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Management by Nothing

Management by Nothing

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Published by Revanth Kalyanam

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Published by: Revanth Kalyanam on Jan 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A.Powerful Technique for Producing results in AdverseSituations.Rajendra Deshpande.,Rajendra Deshpande.,Rajendra Deshpande.,Rajendra Deshpande.,
Mangement Trainer,Consultant.Mangement Trainer,Consultant.Mangement Trainer,Consultant.Mangement Trainer,Consultant.
SSUMMARY.UMMARY.UMMARY.UMMARY.Great Gandhian Leader ,late,sushree Nirmala Deshpande.Has been awarded By Govt. Of Pakistan, by country’s highest award-“Sitare-Imtiaz.”.I was always thinking what made Govt of Pakistan confer this award ? In the past she has not only worked in Pakistan ,but has transformed terrorists in Kashmir,dacoits Of Chambal successfully.As a student of management ,working different organisations different ountries,products,cultures & having closely associated with our late sister ,I always wanted to  find out what was techonolgy,technique behind this miracles ? Can the world after her sad demise inherit some methods  for such situations which appears to be so much inflamable ,and dangerous ? Today every Organisation ,Nations,Individuals face such situations with more or less intensity.If this technique is Implemented may be we will be able to pay a small tributeto her.& will also take the mankind a step forward.………………………………………………
Great Gandhian leader Late sushree Nirmala Great Gandhian leader Late sushree Nirmala Great Gandhian leader Late sushree Nirmala Great Gandhian leader Late sushree Nirmala Deshpande,Has been awarded SitareDeshpande,Has been awarded SitareDeshpande,Has been awarded SitareDeshpande,Has been awarded Sitare – – –Imtiaz,award by Imtiaz,award by Imtiaz,award by Imtiaz,award by Govt.Of Pakistan,Aug,2009Govt.Of Pakistan,Aug,2009Govt.Of Pakistan,Aug,2009Govt.Of Pakistan,Aug,2009……………………………When I was reading this News My mind started thinking ,Our sister Nirmala is no more ,she has expired more than a year ago,President Musharraf with whose Govt she worked ,On joint Peace committee,is no longer functioning,New govt has already taken over,What compelled the govt to confer this award.??.There was no pressure from US either .What is amazing about the entire story is ,we all know howthe conditions are ,today in Pakistan.How difficult it was  for her also to work in so called hostile country,foreign land,that too when health is not cooperating ,and agaainst all odds.,Involving lots of travel,and lots of difficulties.She could have straight away refused this assignment ,No one would have objected either.she had already achieved enough in her life whatever she aimed for.If one looks at this project everything was against her & it was hopeless to work.Any Management Consultant,Negotiator,wouldn’t have accepted this assignment.Lesson OneLesson OneLesson OneLesson One – – –she looked at this Project only from she looked at this Project only from she looked at this Project only from she looked at this Project only from Possibilities,& not odds.Possibilities,& not odds.Possibilities,& not odds.Possibilities,& not odds.Lesson two.Bring nothingness In all your communicati Lesson two.Bring nothingness In all your communicati Lesson two.Bring nothingness In all your communicati Lesson two.Bring nothingness In all your communications.ons.ons.ons.Working in extreamly odd conditions ,odd people & not onlyWorking but making people accept what they had been 
refusing all these years.Making Mahatma Gandhi’s Principles accept in a country,where his teachings are a Ban.She not only worked on it But made it a success ,a Win –Win Situation for all,the people of Pakistan,Govt of Pakistan,Govt of India,&People of India .We all call this in mangement jargons .A Turnaround.A Turnaround.A Turnaround.A Turnaround.This is whats called a true transformation, & That’s the,TrueTrueTrueTrue LEADERSHIP.! LEADERSHIP.! LEADERSHIP.! LEADERSHIP.!....We all may be thinking who is this Nirmala Deshpande.? What has we Got to do with Pakistan?? In my 10-to-5 Job.?? Let Us focus on our daiily Job,Our daily routines,day to day life.!!.hell with violence in Pak & kashmir.!! But let us confront one real thing of life ! That is Peace.!.Remember that ,Peace is must for evrything and anything.Peace is most fundamental in life and must for all creations,Creativity,Innovation in our life.Peace is One thing we all take for granted,we forget that Someone has to work for it.??someone is working for it.??some one is giving their life for it.?? What we enjoy in kasmir,In chambal, & The Millions of  people in Pakistan ,Millions of Poor people in UP,Bihar who loved appreciated Nirmala,& Peopl e Of Pakistan confered the award,is a contribution of the lives of such people.-LikeNirmala Deshpande.

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