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Table Of Contents

Technical support
About this manual
Typographical conventions
System requirements
Installation and program startup
Installing under Windows
Installing under Windows Mobile or Windows CE
Installing under Linux
Screen elements
Title bar
Menu bar
Standard toolbar
Formatting toolbar
Edit toolbar
Document window
Status bar
Special instructions for Windows Mobile
PlanMaker basics
The structure of a spreadsheet
Moving around in a worksheet
Entering data
Deleting data
Undoing changes
Starting a new document
Opening a document
Printing a document
Saving a document
Exiting PlanMaker
The PlanMaker Tour
Five minutes of theory …
First steps with PlanMaker
Entering values and formulas
Going three-dimensional
Changing the layout of worksheets
Editing worksheets
Entering data in cells
Repeating commands
Selecting cells
Deleting cells and cell contents
Deleting whole cells
Deleting the contents of cells
Moving and copying cells
Pasting cells selectively
Inserting new cells
Filling cells automatically
Tips and tricks for automatic filling
Working with multiple worksheets
Creating new worksheets
Working with the worksheet register
Managing worksheets
Calculating in three dimensions
Naming cell ranges
Assigning names to cell ranges
Deleting and renaming names
Defining names automatically from the selection
Creating a list of all named ranges
Putting named ranges to use
Applying names in existing formulas
Sorting cells
Transposing cells
Filtering cells by their contents
Special filter
Analyzing tables
Displaying formulas instead of results
Syntax highlighting
Watch window for cell contents
Formula auditing
Updating tables
Inserting comments
Creating scenarios
Viewing scenarios
Managing scenarios
Merging scenarios
Creating a scenario summary
Freezing rows and columns
Inserting special characters
Formatting worksheets
Cell size
Changing cell sizes using the mouse
Changing cell sizes using menu commands
Hiding rows or columns
Number format
List of all number formats available
Working with user-defined number formats
Structure of a user-defined format
Borders and lines
Character format
Typeface and font size
Text styles
Text color
Superscript and subscript
Letter spacing and character pitch
Removing character formatting
Paragraph format (text frames only)
Paragraph indents (text frames only)
Line spacing (text frames only)
Paragraph alignment (text frames only)
Hyphenation (text frames only)
Spacing above/below a paragraph (text frames only)
Character styles
Creating character styles
Applying character styles
Modifying character styles
The character style Normal
Creating linked character styles
Cell styles
Creating cell styles
Applying cell styles
Modifying cell styles
The cell style Normal
Creating linked cell styles
Document templates
Creating document templates
Using document templates
Modifying document templates
The document template Normal.pmv
Conditional formatting
Input validation
Transfer formatting
Page setup
Page format
Additional page setup options
Headers and footers
Page breaks
Search & replace
Search again & replace again
Search and replace options
Jumping to specific cell addresses
Jumping to specific contents of a table
Objects (pictures, drawings, etc.)
Objects – basic procedures
Inserting objects
Selecting objects
Object mode
Changing position and size of objects
Rotating and flipping objects
Aligning and distributing objects
Duplicating objects
Changing the properties of objects
Changing the properties of text frames
Inserting pictures
Scanning pictures
Changing the properties of picture frames
OLE objects
Inserting OLE objects
Editing OLE objects
Editing links to OLE objects
Changing the properties of OLE objects
Using Equation Editor objects
Inserting drawings
Adding text to AutoShapes
Changing the properties of drawings
Inserting charts
Editing charts
Changing the chart type
Changing the arrangement of data series
Working with chart elements
Changing common chart properties
Updating charts
Working with forms objects
Inserting forms objects
Labels and groupboxes
Language tools
Setting up the language
Spell checking
Manual spell checking
Spell checking as you type
Editing user dictionaries
Creating SmartText entries
Inserting SmartText entries
Editing SmartText entries
Managing documents
Quick paths
Defining quick paths
Using quick paths
Editing and deleting quick paths
Document summary
The file manager
The file manager’s buttons
Searching with the file manager
Grouping cells
Showing/hiding grouped cells
Outliner options
Internet functions
Working with links
Saving HTML documents
Outputting documents
Print preview
Exporting to a PDF file
Protecting cells and documents
Sheet protection
Step 1: Setting up protection settings for cells
Step 2: Activating sheet protection
To activate sheet protection:
Deactivating sheet protection
Workbook protection
Activating workbook protection
To activate workbook protection:
Deactivating workbook protection
Document protection
Enabling document protection
Disabling document protection
Working with other file formats
Saving and opening files in other file formats
