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Soal Soal Un

Soal Soal Un



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Published by syarifahhelvizaaini

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Published by: syarifahhelvizaaini on Jan 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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LATIHAN SOAL DANPREDIKSI SOALUJIAN NASIONAL 2009http://soal-unas.blogspot.com/
1 The Jackson FamilyMr. Jackson is an American teacher, buthe lives and works in Denpasar. Heteaches English at SMP 8. He is a verygood teacher. His students like him.His wife is an Indonesian. She comes fromMedan. They have one son and onedaughter. The children go to a primaryschool.Mr. Jackson’s house is made of wood. Ithas five rooms : a kitchen, abathroom, a living room and twobedrooms. The Jacksons has a house maidto help Mrs Jackson to do the house work. The maid comes from Bantul.1. Where do the Jacksons works?a. In Denpasarb. In Bantulc. In Medand. In America2. What does Mr. Jackson do?He is ....a. a fatherb. a teacherc. a studentd. a house maid3. Mr. Andy : Ah, Tika, come in. Tika : ... I’m late.Mr. Andy : That’s OK. Don’t do it next time,will you?a. I’m sorry.b. I feel glad.c. Nice to meet you.d. See you again sir.4. Reza : I’ve got a problem with mycomputer. ... you repair it?Rudy : Yes, but have you brought it to acomputer technician before?
Reza : Not yet.Rudy : Bring your computer here and I willcheck it.a. Willb. Shallc. Cand. Must
5. Ramdan lost her pen and she asks Buniabout it 
.Ramdan :
Do you know where my pen is
?Buni : …. one?Ramdan :
The red one. The one I put onthe table
.Buni : No, I don’t know where it is.A. WhatB. WhereC. WhoD. Which6. This house has two bathrooms. Abathroom is a room where a person …..A. irons shirtsB. reads booksC. washes clothesD. takes a bathMrs. Abdurrahman is a doctor. She has asharp nose, wavy hair and creamy yellowskin. Mrs. Abdurrahman is tall, slim andbeautiful. Mrs. Abdurrahman works in abig hospital in the city. She works from ateight o'clock in the morning until five atnoon. Everyone likes her.7. What time does Mrs. Abdurrahmanbegin to work?a. At 5.00. c. At 8.00.b. At 7.00. d. At 9.00.8. Mrs. Abdurrahman is a….. doctor.a. lazy c. proudb. kind d. clever
9. Teacher : All right, students. Let’s startthe quiz.Students : Excuse me, Sir. Can we openour books? Teacher : No! …….. Are you ready?Students : Yes, Sir.a. Come to me! c. Close your book!b. Explain to me! d. Open your book!10.X : I want to take my pill....... Y : Sure! A minute, please.a. Do you want some?b. Can you get me a glass of water,please?c. Can you take me to the doctor, please?d. Will you buy it for me, please?11. It …… a book.a. is c. areb. am d. go12. The woman is a teacher. The plural form of the sentence is.a. the woman are teachersb. the woman is a teacherc. the women are teachersd. the women are teacher13. Intan : Mom, can I go to the zoo nextSunday?Mother : I’m afraid you can’t. We ... …yourgrandmother next Sunday.a. visitb. visitedc. have visitedd. are going to visit14. Lia is 15 years old. Ami is 16 years old.It means Lia is …… than Ami.a. taller c. olderb. shorter d. younger

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