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Piagetian Conservation Tasks

Piagetian Conservation Tasks

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Published by: Jessica Ruar Napoles on Jan 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Jessica R. Napoles BSED Physical Science 2-1 Title: Piagetian Conservation Tasks The video was entitled, ´ Piagetian Conservation Tasksµ which if we will look into it was just like another one of those typical videos you can find in youtube. But, it was not. In the video were a professor and the mother of the two kids she·s within the video. The boy was 7years old while the girl was 4 years old when the video was taken. Some situations werepresented to both kids and were asked out of those situations. The answers given by the twochild made the video a lot interesting and definitely, psychology-related thing. The first thing presented was a tall and narrow glass with water on it and another glass ( smaller and wider in diameter ), also having water on it. It turned out that the water on both glasses were not in the same level. When the two child were asked if the glasses do have thesame amount of water on it, the 4-year old girl answers different from the 7-year old boy. The girl concluded that the glasse4s don·t have the same amount of water since they don·t have thesame level of water for both glasses. On the otherhand, the boy said it was, they have the sameamount of water, it·s just that the other glass was taller and narrower compared to the other glass and furthermore explain everything to defend his answer. The contradicting answers given by the two was the main point of the video. That is, why is it that they gave differentanswers in the same question/situation. The reason behind this is can be answer by Piaget·sStages of Cognitive Development. Definitely, the way a 4-year old child thinks differ with how a7-year old child·s way of thinking. Eventhough both ages were under the pre-operational stageof cognitive development, the boy·s way of perceiving things may be much more advance than the girl. The girl in her answer only focused on one aspect of the situation that·s why she wasable to arrive to her answer. She just focused on the level of water on the glasses andexcluding the height and width of the glasses. On the contrary, the boy gave the right answer that is both glasses have the same amount of water on it eventhough the water was not on thesame level. He was able to consider the characteristics of the glasses and not just the waterlevel in drawing his conclusion as well as in his explanations. From there, we can see that the 7-year old kid just not rely on one aspect of the situation. Indeed, the boy thinks more logically than the girl.Same is through with the cheese. Presented was a cheese cut into 4 pieces and anotherset of cheese, still on its whole. Through a constructive question, the mother asked herchildren which one they·ll choose if they·re hungry and want to eat cheese. The girl choose thecut pieces of cheese which was intended to be cut to look more in number. On the otherhand, the 7-year old boy choose either of the two because he reasoned out that it·s just the same. If we will put the cut pieces together, it will form the same size and shape as the other set of cheese. He even demonstrated how it happened to be like that, he placed the pieces togetherand form a whole cheese. It seems like he was able to now at first that the number of thecheese presented, when put together will form the same shape and size as the other cheese. He

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