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MS DOS Command

MS DOS Command

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Published by Imtiaj Alam

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Published by: Imtiaj Alam on Jan 09, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Command Description Typeansi.sys
Defines functions that change display graphics, control cursor movement,and reassign keys.Fileappend
Causes MS-DOS to look in other directories when editing a file or running a command.ExternalarpDisplays, adds, and removesarpinformation from network devices.External assign
Assign a drive letter to an alternate letter.ExternalassocView the file associations.Internalat
Schedule a time to execute commands or programs.Externalatmadm
Lists connections and addresses seen by WindowsATMcall manager.Internal attribDisplay and change file attributes.External batchRecovery console command that executes a series of commands in a file.Recovery bootcfg
Recovery console command that allows a user to view, modify, andrebuild the boot.iniRecovery break 
Enable / disable CTRL + C feature.Internalcacls
View and modify fileACL's.External call
Calls a batch file from another batch file.InternalcdChanges directories.Internalchcp
Supplement the International keyboard and character set information.Externalchdir 
Changes directories.Internalchdsk 
Check the hard disk drive runningFATfor errors.External chkntfs
Check the hard disk drive running NTFSfor errors.External choice
Specify a listing of multiple options within a batch file.Externalcls
Clears the screen.Internalcmd
Opens the command interpreter.color 
Easily change the foreground and background color of the MS-DOSwindow.Internalcommand
Opens the command interpreter.
Compares files.Externalcompact
Compresses and uncompress files.ExternalcontrolOpen Control Panel icons from the MS-DOS prompt.Externalconvert
ConvertFATto NTFS.External copyCopy one or more files to an alternate location.InternalcttyChange the computers input/output devices.InternaldateView or change the systems date.InternaldebugDebug utility to create assembly programs to modify hardware settings.ExternaldefragRe-arrange the hard disk drive to help with loading programs.ExternaldelDeletes one or more files.InternaldeleteRecovery console command that deletes a file.InternaldeltreeDeletes one or more files and/or directories.Externaldir 
List the contents of one or more directory.Internaldisable
Recovery console command that disables Windows system services or drivers.Recoverydiskcomp
Compare a disk with another disk.ExternaldiskcopyCopy the contents of one disk and place them on another disk.ExternaldoskeyCommand to view and execute commands that have been run in the past.Externaldosshell
A GUI to help with early MS-DOS users.ExternaldrivparmEnables overwrite of original device drivers.Internalecho
Displays messages and enables and disables echo.Internaledit
View and edit files.Externaledlin
View and edit files.Externalemm386
Load extended Memory Manager.Externalename
Recovery console command to enable a disable service or driver.Recoveryendlocal
Stops the localization of the environment changes enabled by thesetlocalcommand.Internalerase
Erase files from computer.Internalexit
Exit from the command interpreter.Internalexpand
Expand a Microsoft Windows file back to it's original format.External
Extract files from the Microsoft Windows cabinets.Externalfasthelp
Displays a listing of MS-DOS commands and information about them.Externalfc
Compare files.Externalfdisk 
Utility used to create partitions on the hard disk drive.Externalfind
Search for text within a file.Externalfindstr 
Searches for a string of text within a file.Externalfixboot
Writes a new boot sector.Recoveryfixmbr 
Writes a new boot record to a disk drive.Recoveryfor 
Boolean used in batch files.Internalformat
Command to erase and prepare a disk drive.Externalftp
Command to connect and operate on aFTPserver.External ftype
Displays or modifies file types used in file extension associations.RecoverygotoMoves a batch file to a specific label or location.InternalgraftablShow extended characters in graphics mode.Externalhelp
Display a listing of commands and brief explanation.Externalif 
Allows for  batch filesto perform conditional processing.Internal ifshlp.sys
32-bit file manager.Externalipconfig
 Network command to view network adapter settings and assigned values.ExternalkeybChange layout of keyboard.Externallabel
Change the label of a disk drive.Externallh
Load a device driver in to high memory.Internallistsvc
Recovery console command that displays the services and drivers.Recoveryloadfix
Load a program above the first 64k.ExternalloadhighLoad a device driver in to high memory.Internallock 
Lock the hard disk drive.Internallogoff Logoff the currently profile using the computer.ExternallogonRecovery console command to list installations and enable administrator login.Recoverymap
Displays the device name of a drive.Recovery

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