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Fall '10 Newsletter

Fall '10 Newsletter

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Categories:Types, Letters
Published by: College Republican National Committee on Jan 11, 2011
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FALL 2010
Fighting for Our Future
It’s hard to believe that Election Day is lessthan two months away. At the CollegeRepublican National Committee, we have been working furiously since last Summer tomobilize tens of thousands of young people who want our national nightmare of Democrat-dominance to end. Election Da will mark the culmination of these efforts, andI strongly believe that we will all have a greatdeal to celebrate—but there’s still plenty of  work to do.On August 15
, our 25 full time field stafferstraveled to Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio,and Pennsylvania to do the vital work of recruiting, training and mobilizing an army of college-aged volunteers on behalf of Republican candidates. The results so far have been outstanding. In thesefive target states alone, membership has grown by more than 10,000College Republicans. Victory offices are filled with eager young  volunteers, and new chapters are springing up all around these states. By election day, College Republicans will have made hundreds of thousandsof voter contacts in these crucial target states, and will have anunparalleled infrastructure that will last until the 2012 election cycle. Winning elections is incredibly important, but so is winning the battle of ideas. That’s why the CRNC is running the “Don’t Put It On Our Tab”program. This is our effort to tell young people why the burgeoning national debt, and ever-hungrier government is a threat to thempersonally, as the people who will have to ‘pick up’ the tab. Thousands of college students have already engaged in the effort at campuses across thenation, and as we put more tools in their hands to fight the left on thisissue, we expect to see even more as the semester rolls on. With so much enthusiasm among our membership and the conservativemovement in general, it is becoming increasingly likely that we will see a“wave election” in our favor. But we at the College Republican NationalCommittee are taking nothing for granted. Over the coming months,College Republicans will
make the difference 
in critical races all over thecountry, and we couldn’t do it without your help! Thank you, as always, for your support of our efforts. To victory inNovember!
- Zach 
Chairman’s Corner
Zach HowellNational Chairman
CommunicationsDirector Rob Lockwooddiscusses our media strategy Page 6 Terence Grado talkscommon sensePage 7Finance Director Tierra Warren asksfor your supportPage 15 Jeremy Hagen talksspecificsPage 3
Brandon Greife wantsto know what couldbe worsePages 8
9State SpotlightsPages 9
14 An indepth look atOperation RedNovember fromRegional PoliticalDirectors Ed Cox and Adriele DixonPages 4
FALL 2010
Last week, the New York Times ran an article that stated that the youth vote is up for grabs. It highlighted aPew Poll that showed that President Obama’s favorability amongst young voters (18-29 year olds) havedramatically dropped from 66% to 54%.From a College Republican standpoint, this poll isn’t exactly “news.” In fact, the poll is over 7 months old. It was conducted before the wildly unpopular healthcare bill was passed, before the seizure of the student loanindustry, and before tens of billions of more taxpayer money was spent in bills to appease certain liberalpolitical constituencies. The CRNC has known that the Democrat’s policies are dangerous, but it’s inspiring to see how well our messaging about the danger of debts, deficits, and wasteful spending have resonated with our generation.Democrats are just now realizing is that our generation’s allegiance to their party is fading, and fading fast.Nearly 20% of kids between the ages of 18-24 are unemployed, double the already unacceptable nationalaverage. Young people are realizing that there is an inverted relationship between government spending andjob creation. The more Democrats spend, the less kids have the ability to work. It took the greatesteconomic catastrophe in a generation to realize this, but as they say, “better late than never.” The time is now to act. The ground has never been more fertile to plant the power of conservative ideas ina generation that is desperate for prosperity. Through programs like “Don’t Put It On Our Tab” and“Operation Red November” the College Republican National Committee is driving and defining the debatefor our generation. We’ve made great strides, but the work is not done. The CRNC could not continue to win the war of ideas with our generation without your support!Help us make this a Red November!
Right: Evidence of the work CollegeRepublicans across the nation arehaving an impact on their fellow peers. Screenshot taken September4, 2010 of the Hu
ngton Postonline.
FALL 2010
Operation Red November is a grassroots movement by College Republicans nationwideto recruit and mobilize college students to shape a better future for themselves and America by voting and volunteering for Republican candidates in the 2010 mid-termelection. And when College Republicans do something, we do it big.
 This fall, 200,000 College Republicans on more than 1,500 campuses in all 50 states willrecruit tens of thousands of new members, volunteer hundreds of thousands of hoursand make millions of voter contacts to get out the vote for Republican candidates at alllevels.But College Republicans don’t stop there. The College Republicans have launched a field program, which deploys 25 highly trained field operatives to the five target states of Florida, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, andPennsylvania to work on extremely competitive Senate, Governor’s and Congressionalraces, many of which will determine the balance of power come January. CollegeRepublicans will be there. We will be at the rallies…starting the chants and yelling the loudest. We will be at the phone banks…making the calls We will be walking the neighborhoods…knocking the doors. We will be on the side of the street…waving the signs. We will be there…because we have been since 1892. We will always be there.But Operation Red November is about so much more than just that. It is about opportunity.It is an opportunity for young Americans to recognize that elected officials work for the people, not the other way around.It is an opportunity for young Americans to recognize that what is happening in Washington D.C. is not working It is an opportunity for young Americans to recognize that massive government debt, deficits and spending is robbing them of their one chance in this one life at prosperity, happiness and success.It is an opportunity for young Americans to recognize the things that made America great: freedom, personalresponsibility and limited government And most importantly, it is an opportunity for young Americans to do something about it. It is an opportunity to act.Operation Red November is a chance to do something great, to make a difference that means something.
 Jeremy can be reaached via email at  jhagen@crnc.org .
 Jeremy HagenExecutive Director

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