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Table Of Contents

Managing Projects
Start ArchiCAD
Create New Project
Close a Project
File Types Recognized by ArchiCAD
File Compression
Template Files
Backup Files
Archive Files
Opening Projects through a Network
Merging Files
Project Preferences
Working Units & Levels
Dimension Units
About Layers
Quick Layers
Create and Use Layer Combinations
Use Layers to Prevent Wall/Column/Beam Intersections
Use Separate Layer Settings for the Layout Book
Place All Elements on a Single “Active Layer” (Simulate Autocad Work Methods)
Line Types
Fill Types
Available Fill Attributes
Composite Structures
Assign a Composite Structure to a Wall, Roof or Slab
Define a Custom Composite Structure
Components of Composite Structures
Pens & Colors/Pen Sets
Apply a Pen Set
Redefine a Pen Set
Transfer a Pen Set to Another Project
Automatic Pen Color Visibility Adjustment for Model Views
Predefined Pen Sets for Specific Functions
About Materials
Display of Materials and Textures in 3D Window
Display of Materials in Section/Elevation/IE Window
Display of Materials in the 3D Document
Display of Materials in Renderings
About Toolbars
Pet Palettes
Customizing your Work Environment
About the Work Environment Dialog Box
Saving Your Customized Work Environment
How to Navigate Among ArchiCAD Windows
Navigation Inside the Active Window
Fit in Window
Navigator Preview (2D)
Navigation in the 3D Window
Accessing 3D Navigation Commands
Explore Model (3D Navigation)
Orbit (3D Navigation)
Navigator Preview (3D)
3Dconnexion Enabler
The Navigator Palette
About the Navigator Palette
Using the Navigator to Open Project Windows
Project Workflow in the Navigator
Organizer Palette (Special Navigator View)
Navigator Color Codes
Navigator Project Map
Navigator View Map
Setting up a View
Saving a View
Modifying View Settings
Quick Options Palette
Navigator Layout Book
Navigator Publisher
External Projects in the Navigator
Editing Concepts
Selecting Elements
Quick Selection of Surface Areas
Select Multiple Elements Using a Selection Rectangle/Polygon
Selection of Overlapping Elements
Selection Feedback
Selection Dots
Selection Highlight
Element Information Highlight
Element Information Pop-up (Info Tags)
The Intelligent Cursor
Deselecting Elements
Find and Select Elements by Criteria
Edit Selection Set
Store and Access Selection Sets
Marquee Area
About Marquee Areas
Marquee Area Definition Options
View Marquee Area in 3D
Removing a Marquee
Copy/Paste Marquee Area from Project Window
Copy Cropped Image File with Marquee Tool
Drag or Stretch Multiple Elements Using Marquee
Other Editing Operations within the Marquee
About Origins in ArchiCAD
Create a User Origin
User Origin in the 3D Window
Use Tracker to Display and Input Coordinates
About the Tracker
Parameters Shown in Tracker
Defining Tracker Coordinates
Coordinate Input in Tracker
Coordinate Input Logic: Expert Options
The Measure Tool
The Grid System
Grid Snap Function
Guide Lines
About Guide Lines
Turn Guide Lines on or off
Types of Guide Lines
Defining Your Preferred Guide Lines
Placing Guide Lines During Input
Removing Guide Lines
Examples for Using Guide Lines
Mouse Constraints
Using Mouse Constraints
Projection Mode of Cursor with Mouse Constraints
Coordinate Constraints
Relative Construction Methods
Parallel and Perpendicular Constraints
Angle Bisector Constraint
Offset and Multiple Offset (Relative Construction Methods)
Aligning Elements to a Surface in 3D
Snapping to Existing Elements
Special Snap Points
Special Snap Points on Temporary Vector
Cursor Snap Range
Elevation and Gravity
About Elevation of Elements
Elevation Values in the Tracker
Reference Levels
Elevation and Stories in the 3D Window
Cancel Operations with Esc and Backspace Keys
Basic Editing Techniques
Moving Elements
Nudging Elements
Dragging Elements
Rotating Elements
Mirroring Elements
Elevating Elements
Align Elements
About the Align function
How to Align Elements
Special Align
Distribute Elements
Special Distribute
Modifying Element Sizes
Overview of Modifying Element Size
Stretching Walls
Modifying Slanted Walls and Columns
Modifying Beams
Modifying Complex Profile Elements
Reshaping Polygons and Chained Elements
Stretching with the Marquee Tool
Stretch Height
Resize (Enlarge or Reduce) Elements
Splitting Elements
Adjusting Elements
Intersect Two Elements
Create a Fillet or Chamfer
Trimming Elements to Intersection Point(s)
Adding Element Nodes
Editing Element Nodes
Curve/Straighten Element Edge
Explode into Current View
Creating Element Duplicates
Drag, Rotate, Mirror Element Copies
Multiplying Elements
Drag & Drop
Parameter Transfer
Grouping Elements
Lock/Unlock Elements
Display Order
Magic Wand
About the Magic Wand
How to Create an Element with the Magic Wand
Using the Magic Wand in 3D
Using the Magic Wand to Add/Subtract Polygon Shapes
“Virtual Trace:” Using References to Edit and Compare Model Views and Drawings
About Trace References
Access Trace Reference Commands
Show/Hide Trace Reference
Choosing a Trace Reference
Set Color/Visibility Options for Trace Reference
Move Reference
Rebuild Trace Reference
Compare Reference with Active
Consolidating Lines and Fills in Drawing Windows
Why Consolidate?
