pitainstead of the usual two slices of white or refined wheat bread foryour sandwich.
Saves 70
Nine-to-Five Fixes
Tone in traffic
Use the time spentbumper-to-bumper to developyour buns of steel: Squeeze your der-rière each time you tap the brake,holding for 10 seconds. Shoot for 10to 15 squeezes a trip.
Burns 10
Snack smarter
Portion out theday’s snacks into pint-size zipbags, or buy single-serving por-tions. For example, four regular Oreoshave 200 calories versus the 100-calo-rie snack bag version. Go for the lowerfat chips: a Lay’s Light bag has only 75calories, while the regular has 150.
(over two snacks)
Casual day payoff 
Youwill blast more calo-ries during the day wear-ing comfy clothes like jeansor khakis, sport shirts andsoft-soled shoes than don-ning constricting suits,skirts and heels. Why?

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