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Episode III Battle

Episode III Battle

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Published by: Kountourakis Manolis on Jan 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Episode III: Battle
Valtus barked an order over the com-net, valiantly struggling to be heardover the cries of pain and agony that echoed in his ears. The aliens wereeverywhere and the Marines were getting hard pressed, he leveled his rifle andloosed a round which hit one of the creatures square on its head sending itsprawling towards the wall and then lifeless on the ground. In his helm’s display hecould see the rest of his squad still alive, but he could hear their calls for help;impact jarred him and threw him to the ground as something smashed into himfrom behind. The display flickered for a second as he tumbled on the ground,pushing to spin his body to face his new assailant.Behind him stood a massive beast, easily twice the height of a man, with anoblong head covered in chitinous spines, it was a strange mixture of humanoid andreptilian, with a powerful torso bulging with convulsing muscles and housing fourmassive arms, each ending in a scythe like appendage, the lower part resemblinga snake with a thick scaly hide. It reared its head howling a challenge, the highpitched whine that was emitted from it resembling nothing Valtus had heardbefore, he noticed its maw was filled with more teeth than he could count at theblink of an eye, he reached for his sidearm and fired two shots that seemed to dolittle more than agitate the beast further.It lunged forward with two of its arms poised to strike from above while theother two would provide support, bringing them down they each landed to eachside of the downed Marine, effectively pinning him to the ground while the twoarms lingered above him, ready for the killing blow. Valtus cursed his luck andtried to level his sidearm to fire again, instead he heard a voice barking on thecom-net.“Don’t move Marine”, his curses were replaced by a wicked smile as he identifiedthe voice. The alien’s torso was torn apart as thousands of metallic slugs run itthrough, purplish ichor spraying the downed Marine as the creature toppled andslumped on top of him, with another curse he pushed it aside and stood to his feet,looking to his savior.“About time you guys joined us”, he said in a teasing tone. The towering figure that stood before him lowered the multi barreledweapon that caused the alien’s demise and stared at the Marine, the faceplate of the helm swung open upwards to reveal a female face, though it was not one of gentle features, harsh and sharp cut, with a glint of frenzy in her eyes.
“You know, I should give you the same treatment for that”, she said, almostspitting the words out with disdain.“I know honey, I’ll buy you a beer when we’re done”, Valtus replied, a chuckleescaping his lips.“You’d better”, she replied and the faceplate swung back down, the heavyexoskeleton hissed lightly as the hydraulics forced the suit to move. She turnedabout and stepped down the corridor, leveling her weapon again in pursuit of morebeasts…***** Tal’neda inspected the fallen man before her, he seemed to be fine, unfazedby the psychic strike she was forced to apply on him to subdue him and avoidalerting the whole ship to their presence, in her mind she heard the voice of hercompanion.“Sister, we have no time, we must escape with the Sleeper, the beasts are close”,even if Tal’neda knew that they were not speaking to each other it was as if shewas hearing Kel’jaga’s beautiful voice.She stood without hesitation and turned to face the man lying on the bed, fora brief second she allowed her mind to embrace his body and could feel his painand suffering overwhelming her senses, she breathed out calmly and exerted herpowerful will over the man, slowly suppressing all his pain and stirring his body tohealth.Kel’jaga leaned against her massive crystalline weapon and pulled her cloakaround her, she knew that their suits would protect them even in the frozenexpanse of space for months, but she couldn’t help but feel an unearthly chilldown her spine. In her arm the lance started to shake as the long ribbons thathang from it twirled around it uneasily, she could hear the frenzied hisses of warnings from them as they coiled around the weapon. She clenched her fistforcing them to cease although she knew to heed their warning…*****Marcus felt his body awaken, he saw the face of the woman again, only thistime she was not wearing her mask, her skin was a pale blue color, bright purpleeyes gazed deep into his own and far inside his soul; her hair, a vibrant whitecolor, almost resembling that of ice, shifting with tinges of pale blue. There was no

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