Linework Consolidation
Fill Consolidation
ArchiCAD Model Views
About Model Views in ArchiCAD
Floor Plan Window
About Stories
Navigate Among Stories
Defining Story Display in 3D
Defining Story Display in Section/Elevation/IE
Manage Stories
Story Level Lines
Floor Plan Cut Plane (Global Setting)
How to Display Individual Elements on the Floor Plan
Set Home Story
Control Element Display by Story (Show On Stories)
Line Types of Construction Elements Displayed Across Stories
Define Element’s Floor Plan Display
Define Range of Element’s Projected Display (Show Projection)
Examples of Floor Plan Display Settings
3D Window
Show All in 3D
Show Selection in 3D
Show Marquee Area in 3D
Default Display in 3D
Filter Elements to Show in 3D
Save Contents of 3D Window as a View
3D Engines
3D View Modes
3D Projections
3D Navigation Extras
3D “Cutaway” Sections
About Sections
Create a Section Viewpoint
Define Horizontal/Vertical Range of Section Viewpoint
Define Marker Reference for Source Marker
Assign Section Status
Display of Elements in Section Window
Open a Section Viewpoint
Place a Linked Section Marker
Define Marker Reference for Linked Marker
Place an Unlinked Marker
Create an Independent Section Viewpoint
Updating Sections
Summary of Rebuild Commands
Display of Section Lines and Markers
Adjusting or Breaking Section Lines
Interior Elevations (IE)
About Interior Elevations
Create Single Interior Elevation Viewpoint
Create Multiple IE Viewpoints
Interior Elevation IDs and Names
Editing Interior Elevation Viewpoints
Editing the Interior Elevation Limit Line
Vertical and Horizontal Range of the Interior Elevation
Interior Elevations and Zone Shape
Display of Elements in Interior Elevation
3D Document
About the 3D Document
Create a 3D Document
The 3D Document and its 3D Window Source
Redefine the 3D Document
Model Display of the 3D Document
About Details
Create a Detail Drawing Viewpoint with Model Source
Contents of the Detail Viewpoint
Place a Linked Detail Marker
Place an Unlinked Detail Marker
Create an Independent Detail Viewpoint
Display of Detail/Worksheet Boundary
Update Detail/Worksheet Marker Boundary
Display of Detail Drawing Icons in the Navigator
Updating the Detail Window
About Worksheets
Worksheet vs. Detail
Create a Worksheet Drawing with Model Source
Contents of the Worksheet Window
Annotations, Dimensions and Markers Cut by the Boundary
Editing in the Worksheet Window
Create an Independent Worksheet Viewpoint
Place a Linked Worksheet Marker
Place an Unlinked Worksheet Marker
Managing Markers in ArchiCAD
About Markers
Display of Marker Range Lines
Source Marker Highlight
Changing Marker Type
Transfer Marker Parameters
Copying a Marker
Navigation Using Markers
Find Linked Markers
Check Markers Palette
Deleting a Viewpoint/View/Drawing with a Marker
Deleting a Marker
Interactive Schedule
About Schedules
Open a Schedule
Show Schedule Data for Selected Items
Editing and Updating Schedules
Define a Schedule Using Scheme Settings
Sort Schedule Fields
Format a Schedule
Schedule Headers
Restructure Schedule to Fit Layout
Split Schedule into Multiple Layouts
Project Indexes
About Project Indexes
Index of Published Items
Construction Elements
How to Place a Construction Element in ArchiCAD
About Walls
Create a Straight Wall
Create a Curved Wall
Create a Chain of Walls
Create a Rectangle of Walls
Create a Trapezoid Wall
Create a Composite Wall
Create a Polygon Wall (PolyWall)
Create a Slanted or Double-Slanted Wall
Create a Log Wall
Create a Gable Wall
Wall-Wall Intersections
Modify Wall Geometry (Add-On)
Walls and Other Elements
Column Display on Floor Plan
Column Display in 3D
Creating Columns
Create a Slanted Column
Columns and Other Elements
Beam Reference Axis
Beam Display on the Floor Plan
