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William Henry - SHOW HIM THE DOOR. A Brief Commentary on Michael Heiser’s Shortsighted Slight of Sitchin

William Henry - SHOW HIM THE DOOR. A Brief Commentary on Michael Heiser’s Shortsighted Slight of Sitchin

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Published by: Dragomir Vasile Valentin on Jan 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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A Brief Commentary on Michael Heiser’s Shortsighted Slight of Sitchinby William HenryApril 23, 2003
Short sighted 1.
not able to see far.2.
not able to understand things deep.3.
defective or limited intellectual sight 
INTRODUCTIONIn articles on his website and interviews on
Coast to Coast AM 
(04/14/03) authorMichael Heiser has challenged to debate Zecharia Sitchin about Nibiru and the bible.While some critics claim Sitchin is out of step with mainstream archaeologicalopinion, and that he takes liberties with his interpretations of Sumerian tablets in hisclaim that Nibiru is a missing 12
planet in our solar system from which extraterrestrialcreator gods hailed, Heiser dismisses Sitchin’s work as erroneous, flawed, and in anutshell, wrong. He accuses Sitchin of making up the whole idea of the 12
planet. Heseems to think Sitchin is depriving some village somewhere of an idiot. Friends of Sitchin’s say the old school curmudgeon would never stoop to a debate with the upstartHeiser. Critics maintain his attempted demolition of Sitchin is merely a transparent ployto jump-start his writing career and get his visa punched on the interview/lecture circuit.With this kind of approach he should go far (hopefully toward coming up with originalideas of his own), and the sooner he starts, the better. People know what a Zach Sitchinbook is. People don’t know what a Mike Heiser book is.Sitchin’s isn’t the only fountain of knowledge Mike gargled on. In addition, on hiswebsite he also spat a challenge at me.“I challenge Zecharia Sitchin; his webmaster, Erik Parker; Lloyd Pye; Alan Alford;William Henry; Jordan Maxwell; and anyone else who rapes the biblical text to say that itcontains accounts of extraterrestrial spacecraft, aliens from other planets, and thathumanity was created by alien intervention, to publicly debate me on these topics. Anytime, any place.”Now, I don’t know what Mike’s problem is when he accuses me of ‘raping the bible’.I presume he’s referring to my inclination to interpret the numerous unexplained andenigmatic gateway episodes in the bible as examples of ancient stargates and wormholes,i.e. doorways into other realms. Though his anger-filled words indicates that the bible ishis own entitled province, he should realize I have the right to interpret and experiencemyth and scripture in any way I like. Period.I don’t understand why some people believe any objection to their belief is an assault,
SHOW HIM THE DOOR3which, in return, has to be viciously attacked and destroyed. He acts like the murderousDark Age Church that, failing to convert the Cathars, ruthlessly exterminated hundreds of thousands of these Christian ‘heretics’, and their children, who claimed to possess thesecret mystic teachings of Jesus. Investigations beyond mainstream curriculum (readfundamentalist “Christianity”), such as mine, have to be mocked and deconstructed bypeople such as this into hate crimes: ‘I raped the bible’. Therefore, I (and others) must bevilified? Pa-lease, Mike. Get a clue. Get help.
it. Make love, not war. Everything isokay.Normally, I’d consider the source and let such an obvious agitated ego go. Maybe hedidn’t water his plants that week. Or he had a bad hair day. Or, maybe he’s just the typewho’d argue with a signpost. However, as a person who believes in human rights andseeks to end religious oppression, it is my duty to speak out. To quote Val Kilmer’s DocHolliday in the movie
when he showed up to duel hothead terrorist JohnnyRingo in place of Wyatt Earp, I say to Heiser, “if Sitchin won’t show, I’m your
.” (*Any of a number of related bushes or shrubs of the
Word tree
, having dark-blue berries resembling blueberries, or
blue apples
.)Ironically, the data Mike brings forth to savage Sitchin actually fuels my ‘Nibiru is astargate called the fiery furnace in Babylon’ premise. It also lends support to my theorythat Jesus updated the stargate religion of Nibiru. For this I am thankful to the gemspresented by Mike, and have chosen to post this commentary in hopes of furthering adialog and opening new avenues of research on the subject of Nibiru as a stargate withinterested parties, rather than burning the book(s) on it.You see, when Mike bellied up to the bar at college he got a full six pack alright, buthe lacks the plastic thing to hold it all together. Like his Ph. D., his understanding isincomplete. His information is strictly scholastic, offering little practical spiritualapplication. Mystics say the stars, planets and constellations are in the human body.During his climb of the ivory tower Mike apparently was not told that the quest is toclimb the inner tree of life and to seek the ‘inner Nibiru’. I’m not on a pedestal saying Ican offer Mike the plastic thing. Filling in the gaps, as the initiate must, is his job (besidesI’m only a
 New York Times
Bestselling Author
, like Mike I’ve haven’t actuallyearned my certificate yet). I am saying his work presented some connections for me thathe, and other researchers of Nibiru, ought to consider. They’ll leave you grappling withthe 12
planet in a very different way.In his article posted for the
Coast to Coast AM 
Sitchin smash-fest, Mike hammers outthe law. ‘Nibiru’ is not a missing 12
planet roaming the far reaches of our solar systembeyond Pluto as Z. Sitchin maintains. Nibiru is the name of a STAR, stupid, and means‘CROSSING’ and ‘GATE’.

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