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Mystic Traveler Chapter 01

Mystic Traveler Chapter 01

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Published by alan_covington
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Published by: alan_covington on Jan 11, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Mystic Traveler by Alan Covington
Chapter 1Growing up
My life started as any child of that decade. My mother had mein a hospital with as many drugs as they would allow her. I knowthis because my mother repeatedly told me how painful it was tohave me, and that she wished they would have given her moredrugs. I am not saying my mother was vindictive or cruel. After what I put her through as a child, she had to say something toguilt me into listening to her. My father was with her when shehad me. He let me know every so often that my birth was noworse for my mother then my siblings. He just told me that as Iwas growing up I was in his opinion the most frustrating child hehas ever see. Gives you almost a sense of pride doesn't it?A few months after I was brought home, I was lying in mycrib. My father had bought bought the crib for my mother just before I was born. He was very proud of it because it was anantique he found at a shop. He had gotten it really cheep. He hadit checked out just before I was born by an antique collector. Thecollector told him that it was very rare and could go for at leastseveral thousand at an auction. I tell you this in preparation to seehow it devastated my dad after I got a hold of it.I am told my mother had went into the kitchen to warm somefood. What she seen when she came back scared her to death.What she saw was me lying on the floor with just the mattress anda blanket under me. The rest of the crib was lying out away fromwhere I was lying. She could see several slats were missing andthe wood that held the mattress was gone. In my hand I held half of one of the side slats. As she watched, the wood slat slowlydisintegrated in my hand. Now you would think that after seeing that, my mother wouldfreak out. Most parents would send me away or at least call adoctor. To this day I don't know how my parents keep it together.They did tell me once that my shenanigans drew them closer together. Instead all she did was yell my name, and tell me howupset my father will be when he gets home. In one of her retellingof the story she did mention that I started balling. All she did washold me and say, “Its all right its just your father loved that crib.”I think in the back of her mind she hoped that telling this story tome would convince me to repair the crib. Of course I never wasable to. Not that I really tried. Now flash forward to when I was twelve. There were a fewsmall incidents of me disintegrating in that time, but at twelve Ilearned something new. Well I shouldn't say learned it. Thisability is more a reaction to something that I can't control. It isunlike the disintegration which I have learned some control over.
Several of my buddies and I were in the back yard playing catch.We had been playing in the noon day sun for an hour or so. Youknow that chill you get some times even when your sweaty andhot? Well one hit me as I caught the ball. The shiver wasn't verylong, just a quick shake. But it was what happened after thatreally threw everyone off. Just after I finished my shake a lowsound could be heard under us. It was a cross between a growland a tremor sound. Then the yard began to shake. It shook hardenough to cause the swings on the sing set to start swingingvisibly. Our dog yips and heads under our wooden porch. It lastedfor about five seconds then stopped. All of us stood still in shock.Most parents I am sure would freak out thinking there was anearthquake. But not my mother. She nonchalantly comes to the back door and says, “Kids I think it is time for you to go home,now. I need to have Ben come in.”My buddies stare at her, then slowly walk to the side gate.About half way to the gate they all sprint home. My mother thenlooks at me, “Well get in here, and check to make sure Buster isall right.”Then she just as casually walks back into the house. I did ask her one day, after I had several incidents happen to me in one day,why she never thought it was strange. She looked at me withcompassion only a mother can show and said, “Its nothing new tome,” but she never would explain why.Well I checked on Buster. He was in a small corner under the porch shivering. I figured at the time he had to be okay becausehe was still breathing. I walk into the kitchen where my mother was fixing something. I couldn't tell you what it was cause I wasto scared to pay attention. She stops what she is doing to look atme, “Why don't you go pick out a movie to watch. I think your getting to hot outside. And grab a drink to, I'm sure you needsome fluids after sweating so much,” then she goes back to her  project.I didn't know know how to take it at the time. I don't think itsunk in, that I was the cause yet. I just walked over to therefrigerator and got a glass of juice. Luckily there was a glassnext to the refrigerator for me to use, because I don't know what Iwould have done without it there. Probably would have drank outof the carton which is a real big no, no to my mother. I thenwalked in a daze to the couch. I sat down and just started sippingmy juice. If I recall, I don't think I got a movie though. I think I just sat and stared at the television not really watching what wason it. Now we jump ahead a few years to when I was fourteen. I had just really gotten into girls. Kind of a tragedy really. I think thisone incident made it hard for me to get into dating, or girls ingeneral. There was a girl in my school that I had a crush on. Italked to a few of my friends. I heard she was slightly interested
in me. So I saw a chance to approach her between classes. I sawher closed her locker. So I hurried over to talk to her. She didn'tsee my approach. She was facing the opposite direction, to headto her next class. I tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention.She asked what and turned to look at me. As I was about to sayhi, her eyes widen. Her whole body tensed in fright. Her facecontorted in a way I never thought possible. Complete and totalfear grabbed her. She looked at me motionless for a couple of seconds. She then screams the most blood curdling scream I hadever heard. Before I could even react she collapses to the ground,unconscious.I stood there with my mouth open. I had no clue what to do.Her scream brought a few teachers out of their class rooms. Oneteacher ran to where she lay and yelled down the hall, “Get thenurse quick,” She then looked at me angrily, “What did you do?”“Nothing, I just tapped her on the shoulder,” I said and of course at the time I did not know what had occurred. I was just asstumped as the teacher.I stood there for a few seconds, when the nurse showed up.The nurse done a quick check and decided she could be moved tothe nurses office. The teacher picked her up and glanced back atme. As he carried the girl in the direction of the nurses office hesaid, “You come too.”As we got to the nurses office the teacher motioned his headat a chair, “Sit and don't leave.” He takes my almost girl friendinto the back room, limp as a rag doll. I couldn't tell you exactlyhow long I sat there, but I do know I remember hearing at leastone bell for the next class to end. Then the teacher finally cameout and looked at me quizzically, “She says she doesn't remember seeing you. She says that all she remembers is the most scariestthing standing behind her. What did you give her?”I sat there fidgeting, “Nothing, I was just going to say hi toher.”“Let me see your hands,” he said and I popped my hands outin front of me. He grabs my hand and turns them over checkingthoroughly. “Your mother is on her way so we can get to the bottom of this.”Just then a lady with dark black hair, to her waist, darts intothe room Her figure was that of a model. I thought at the time Iwas looking at a run way model, other then the large black rimglasses she wore. Obviously that was not my mother. My mother has never shown the fear that this woman was in. The teacher  pointed to the door where the girl was taken. The lady then dartsinto the back room.While I watched the door, the lady had disappeared in, Iheard, “Ben,” behind me. My heart sank into my shoes. I knewwithout looking that my mother was standing in the door way. Iturn slowly. Her blond hair looked half brushed and it looked likeshe had forgotten half her face when she was applying he

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