Create a Beam
Create a Hole in a Beam
How to Change Angle of Beam End Faces
Beams and Other Elements
Place a Wall/Column/Beam with a Complex Profile
About Complex Profile Elements
Create Roof Level Lines
Set Custom Roof Edge Angle
Intersect Roof Planes
Trim Element to Roof
Create Special Roof Objects with RoofMaker
Creating Slabs
Placing Holes in Slabs
Display of Meshes
Create a Mesh
Edit Elevation of a Mesh Point
Add New Points to the Mesh
Create a Hole in the Mesh
Zone Categories
2D Display of Zone Fills
Zone Stamps
3D Display of Zone Spaces
Creating Zones
Trim Zone to Another Element
Calculating Zone Area and Zone Volume
Updating Zones
Update Zones Dialog Box
Curtain Wall: A System Tool
Working with Curtain Walls: Overview
Curtain Wall Members
Create a Curtain Wall
Define Curtain Wall Input Plane in 3D Window
System-Level Editing
Curtain Wall Display
Curtain Wall Edit Mode
About Curtain Wall Edit Mode
Edit Grid
Edit Curtain Wall Boundary
See “Edit Curtain Wall Boundary in Section” on page 292
Edit Curtain Wall Boundary in Section
Add Additional Curtain Wall Boundary
Edit Curtain Wall Reference Line
Curtain Wall Frames
About Curtain Wall Frames
Curtain Wall Panels
See “Place a Door- or Window-Type Panel” on page 300
Curtain Wall Junctions
Curtain Wall Accessories
Curtain Walls and Other Elements
Connect Wall to Curtain Wall
See “Connect Wall to Curtain Wall” on page 306
Free-Rotate Curtain Wall
Attach Labels to Curtain Wall Members
Parametric Objects
About Parametric Objects
Object Settings of Library Part Elements
Where to Find Objects for Use in ArchiCAD
Locating a Library Part
Placing an Object
Selecting a Placed Object
Stretching Objects
Customizing Object Parameters
Parameter Transfer Between Objects
Graphical Editing Using Editable Hotspots
Create Patch Object
Graphic Creation of Custom Objects
Saving Library Parts from the Project File
Saving 2D Symbols as Library Parts
Saving 3D Models as Objects
Saving Rectangular Doors and Windows from the Project File
Saving Custom Shape Doors and Windows from the Project File
Scripting Custom Objects
Custom Components
Floor Plan Display of Doors/Windows
Setting the Window/Door Plane in Slanted or Complex Walls
Anchoring Sill or Header Heights
Placing Doors or Windows
Creating an Empty Opening
Moving Wall Openings
Corner Windows
Wall Ends
Stairs (Predefined Stair Objects)
Displaying Stairs on the Floor Plan
Custom Stairs with StairMaker
StairMaker Add-On
Custom Stair Based on a Standard Stair Type
Geometry and Flight Settings (StairMaker)
Structure and Landing (StairMaker)
Tread Settings (StairMaker)
Railings (StairMaker)
Symbol Settings (StairMaker)
Listing Settings (StairMaker)
Check and Save Stair
Custom Stair Based on Manually Drawn Elements
Element Extras
Creating Trusses in the Floor Plan
Editing Trusses
Creating Trusses in Section/Elevation/IE Windows
Solid Element Operations
About Solid Element Operations
Solid Operation Types
Solid Operations: Element Display and Calculation
Solid Operation Example
Partial Structure Display Settings in Windows Based on a Source Marker
Intersections of Partially Displayed Elements
Doors and Windows in Partial Structure Display
About Fills
Fill Categories
Fill Category: Advanced Settings for a Freehand Fill
Assign a Fill to a Construction Element
Draw a Freehand Fill
Defining Fill Types
Fill Display Mode: Vectorial vs. Bitmap
Display of Vectorial Hatching
Set Orientation of Vectorial Hatching
Model View Options: Global Settings for Fill Display
Create New Symbol Fill
Adding Area Text to a Fill
Gradient Fills
Image Fills
Line Categories in ArchiCAD
Drawing a Single Straight Line Segment
Stretching or Shrinking Lines
Drawing Circular Arcs and Full Circles
Stretching Curves