Working with text files
Working with Excel files
Opening and saving Excel files
Differences between PlanMaker and Excel
Working with Arabic text
Activating extended support for Arabic text
Changing the text direction in table cells
Changing the text direction in text frames
Changing the direction of worksheets
Changing the font of Arabic text (in text frames)
Scripts (BasicMaker)
Document windows
Creating document windows
Activating document windows
Closing document windows
Maximizing document windows
Minimizing document windows
Arranging document windows
Using document tabs
Moving data between document windows
Customizing PlanMaker
Preferences, View property sheet
Preferences, General property sheet
Preferences, Edit property sheet
Preferences, Appearance property sheet
Preferences, Language property sheet
Preferences, Files property sheet
Preferences, System property sheet
Document properties
Document properties, Summary property sheet
Document properties, Colors property sheet
Document properties, Internet property sheet
Document properties, Statistics property sheet
Document properties, Options property sheet
Document properties, Calculate property sheet
Document properties, Protection property sheet
Worksheet properties
Customizing the document display
Zoom level
Full screen view
Exit full screen view
Customizing toolbars
Displaying and hiding toolbars
Positioning toolbars on the screen
Managing toolbars
Customizing toolbar icons
Creating user-defined toolbar icons
Customizing keyboard shortcuts
Activating a keyboard mapping
Creating a new keyboard mapping
Renaming or deleting a keyboard mapping
Editing the shortcuts in a keyboard mapping
Resetting the shortcuts in a keyboard mapping
Customizing AutoFill lists
Creating a new AutoFill list
Editing AutoFill lists
Deleting AutoFill lists
Importing AutoFill list from cells
Formulas and functions
Formula basics
Arithmetic operators in formulas
Entering formulas
Relative vs. absolute cell references
External cell references
Entering external cell references
Updating and managing external cell references
Error values
Working with arrays
Working with database functions
Functions from A to Z
ABS (absolute value)
ACOS (arccosine)
ACOSH (inverse hyperbolic cosine)
ACOT (arccotangent)
ACOTH (inverse arccotangent)
ADDRESS (cell address as text)
AND (logical AND function)
AREAS (number of areas)
ASIN (arcsine)
ASINH (inverse hyperbolic sine)
ATAN (arctangent)
ATAN2 (arctangent 2)
ATANH (inverse hyperbolic tangent)
AVEDEV (average deviation)
AVERAGE (arithmetic mean)
AVERAGEA (arithmetic mean)
B (PlanMaker 97 compatibility function)
BESSELI (modified Bessel function In(x))
BESSELJ (Bessel function Jn(x))
BESSELK (modified Bessel function Kn(x))
COLUMN (column number of a reference)
COLUMNS (number of columns in a range)
COMBIN (combinations)
COMPLEX (create complex number)
CONCATENATE (concatenate text strings)
CONFIDENCE (confidence interval)
CONVERT (unit conversion)
CURRENCY (format number as currency)
DATE (create a date value)
DATEDIF (date difference)
DATEVALUE (convert text into date value)
DAVERAGE (database function)
DAY (day of a date)
DAYS (days between two dates)
DAYS360 (days between two dates)
DAYSPERMONTH (days per month)
DAYSPERYEAR (days per year)
DB (fixed-declining balance depreciation)
DCOUNT (database function)
DCOUNTA (database function)
DDB (double-declining balance depreciation)
DEC2BIN (decimal number to binary number)
DEC2HEX (decimal number to hexadecimal number)
DEC2OCT (decimal number to octal number)
DECIBEL (decibel value of two quantities)
DECIMALS (fractional part of a number)
DEGREES (convert radians to degrees)
DELTA (test for equality)
DEVSQ (average square deviation)
DGET (database function)
DMAX (database function)
DMIN (database function)
DOLLARDE (dollar price, decimal)
DOLLARFR (dollar price, fraction)
DPRODUCT (database function)
DSTDEV (database function)
DSTDEVP (database function)
DSUM (database function)
DVAR (database function)
DVARP (database function)
EDATE (date before/after n months)
EFFECT (effective interest rate)
EOMONTH (end of month in n months)
ERF (Gaussian error function)
ERFC (complement of Gaussian error function)
ERROR.TYPE (error type)
EUROCONVERT (convert EU currencies)
EVEN (round up to next even number)
EXACT (compare texts)
EXP (power of e)
EXPONDIST (exponential distribution)
FACT (factorial)
FACTDOUBLE (double factorial)
FALSE (logical value FALSE)
FDIST (F distribution)
FILENAME (file name of the document)
FIND (search for text)
FINV (percentiles of the F distribution)
FISHER (Fisher transformation)
FISHERINV (inverse of the Fisher transformation)
Returns the inverse of the Fisher transformation
FIXED (format number as text with fixed decimals)
FLOOR (round down to a multiple of base)
FORECAST (forecast using linear regression)
FREQUENCY (frequency)
FTEST (F-test)
FV (future value)
FVSCHEDULE (future value)
GAMMADIST (gamma distribution)
GAMMAINV (percentiles of the gamma distribution)
GAMMALN (logarithm of the gamma function)
GAUSS (PlanMaker 97 compatibility function)
GCD (greatest common divisor)
GEOMEAN (geometric mean)
GESTEP (greater or equal to threshold value?)
