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Small Worlds: Macro and Close-Up Photography 2010 Book 2

Small Worlds: Macro and Close-Up Photography 2010 Book 2



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Published by Michael Erlewine
Free e-book of large images of macro and close-up nature photography by photographer Michael Erlewine. Free e-book, so share, but not to be charged for.
Free e-book of large images of macro and close-up nature photography by photographer Michael Erlewine. Free e-book, so share, but not to be charged for.

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Published by: Michael Erlewine on Jan 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Small Worlds 2010 Book 2
Small Worlds 2010
Photography by Michael Erlewine2010 Book Two
Small Worlds 2010 Book 2
Heart Center Publications315 Marion AvenueBig Rapids, Michigan 49307Michael@Erlewine.netFirst Published 2011© Michael Erlewine 2011ISBN 9781450526258All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a re-trieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means, electronic, mechani-cal, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the prior written permission ofthe publisher. This photo book may be shared provided no fee is charged.All photos taken by Michael Erlewine, © 2007-2011 Michael ErlewineCover, format, and graphic design by Michael Erlewine
Photo: The Earthwork Farm in Lake City, Michigan 
Small Worlds 2010 Book 2
My Key to Taking Good Photos
Te poet Gerard Manley Hopkins came up witha concept that struck me as true. He even madeup his own word to describe it, “inscape.” In-scape was to Hopkins an insight or path intothe eternal or beautiul, literally the way or signo the beautiul in the world around us. Let meexplain.I look orward to my trips out into the elds andwoods. Tey oer me a chance to get my headtogether, to relax rom the day-to-day grind o running a business, and generally to relax a bit.Tis is not to say that just going outside andwalking in nature means that I am instantly re-laxed. Tat usually takes time.It is the same with taking photos. In the rst tenminutes o a photo shoot I oen don’t see all thatmuch to photograph. Tis too takes time, timeor me to slow down, open up, and ‘see’, and letthe natural beauty all around me in. It could bethat I am still lled with all the workaday-worldthoughts, the things I have to do, problems, andwhat-have-you. It takes time or my mind to re-lax and let go o its constant chatter. Tis day-to-day endless worry and thinking aects my pho-tography. And here is where the word ‘inscape’comes in.As I get out there and wander through the eldsor wherever, I gradually start to slow down andbegin to see things that are beautiul, scenes thatI might actually want to photograph. Slowly my  view o the natural world around me starts toopen up again, and I begin to experience thingsdierently. I begin to ‘see’. It takes time and usu-ally does not happen all at once.Tis little pattern o leaves over here or the way the light comes through the orest canopy grabsme just a little bit and the chatter o my mindpauses and begins to slow down. As I walk along,some little thing or scene appears beautiul tome; I am touched by it, however lightly at rst.I gradually get distracted rom my daily distrac-tions and begin to center.Tese little moments are ‘inscapes’, ways out o my mundane world and into the beauty o na-ture or, more accurately, back into the state o my own mind or being. As I take my time, I am ableto see the beauty in things once again, and whatI am seeing suddenly seems worth photograph-ing. Like most o us, I photograph what catchesmy interest, what I nd beautiul or worthy inthe world around me.Tese inscapes are signals that catch my atten-tion, and they fag me down on my busy way orward to nowhere-in-particular. Tese mo-ments and signs are how I stop going nowhereand manage to almost miraculously arrivesomewhere once again, perhaps only at my ownpeace o mind. Tis is one o the unctions o thebeautiul, to catch us in the turmoil o lie, fag usdown, and induce us to pull over and take a mo-ment o rest - some time out. Tese moments o inscape are dierent on dierent days and dier-ent or dierent people. Tey represent the cluesor signs that catch our attention and show us theway into the beauty o the natural world, actu-ally the beauty o our own mind. Another way o saying this might be: what is beauty actually?What happens when we see something beauti-ul?Beauty is not simply somewhere out there innature waiting to be ound, but always here with-in us, locked within us, we who are seeing thisnature. Only we can see the beautiul. Beauty breaks down the rush o the everyday world andopens our heart a wee bit, making us vulnerableonce again, more open to experience and input.Trough the natural beauty outside we go insideand experience the inner beauty o things, whichis none other than our own inner beauty. Tat iswhat beauty is or, to be touched on, seen, so thatwe nd once again the beauty within our ownhearts that we may have lost through the distrac-tions o our daily lie. We orgot. We look outsidein nature to see in here, to see into our own heartonce again.We can be sensitive to beauty in our photogra-phy. I would hate to tell you how many photo-graphs I have o this or that butterfy or critter

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