Editing an Arc Using its Tangent
Drawing Elliptical Arcs and Full Ellipses
Convert Ellipse to Circle
Drawing Splines
Editing Splines
Drawing Freehand Curves
Drawing Polylines and Chained Lines
Decompose a Polyline
Unify Drafting Elements into Polyline
Drawings in Model Views
Placing Drawings into a Model window
Placing Dimensions
Glossary of Dimensioning Terms
Static Dimensions
Linear Dimensions
Linear Dimensions in the 3D Document Window
Dimensioning Overlapping Elements
Elevation Dimensions
Dimensioning Wall Thickness
Radial Dimensions
Level Dimensions
Angle Dimensions
Editing a Dimension Chain
Modify the Witness Line
Dimension Text Options
Move or Edit Dimension Text
Associative Dimensions in Sections/Elevations/IE and 3D Document
Secondary Dimensions (Add-On)
Automatic Exterior Dimensioning
Automatic Interior Dimensioning
The Grid Tool
About the Grid Tool
Components of a Grid Element
Visibility of a Grid Element
Creating a Straight Grid Element
Creating a Curved Grid Element
Editing a Grid Element
Place a Grid System
Text Blocks
Placing Text Blocks
Formatting Text Blocks As a Whole
Resizing Text Graphically
Applying Favorite Text Settings
Formatting Individual Components of Text Blocks
How to Insert Autotext
Autotext Reference Drawing
Placing Independent Labels
Placing Associative Labels
Tool-Specific Default Labels
Placing Member Labels on Curtain Walls
Define Default Text Content of Labels
Symbol Labels
Text Editing in ArchiCAD
Search and Replace Text
Spell Checker
Editing Commands in Text-Type Windows
The Layout Book
Layouting Work Environment
Layout Book Components
About the Layout Book
Master Layouts
Drawings in the Layout Book
Placing Drawings Onto the Layout
See also “Importing PDF Files As Drawings” on page 429
Arranging Multiple Drawings on the Layout
Importing PDF Files As Drawings
Modifying Drawings on the Layout
Drawing Titles
Managing and Updating Placed Drawings
Deleting a Drawing
Layout and Drawing IDs
Simple Layout Numbering
Automatic Layout ID Assignment
Custom Layout/Subset IDs
Drawing IDs
Layouting Workflow Schemes
Smaller Projects
Mid-Size Projects
Larger Projects
Layouting in Teamwork
Publisher Function
Planning to Publish
Defining a Publisher Set
Defining Output Method
Defining Output Format
Viewing and Redlining DWF Files
Publishing Process
PDF Output
Create PDF Output Using the Publisher
Save Document in PDF Format
3D Content in PDF (WIN only)
Calculation Sources
Calculation Setup
List Types
Displaying Lists
Element Information
ID Management
Project Setup in Teamwork
Team Roles
Sharing the Project
Changing Workspace
Working Inside the Reserved Area
View Maps and Publisher Sets in Teamwork
Workflow in Teamwork
Sending and Receiving Changes
Working on a Local Copy
Teamwork Techniques
Working Off-Line
Library Management in Teamwork
Teamwork Files
Troubleshooting in Teamwork
Teamwork Strategies
Small Firms
Medium Size Firms
Large Practices
Hotlinked Modules
About Hotlinked Modules
Create Module
See “Place Module” on page 484
Place Module
Modules Involving Multiple Stories
Editing Module Content
Edit Hotlink Source in Separate ArchiCAD
Managing Hotlinks
Modules: Multiplatform Issues
Hotlinked Modules and Teamwork
XREFs and the Layer Structure
Using XREFs in Round-Trip Communication
Data Exchange
Opening DWG/DXF Files
Saving DWG/DXF Files
Merge a DXF/DWG File
Round-Trip Conversion (Smart Merge)
Project Reviewer
Project Reviewer Example
Project Mark-Up
About Project Mark-Up
Version Management with Mark-Up
Mark-Up Concepts
Publishing and Retrieving Mark-Up Information
Teamwork and Project Mark-Up
Mark-Up Example in Teamwork
Basic LightWorks Options
Expert LightWorks Options
VR Scenes
Sun Study
Align View
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