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Desteni-Veno (Structural Resonance)

Desteni-Veno (Structural Resonance)



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Published by Thierry709
Compilation de données mises en ligne par le site desteni.co.za, qui prolongent et approfondissent, selon moi, les données WingMakers délivrées par James dans l'interview Camelot dédiée au Souverain Intégral.
Compilation de données mises en ligne par le site desteni.co.za, qui prolongent et approfondissent, selon moi, les données WingMakers délivrées par James dans l'interview Camelot dédiée au Souverain Intégral.

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Published by: Thierry709 on Jan 11, 2011
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(L'histoire de Veno, comment il est devenu un "guide" : P203 dans ce doc)(questions-and-perspectives-nephilim-giants-sodom-gomorrah-martyrs-saints-archangels : P233)(The Design of the Mind System : P139)-------------------Ici commence la série "Structural resonance" qu'il faut avoir lue pourcomprendre le Design of the Mind System.http://desteni.co.za/a/veno-structural-resonance-part-1This is an article by Desteni, published Jul 11 2007.Veno - Structural Resonance - Part 1Transcribed and typed by Veno through the interdimensional portalDate : 11/07/2007In the beginning I have been in Bernard's body, directing him here onearth through his process of self -realisation beyond everything andeveryone that is of this world that is of consciousness designedenslavement and control.Directing him, by me amalgamating with him as one here on earth, is howI had the ability to specifically direct him. It did not consist of anydimensional intervention, no, it was complete 3D directive principles that Iused.See, you have the total and complete dimensional existence where you goto when you die and then you have the 3D-dimensional existence whereyou remain here on earth, yet you are able to observe everything asthough you're looking through a specified X-ray mechanism. Meaning thatyou don't only see the pictures as humans do through their physicalhuman eyes as they view the world and the universe and other humanbeings etc., you see that which designs and formulates the picture's mani-festation – that which exist ‘behind' the picture, ‘within' the picture and ‘as' the picture.The Concise History of the Development of the Structural Resonance :So, what at the moment here on earth, and has for eons of time, iscurrently actually directing the course of humanity: Human beings'structural resonance.
What is human beings' structural resonance? It is the following: (Thedevelopment thereof I will explain in point form and I'm starting at thevery beginning.)The Soul construct was designed and infused within human beings so thatthe dimensional beings were able to ‘keep track' of the beings' progressionfrom one life to another – the reincarnation process/system. The WhiteLight system was infused as an entire gridline structure here on earthwhere beings, once born and come of age, were allocated and placed in aspecific cross-point within the White Light gridline structure. They wouldremain in this specifically allocated cross-point placement within the WhiteLight gridline structure so that the dimensional beings have the ability to ‘keep track' of their lives and experiences of themselves here on earth.Making sure they don't move beyond the boundaries of the entireenslavement and control system within themselves and here on earth.The dimensional beings in charge of ‘keeping track' of all human beings inmaking sure they remain locked into the system referred to this cross-point as their: 3D Allocation. This is where the ‘Soul' within the being'ssolar plexus would lock into the cross-point, as well as their mindconsciousness system, of the White Light gridline structure – forming their3D Allocation placement here on earth and so they would ‘live' their pre-programmed human lives and experience of themselves as pre-programmed mind consciousness systems.The mathematical numeric equation design of the mind consciousnesssystems, and the White Light gridline structure was done by Marduk. Thestructural format of the White Light gridline structure and the mindconsciousness systems consisted of mathematical numeric equations – of which Marduk was a master and genius. The reason for this was becausethe pre-programmed mind consciousness system within human beings,required to lock into the White Light gridline structure on earth so that thehuman beings' pre-programmed mind consciousness system became thepre-programmed experience of themselves here on earth.The human beings' lives and the experiences of themselves here on earthwas a reflection or projection of the pre-programmed mind consciousnesssystem within them. All done to specifically keep track and controlhumanity to remain enslaved within the system. Anu was moreresponsible for the design of the human physical body and the placementof the entire trinity enslavement and control system which was, as I havementioned, the pre-programmed mind consciousness systems, the Soulconstruct and the White Light gridline structure.Enki assisted Anu with the more intricate designs of the human physicalbody such as the DNA, the male and female organ designs, the brain etc.
Also how exactly the mind consciousness system would be infused withinthe physical body so that the physical body supports the existence of themind consciousness system infused within it and visa versa.Enlil structured the more intricate relationship placement between theentire trinity enslavement and control system, meaning how exactlyhuman beings will be placed within their 3D-Allocation within the WhiteLight gridline structure and how their mind consciousness system and theSoul construct within the individual human beings will be locked into their3D-Allocation cross-point placement to design their pre-programmed lifeexperiences here on earth.The complete lock-in of human beings in their 3D-Allocation cross-pointplacement was done with the mind consciousness systems within them atthe back of their neck and the Soul construct within them which was donein the solar plexus. As the human beings experience their pre-programmed lives here on earth, the information of their entire life istransferred from their mind consciousness system into the Soul constructwithin them which remain there and which the human beings keep withthem, life after life after life.The Soul construct within them, as the ‘Soul' which is placed in their solarplexus is from which their ‘Book of Life' is written and filed in the AkashicRecords in the dimensions. Human beings' lives, through the reincarnationprocess/system never differ from one life to the next, the essence of ‘whothey are' within the system remain the same and therefore they may beplaced in different countries with different beings surrounding them asthey reincarnate from one life to the next, yet, the experiences of themselves as ‘who they are' within the system remain exactly the same.Meaning that they'll have the exact same inner conflicts, the exact sameproblems and worries and concerns, their thought construct within themremain the same etc. This ‘who they are' within the system is referred toas their: Structural resonance.Way in the beginning of ‘earth time' when the Annunaki, the main ‘players' being Marduk, Anu, Enki and Enlil, prepared for the initializationof their creation as the entire trinity enslavement and control system, theyhad everything prepared. They had ‘taken over existence' and had mostbeings in existence captured as their slaves to power their entire trinityenslavement and control system creation. The physical bodies with themind consciousness systems within them were already placed on earthwith the Atlanteans split within them into two ‘parts'. One ‘part'unconscious within the physical body to ‘power' the mind consciousnesssystem and the other ‘part' imprisoned dimensionally, yet still ‘attached'to the other ‘part' in the physical body – left there with no purposewhatsoever, but to remain there and assist with the powering of the mindconsciousness system within the physical body.

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