GROWTH (values of an exponential regression)
Returns the values of an exponential regression
HARMEAN (harmonic mean)
HEX2BIN (hexadecimal number to binary number)
HEX2DEC (hexadecimal number to decimal number)
HEX2OCT (hexadecimal number to octal number)
HLOOKUP (look up row-wise)
HOLIDAY (dates of movable Christian holidays)
HOUR (hour)
HYPERLINK (hyperlink)
HYPGEOMDIST (hypergeometric distribution)
IF (if-then-else condition)
IMABS (absolute value of a complex number)
IMAGINARY (imaginary coefficient of a complex number)
IMARGUMENT (angle of a complex number)
IMCONJUGATE (conjugate complex number)
IMCOS (cosine of a complex number)
IMDIV (division of complex numbers)
IMEXP (exponential of a complex number)
IMLN (natural logarithm of a complex number)
IMLOG10 (base-10 logarithm of a complex number)
IMLOG2 (base-2 logarithm of a complex number)
IMNEG (negative value of a complex number)
IMPOWER (power of a complex number)
IMPRODUCT (product of complex numbers)
IMREAL (real coefficient of a complex number)
IMSIN (sine of a complex number)
IMSQRT (square root of a complex number)
IMSUB (difference of complex numbers)
IMSUM (sum of complex numbers)
INDEX (cell in a particular row/column of a range)
INDIRECT (create reference from text)
INT (round down to nearest integer)
INTERCEPT (intercept point of a linear trend)
INTERSECTION (intersection of two ranges)
IPMT (interest payment)
IRR (internal rate of return)
ISBLANK (is empty?)
ISERR (is an error value except #N/A?)
ISERROR (is an error value?)
ISEVEN (is an even number?)
ISFORMULA (is a formula?)
ISLOGICAL (is a logical value?)
ISNA (is not available?)
ISNONTEXT (is no text?)
ISNUMBER (is numeric?)
ISNUMBERP (PlanMaker 97 compatibility function)
ISODD (is an odd number?)
ISOWEEK (number of week, ISO standard)
ISPMT (interest payment)
ISREF (is a valid reference?)
ISTEXT (is text?)
KURT (kurtosis)
LARGE (k-th largest number)
LASTPRINTED (date last printed)
LASTSAVED (date last saved)
LCM (least common multiple)
LEFT (left part of a text string)
LEN (length)
LINEST (statistics of a linear regression)
Returns statistics of a linear regression
LN (natural logarithm)
LOG (logarithm)
LOG10 (base-10 logarithm)
LOGEST (statistics of an exponential regression)
Returns statistics of an exponential regression
LOGINV (percentiles of the gamma distribution)
LOGNORMDIST (lognormal distribution)
LOOKUP (search cell range)
LOWER (convert text to lower case)
MATCH (relative position in a range)
MAX (maximum)
MAXA (maximum)
MDETERM (matrix determinant)
MID (part of a text string)
MILLISECONDS (milliseconds)
MIN (minimum)
MINA (minimum)
MINUTE (minute)
MINVERSE (inverse matrix)
MIRR (modified internal rate of return)
MMULT (product of matrices)
MOD (remainder of a division, Excel method)
MODE (most frequently occurring value)
MODP (remainder of a division, PlanMaker method)
MONTH (month of a date)
MROUND (round to a multiple of base)
MSOLVE (solution of matrix equation Ax=B)
MULTINOMIAL (multinomial coefficient)
N (convert value into number)
NA (error value #N/A)
NEG (negative value)
NEGBINOMDIST (negative binomial distribution)
NETWORKDAYS (number of workdays)
NOMINAL (nominal interest rate)
NORMDIST (normal distribution)
NORMINV (percentiles of the normal distribution)
NORMSDIST (standard normal distribution)
NORMSINV (percentiles of the standard distribution)
NOT (logical NOT function)
NOW (current date and time)
NPER (number of periods)
NPV (net present value)
OCT2BIN (octal number to binary number)
OCT2DEC (octal number to decimal number)
OCT2HEX (octal number to hexadecimal number)
ODD (round up to next odd number)
OFFSET (shifted reference)
OR (logical OR function)
PCF (interest for fixed-interest investments)
PEARSON (Pearson correlation coefficient)
PERCENTILE (percentiles of a data set)
PERCENTRANK (percent rank in a data set)
PERIOD (duration of fixed-interest investments)
PERMUT (permutations)
PHI (PlanMaker 97 compatibility function)
PI (pi)
PMT (payment)
POISSON (Poisson distribution)
POWER (power)
PPMT (payment on the principal)
PROB (probability)
PRODUCT (product)
PROPER (convert text to upper/lower case)
PV (present value)
QUARTILE (quartiles of a data set)
QUOTIENT (quotient of a division)
RADIANS (convert degrees to radians)
RAND (random value)
RANDBETWEEN (random value)
RANK (rank in a data set)
RATE (rate per period)
REPLACE (replace text in a text string)
REPT (repeat text string)
RIGHT (right part of a text string)
ROMAN (Roman numeral)
ROUND (round)
ROUNDDOWN (round down)
ROUNDUP (round up)
ROW (row number of a reference)
ROWS (number of rows in a range)
RSQ (square of Pearson)
SEARCH (search for text)
SECOND (second)
SERIESSUM (sum of a power series)
SHEETNAME (name of a worksheet)
SHEETNUMBER (index of a worksheet)
SIGN (sign of a number)
SIN (sine)
SINH (hyperbolic sine)
SKEW (skewness of a distribution)
SLN (straight-line depreciation)
SLOPE (slope of a linear trend)
SMALL (k-th smallest number)
SORTM (sort)
SORTV (sort)
SQRT (square root)
SQRTN (n-th root)
SQRTPI (square root of x*Pi)
STANDARDIZE (standardized value)
STDEV (standard deviation of a sample)
STDEVA (standard deviation of a sample)
STDEVP (standard deviation of entire population)
STDEVPA (standard deviation of entire population)
STEYX (standard error of a linear regression)
Returns the standard error of a linear regression
SUBSTITUTE (replace text in a text string)
SUBTOTAL (subtotal, ignoring filters)
SUM (Sum)
SUMIF (sum if condition is true)
SUMPRODUCT (sum of products)
SUMSQ (sum of squares)
SUMX2MY2 (sum of x^2 - y^2)
SUMX2PY2 (sum of x^2 + y^2)
SUMXMY2 (sum of (x - y)^2)
SYD (sum-of-years’ digits depreciation)
T (convert value into text string)
TAN (tangent)
TANH (hyperbolic tangent)
TDIST (t-distribution)
TEXT (convert number into text string)
TIME (create time)
TIMEDIFF (time difference)
TIMEVALUE (convert text into time)
TINV (percentiles of the t-distribution)
TODAY (current date)
TRANSPOSE (transposed matrix)
TREND (values of a linear regression)
TRIM (remove spaces from text)
TRIMMEAN (mean ignoring marginal values)
TRUE (logical value TRUE)
TRUNC (truncate a number)
TTEST (t-test)
TYPE (type of a value)
UPPER (convert text to upper case)
USERFIELD (user field)
VALUE (convert text into a number)
VAR (variance of a sample)
VARA (variance of a sample)
VARP (variance of entire population)
VARPA (variance of entire population)
VLOOKUP (look up column-wise)
WEEKDAY (weekday)
WEEKNUM (number of week)
WEIBULL (Weibull distribution)
WORKDAY (date after x workdays)
XIRR (internal rate of return)
XNPV (net present value)
XOR (logical XOR function)
YEAR (year of a date)
ZTEST (z-test)
Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts for editing spreadsheets
Keyboard shortcuts for menu commands
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